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It is said that Socialism is defined as a political and economic system of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. But it is really saying that the means of production, distribution, and exchange is controlled by political government of the collective.

In other words there is no private property. The majority may elect leaders who can take from the individual. Property rights become mere privileges.

A human being[1] who is a socialist believes that the most harmonious state of affairs would be for all to get security and the fruits of society even at the expense of others who have already achieved some financial success. This is accomplished through the power of the political government which exercises authority over one class of citizen which is deprived of what they produced in order to provide for another class without the use of the natural factors of choice and charity working within the relationships of society.

Part 4: The Kingdom of God, Socialism, Democracy and tyranny ~5 min

This belief is motivated by the individuals own selfishness, sloth, envy and jealousy.

Socialism by its very nature requires that you covet the goods of your neighbor to the point of forcing him to give up the property rights upon the demands of the collective. It is the antagonist of a Republic and the antitheses Pure Religion.

In the 1930's farmers in the mid west were plowing their corn under because it was unprofitable, and at the same time millions across America were starving.

This was due to the socialist desire to create money and wealth without working for it first. When they desired more money they simply created it but when that did not work they started taking wealth from others.

There has not been true capitalism in America since 1933,[2] if not 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking[3] which has produced a nation of debt-ism not capitalism. “Of course debtism[4] leads to despotism[5] which is not the result of capitalism but rather Capitolism[6]...”[7] We have became socialists a long time ago and that is why we are failing.

Greedy Capitalists offered the slothful socialist hearts a way to create money out of nothing and this led to wild and greedy investment frenzy that brought a collapse of the economy despite the warnings of true Capitalists.

Creation of fractional reserve money is not Capitalism because the money produced is not capital. It is debt.

Capitalists see this as not logical, while socialists find it abhorrent to have to work before you get the benefit of wealth. In short, socialism is about production for use as long as someone else produces it for them. They desire profit without working for it.

While Capitalist may also be selfish it is not required. As a capitalist could produce simply to be fruitful and may choose to give and benefit the products of wise and benevolent charity.

Cain was the first socialist in a city state or civil government like Nimrod who offered benefits to the people but subjugated them within the snare of the civil state. Socialists are not Sabbath keepers because they do not want to work first and then rest but want to be able to rest and depend on the work of others if need be and will enforce that desire with the club of Cain in a city state or civil government.

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