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The Laity are the people of a religious faith as distinguished from its clergy. The laity has played an important role in the history of the church. As a free people seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness, they do not hold any office in the institution of the appointed Church for they are returned to their family as free souls under God.

The clergy and the laity are both participating in what was called The Way. As Christ appointed them they do not exercise authority one over the other. Unfortunately, many damnable heresies have crept into the modern Church that has lead many to become workers of iniquity while still claiming to be followers Christ.

The Elders of each family were both priests and kings within their own family but to come together as a nation required someone to act as a priest on a national level. The people were gathered in congregations of tens as commanded by Moses and by Christ but they shared what they produced with the national priests of their society in charity to help maintain the community and strengthen its natural bonds of society in a daily ministration of welfare by freewill offerings instead of by force.

The table of rulers which should have been for the welfare of the people was a snare and a trap but the living altars of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus help set the people/laity free.

Such systems of voluntary assistance in society require the people to be diligent in their practice of virtue and their duty to their fellow man in what James calls Pure Religion. In the ancient text, we see terms like Altars of clay and stone which represented councils of friends and the people or laity they served. Together in love, they provided a social welfare need which strengthened the community without electing a ruler or falling prey to the error of the Balaam.

The Levites as a national priesthood were not originally meant to burn up animals on piles of dead stone but they were a government institution designed to serve the public as a medium for causing the transfer of the offered sacrifices to those truly in need as the deserving poor.

The Pharisees had it wrong but other religious groups reading the exact same Torah at the time of Christ would have little or nothing to do with the bloody mindless rituals of the Pharisees. They considered the Pharisaical interpretation of the sacred scriptures to be a fiction and a fraud.[1]

The deeds of modern Christians today are hated by God and Christ because they have let themselves be conquered by greed and wantonness. As nicolaitans they are brought again under the elements of the world into the bondage of The Mire through covetous practices which makes them merchandise and curse children.

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