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The predominant governing form of free societies throughout history has been based on 10s, 100s, 1000s. Join the Network and start seeking the kingdom.

The Living Network is a fellowship of men and women who gather in a network of CORE groups in order to share their experience, strength and hope. These Free Assemblies gather with each other so that they may supply a moral and righteous solution for their common and individual problems. But those assemblies must be seeking the kingdom for other assemblies as much as for themselves:

Together the people may help others to recover from their personal addictions to apostate religion and socialist progressivism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to seek righteousness in all things. The Living Network is not allied with any sect, denomination, political action organization or institution; It seeks only to support the individual's quest to conform to Christ. [1]

The Purpose of the email Network is to help people form CORE groups that may attend to the Weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith which include caring for the needs of our neighbors, the widows and orphans of our society through Pure Religion in matters of health, education, and welfare. We are NOT to do so by the Covetous Practices of modern governments.

The Way of Christ was not like the way of the world, nor the governments of the gentiles who depend on benefactors who exercise authority. Christ's ministers and true Christians do not depend upon systems of social welfare that force the contributions of the people like the corban of the Pharisees which made the word of God to none effect. Many people have been deceived to go the way of Balaam and the Nicolaitan and out of The Way of Christ.

The Christian conflict of the first century Church appointed by Christ was because they would not apply to the fathers of the earth for benefits but instead relied upon a voluntary network providing a daily ministration to the needy of society through Faith, Hope, and Charity by way of freewill offerings of the people, for the people, and by the people through the perfect law of liberty in Free Assemblies according to the ancient pattern of Tuns or Tens.

The modern Christians are in need of repentance.

"Come Follow me!" —Jesus the Christ.
One of the most important things to do is to become involved in a network of Charitable Practices. Everyone should want to join a Living Network of Love and Charity.
If you think you have a calling to be a Minister of God or you might want to dedicate your life to Christ as an Ordained Minister of His Holy Church then contact us to start the process of discipleship and become the benefactors who do not exercise authority but love..

Christ offered an alternative to the systems of the "world" that men have often created for themselves. The Kingdom of God is a system—a way—where men may live as free souls under God strengthening the poor, freeing the captive and healing those who are bruised.

The Living Network is a brotherhood bound by faith, hope and charity under the perfect law of liberty. It is established first in the hearts and minds of men and women seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Since, men are mobile creatures, the Church is as mobile as the Tabernacle of God before the building of the stone temples of Israel. It seeks to work according to the precepts of God by emphasizing His original plan and His ways.

What the Living Network Is Not

The Living Network is not about plugging into a computer terminal or creating an online virtual community. It is not a news group, nor virtual community like Facebook, or a soapbox for personal diatribes...

It is people connecting in real and personal ways of caring and sharing. It is people plugging into other people through Social virtues. Ministers of CORE groups become the terminal connections and no one should rely on the internet. You may use phone calls, letters and meetings to build an actual social network through a daily ministration of charitable practices. The more active the congregants are within congregations the more The Living Network will grow.

Systems of fractal networking used by free governments throughout history required unselfish voluntarism. Networks work when people work at networking. With this system and the precepts of Christ you may form free and viable societies out of what might have been chaos where you may daily choose to walk with others as free souls under God in love according to the perfect law of liberty.

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  1. Christ and the Prophets like John the Baptist taught the people to form a voluntary society that operated by charity rather than force. That society was called the kingdom of God.
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