Social Contracts

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Social Contracts

Social contracts make use of at least two legal concepts or structures. One can be called a trust and the other is a corporation.

Governments cannot exist unless men create them. Man may vest something of himself into the forming of a government. As God formed man and breathed life into him, so also may men form and breathe life into a government body or body politic.

And we may also give something of value to men we trust for a particular purpose, whereby the government becomes a trust. If what we give is given entirely it may be called a sacred purpose trust. Governments may make use of both concepts of trust and corporation.

The most common form of government used throughout history is not the centralized governments of control and top down authority so commonly seen today. A diversified and voluntary network of people bound by a common faith, mutual hope, and practiced charity has often formed successful governments throughout history. In fact, “our modern reliance on government to make law and establish order is not the historical norm.”[1]

Voluntary governments like that of Israel before the rise of the kings depended on the people freely choosing to give a share of their wealth in sacrifice or what was called Corban [Nbrq][2] to fulfill the needs of society. That which was given in the form of substance and service sustained the government of the people, with the offerings by the people, for the sake of a free people.

If Jesus talks about an “unrighteous Mammon”[3]is there a righteous mammon? The Aramaic word for entrusted wealth is called Ma’amon.[4] That which was freely given was righteous. That which was taken awayby force without daily free choice is unrighteous.

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Table of Contents of The Higher Liberty

Chapter 1 Romans 13 1
Social Contracts 2
Higher Power 3
Terms of the Times 4
Koine Debate 6
Usage of Scholars 7
No King but Caesar 9
Republics 12
A Pure Republic 13
Democracy 14
Deception 16
Church and State 18
Separation of Church and State 20
A Kingdom not of this world 22
Rulers 23
The Natural Law 25
These Cometh of Evil? 26
The Rule of Right 28
One form of Government 29
And ye shall know the truth, 30
The Natural Error 32
Consent thou Not. 34
The Curse and the Contract 36
The Price of Surety 37
Elements of the World and the Kingdom 38
Mammons 39
Religion of the People 40
Mighty Hunters 41
The Covetous Prayers 42
The Gospel of Love 43
The Gospel of the Freedom 44
For Conscience Sake 45
Daily Bread 46
Fathers upon the earth 47
Modern Christians 48
The gods Many 49
Sacrificed to Idols 50
Denying the Kingdom at Hand 52
1 Peter 2:13 54
Supreme, Higher, Better, Excellence 56
Unheard Cries 58
Titus 3:1  59
Obey Magistrates 60
Be the Magistrate 61
Public Servants 62
Elders 63
The Office of Diakonos 64
Deaconus of Ten 65
Union and Discipline 66
Executive Officers 67
The Apostolic Church 68
Public Minister, Servants of a State 70
Christian Welfare 71
The Iniquity 72
Leaven of the State 73
Seven Men 74
Choose Your Seven 76
Seven Adversaries 77
Baptism 78
Two Disciples 79
Foolish Virgins 80
Tithing In Conscience 81
Service that Serves 81
Things Change 83
Flesh Pots of Micah 84
It Shall Not Be So 85
Bread and Pottage 86
A Knife to Thy Throat 89
Fathers and Children 91
Disputation, Polemic, and Apologetic 92
Nicolaitan and Balaam 94
A Plan that Worked 95
A Holy Different Society 97
Phase One, the Foundation 100
The Purpose of Production 102
Security and Strategic Support 103
Phase Two, National Growth 104
Free Exercise 106
Governments May Tempt 109
Compelling Interest 110
Temporal and Extratemporal 111
The Realm of Religion 112
Self-determination   113
In Those Days and These 114
The King of His Citizens 115
Two Forms of National Government 116
Them that Rule over you 118
Mystery Babylon 119
The Beloved Anarchist 120
Integral Church 121
Crying Out 122
Redemption 123
Professing Christ 124
Logos 125
The Logos, the Letter. 127
The Person of Christ 128
Community Rules 130
No Logos 132
White Stones 134
The Spiritual Journey to the Kingdom 138
The Past 140
The Future 141
Resist Not Evil 142
Good and Bad News, 143
The Kingdom of God 144
Appendix 1. Exousia 145
Appendix 2. Diakonos 153
Appendix 3. Leitourgos 155
Appendix 4. Huperetes 156
Alphabetical Index 159
About the Author 166
About the Cover 166
About this Book 167

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