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Matthew 7:1 "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

If we choose to covet our neighbors' goods, or their right to choose (Liberty), or anything that is our neighbors in hopes of being benefited in this life at their expense, then what could or would have been ours will be forfeited and all of our rights to have things and our rights to choose or freedom to rule over things like our fields, vineyards, oliveyards or even our own sons and daughters will be lost to others.

Jesus gives this warning after he rebukes us for worrying about our personal and social welfare and explains that you Ye cannot serve God and mammon.[1]

Many people will say that that they want out of the system of mammon and try to stop paying into the mammon of the world before they attend to the weightier matters or follow the simple and primary directive of Christ.

The predominant governing form of free societies throughout history has been based on a Network of people and their servant leaders of 10s, 50s and 100s, and 1000s.

To Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is Christ's primary directive[2]... He follows that command with this warning that what we judge to do to others will be done unto us...

This seeking the Kingdom of God while being righteous means that we are not to be forsaking the gathering together.[3]

A kingdom[4] is a group of people gathered together to attend to service of the kingdom according to the dictates of the king. In the Kingdom of God it is God who dictates to each individual. In fact electing another man to rule over you is considered to be a rejection of God.

God allows the people to elect rulers but warns them in 1 Samuel 8 as to the fact their rulers will take and take and take from them and even when they Cry out in desperation that God will not hear them.[5]

The Kingdom of God is not where you go when you die but it is for the living.

It is The Way that you should be governing yourself if you love God or Jesus. It is not people going to churches to hear sermons or gathering in home churches to enjoy fellowship, nor is it formulating an intellectual Theology that you think is right or perfect.

The Kingdom of God is from generation to generation where people are brought together by their own desire to serve and love one another.

Seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is diligently working to come together in a living network of love and charity to create the perfect bonds of liberty necessary to maintain a a free and viable society of Peculiar people who are actually loving one another as Christ loved us.

To form individual CORE assemblies which are linked in a Daily ministration to the people, by the people in Pure Religion through a faithful exercise of Charity and Hope[6] to become a Faithful Emergency Ministry Auxiliary according to the Perfect law of liberty like the early Church during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.


We should be able to see that the Modern Christians do take the name of the Lord in vain because they do not gather in the name of Christ. Because they are not gathering to serve one another in love like Christ they are not gathering in His name, according to His Character.

The first century Church provided all the welfare of the people by charity and not by the Fathers of the earth or the men who claim to be charitable Benefactors but only give away what they take from others.

Modern Christians actually judge that it is okay to covet their neighbors' things and even their right to choose, to obtain benefits from men who call themselves Benefactors but whom exercise governmental authority one over the other. They only have that power because the people have chosen to all have One Purse. If people were actually gathering in Christ's name they would have a daily ministration. They would be caring for one another rather than depending on those government benefits provided by force and not according to the Corban of Christ or even the words and ways of John the Baptist.

Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus and the early Church advocated a Daily ministration that was dependent on Charity only and it was not like the system of Corban of the Pharisees and Rome.
  • Do you only gather for the comfort it gives you, or do you gather to benefit others?
  • Christ came to serve, not be served. Do you desire to be served or are you coming in His name and according to His character to serve others?

If we desire His Grace but we only love those who love us then there is no Grace because it is clear we do not really believe in Him.

If we do not Repent of our Covetous Practices and are not diligently gathering together in Free Assemblies of Love for all to provide for one another in Charity according to the Perfect law of liberty then we have nothing according to Paul. According to Luke 6:32 if we only love those who love us there is no "Grace". Christ also said if you do not Forgive neither will the Father forgive you.[7]

It is not enough to hate the deeds of the workers of iniquity, but we must return to Thy first love and thy first work. To break the yoke we need to return to the ways of righteousness spoken of in Isaiah 58 which are the ways of Christ and the early Church. And His yoke is light for it is carried by our love of one another.

Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Christ all created Networks of charity to care for the true needy of society without force which is how they were able to help set people free. Do you gather with His Church to attend to the Weightier matters as Christ said?

  • Are you gathering in a Network of righteousness?
  • Do you come to love others or just be loved?

Early Christians found themselves in conflict with these systems of social welfare because they made the word of God to none effect. Christians had repented of their covetous nature when they received the Baptism of Christ. They heard and became Doers of the word not hearers only.

Remember Proverbs 12:24, "The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the Slothful shall be under Tribute."

We know that liberty under God is not for the covetous who are Biting one another but it is also not for the slothful. If we are not congregating together in free assemblies bound together in a broad network by faith, hope, and charity alone according to the perfect law of liberty then we are not truly seeking the Kingdom of God nor His righteousness..

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