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Can the state compel you to accept someone as your "religious" minister?
Trey Gowdy and the supreme court says the government cannot force you to accept a religious minister. Time 5:05

Is it a violation of religious freedom to do so?

Trey Gowdy and the supreme court say the government cannot force you to accept a religious minister.

What that means depends upon your definition of "religious minister" and even religion?

Does the State already force you to accept the ministers of their choice?

What is a minister and what is he suppose to do?

What is the difference between a minister of the world and a minister of the Church?

Is religion what you think about God or how you perform your duty to your fellowman and also to God or the gods of the world?

Who are the ministers of your real religion that take care of the needy of your society?

Cain, Nimrod, Caesar were Rulers who force the people to do what they thought was good. John the Baptist and Jesus were not.

Pure Religion is taking care of the "widows and orphans" of your society unspotted by the ways of the world. The world has ministers who force your neighbor to contribute to your welfare but a minister of the Church established by Christ cannot use force. They are another form of government.

"Social Security In America" was originally a private affair but today "widows and orphans" are cared for by public offices. "Social Security Programs Throughout the World" provide for the needy by forced contribution which is contrary to the ways of John the Baptist and Jesus to say nothing of Paul the Apostle and the early Church.

According to the book "Social Security: An Introduction to the Basic Principles", By Danny Pieters,

"The administrative hierarchy will usually be headed by a minister who is politically responsible. This may be the minister of social security, welfare or social affairs. However, the highest responsibility in terms of administration is quite often spread over more than one government member: in addition to the minister of social affairs, there can be a public health minister who is in charge of the health care system and/or a minister of employment who is in charge of the social protection in case of unemployment."

Modern "widows and orphans" are cared for "Under the direction of the Minister of Social Welfare", according to the "Social Security Administration", who are the men who call themselves Benefactors but exercise authority one over the other.

These duties used to be performed by the Church by ministers who were forbidden to exercise authority one over the other.

Is your minister from His Church or is he from the welfare or social security office of the "WORLD" that claims they are Benefactors but exercise authority one over the other?

Social Security is not only a failed system, but it also undermines the fabric of society.

People need to repent.

Learn what real Ministers of the Church do.

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