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Is the Church a storehouse?

What is the role of the Church within the free assemblies of the Congregations of the people?

The body contains 5 to 6 liters of blood which is about 5000 to 6000 cc. Is the church the heart of the congregation?

Do we figure what the church should have based on the size of the body? The heart contains 100cc of blood.

The average heartbeat is 72 times per minute. In the course of one day it beats over 100,000 times.

In one year the heart beats almost 38 million times, and by the time you are 70 years old, on average, it's made it past 2.5 billion beats.­ The heart pumps about 50cc per beat which would be 5,000,000cc (5000 liters) per day.

The problem is not the amount in the church for the church is the storehouse of love not of the substance of the people.

The people are the storehouse like the vascular system of the body.

The problem is the flow....

Without flow there is no life.

"The Church and Religious Orders could not be a central point for assets but should be the heart of the Church empowering volunteers amongst the elders."

I think in our zeal for righteousness and to be doers of the word, using our talents well, we often overlook the obvious.

There is a proper flow pattern that prevents blood clots and fatty build up.

The individual elder's blood flowing to God in free assemblies of the people via the servant minister elected by the elders in congregation with one another is the communion of Christ.

Some of what is entrusted to that minister is stored like fat. A little fat is good. And some may flow out in charity and the daily ministration of that office. And some should flow to the minister that minister elects with his offerings to God.

The minister must have the heart of Christ. It is not doctorate educations or letters after his name but is the life of Christ in him.

What will that look like?

It really is so simple a child can understand.