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The Preparing You Newsletter can be created by the members of the Living Network through the mutual sharing of information you feel is important to developing a networking community of practical social value. Free societies require the free exchange of information and ideas. But again, in a free society, it is up to you to find a way to integrate yourself into the lives of others harmoniously; a way that does not infringe upon the ideas and will of others. Freedom requires action; it is not just a tune or melody but rather a symphony we may all dance to when having the heart and soul for liberty and righteousness.

Dear Network

Dear Network began as a series of messages to the whole network. They are often both announcements and timeless messages about how networks of people coming together may set themselves free by working diligently to set their neighbor free.

Network Notes

Network Notes are also daily answers in response to questions that come in from the network on topics of concern. Although there is a network of participants with experience and comprehension, people continue to send questions that have, or may hold significance for the whole Network or for those seeking to be a part of a larger effort in their quest for Community. Network Notes is an attempt to address some of these inquiries.

Kingdom Newsletter

The Kingdom Newsletter Click the link to sign up for the original Kingdom Newsletter providing you announcements and links regarding some of what happens in the whole network. While being a part of The Living Network is essential for building a world-wide community, the Kingdom Newsletter allows for an additional, more generic connection. It has the potential as a tool to bring us back to the broader scope of community.

Thoughts for the Day

Thought for the day, though also addressing topics that arise from the Network and the world in general through news of the day or history itself, often offers more of a timeless focus. These thoughts are sent to the whole network like the Network Notes with links to existing articles and resources that address topics in more depth.


Network is where you can meet local people who are willing to work on the ground where you live. This is where CORE groups can be formed as a matter of personal testimony. This is where meaningful relationships may be nurtured and worthwhile work may be accomplished. If a free society is to remain free, the participants must care about the liberty and freedom of others as much as they care about their own.

It is in that Living Network of local groups voluntarily coming together that the perfect law of liberty begins to be practiced in Free Assemblies and in real ways of righteous service of one to another.


Our Event List includes some of the local gatherings open to the public. Remember, the real network is a living one. What you see on the Internet is merely a reflection. Events may include not only Spring and Fall festivals gatherings or visits to local areas by our Mobile Ministry but also in time of emergency the whole Network may activate as part of our FEMA project.


Home is the Home Page for the Preparing You wiki Website. A Wiki site allows the people to collaborate on creating a website by their own design and effort. It is a product of the people if they so choose to work at it. Like networking, it only works when you work at it. There are other websites and their links throughout these pages.


Mapping the Network. This in an ongoing project that gives you a small idea of how far a living network of dedicated and sincere people may reach if they truly come to set their neighbor free so that they, too, may be free.

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