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Messianic Judaism (connected with "Jews for Jesus") is a religious group that has tried to straddle the line between Judaism and Christianity. According to this group, Jesus, or Yeshua in Aramaic, was the Messiah, and he died on behalf of the world's sins. Many Christians also fall into this category because they try to return to the roots of what they think Moses was teaching them. But their understanding of Moses is based on clouded present-day knowledge.

Some see Messianic Judaism as a religious movement that arose the 1960s and 1970s. The original Christians or followers of Christ were almost all Jews or Samaritans following their own traditions but actually doing what Christ said and following His ways.

Not all Jews at the time of Christ did the same thing. They were often extremely diverse in their approach to the Torah and its interpretation. There were many Factions at the Altar including the Pharisees and the Essenes. While these groups were not in agreement, Jesus and Moses were.

Messianic Judaism incorporates elements of Judaism with the tenets of Christianity but many Christians and Messianic Jews are not actually doing the basics of either early Christians or Jews.

What were and are they missing?

Both early Israel and Christianity were a network of people who bound themselves by mutual love and honor with a number of traditions that helped to strengthen that Network. Through a network of ministers they were able to maintain a Daily ministration for the needy of their society in Pure Religion based on Freewill offerings.

The Modern Messianic Jew is not much different than the Modern Christians. They are often steeped in rituals and customs and their own doctrines. But they don't form that network of tens, hundreds and thousands based on faith hope and charity. They pride themselves on going back to what they believe to be the original teachings of the Torah, yet they don't realize that their rituals are based on the distorted view of the Pharisees, not the original teachings of Moses. Jesus brought a renewed understanding of the Law which was almost unrecognizable after a long period of kings, temple worship and captivity. This original understanding of Torah practiced by other Jews like the Essenes was strongly opposed by the Pharisees.

Those who participate in Messianic Judaism might have their own individual groups or even occasionally gather in larger groups for festivals or feasts but there is no actual network of charity that serves the needs of the people during times of difficulty and hardship. The traditions and languages have become superstitious mindless rituals without the purpose of the prophets or the criteria of Christ. God's instructions have been unmoored from the true faith and sacrifice which draws us near to His true meaning and purpose. The common sense and practicality of His plan has been replaced with pomp, ritual and pride.

Unmooring the Altars of Sacrifice from their purpose with smoke and meretricious rituals where costumes become the custom and sacrifice becomes a ceremony. Pharisees, Zealots and Essenes

The kingdom message of the prophets and Christ is not about your personal congregation that makes you feel good or justified. It is not about satisfying your need for social interaction. It is about Faith in action, the forgiveness and patience of Hope, and the freewill of Charity and Sacrifice which is the character of God and Jesus. It is about a nation of people globally connected through a network of love and service by way of the Perfect law of liberty.

From the book Thy Kingdom Comes

From the book Thy Kingdom Comes, Joshua’s Altar

From the book Thy Kingdom Comes, Factions at the Altar

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