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Credit union

"The welfare/warfare state exists as a result of the larger amount of" people who do not come together and seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness...

It is empowering the government of the world when people seek the benefits of the world. Of course that weakens the individual and his society. It is great to not seek those benefits of those "fake" benefactors but if the people do not seek to become the mutual benefactors of a people who live by charitable practices they are just as much a part of the problem. "A return to sound lawful" living network would go a long way to prepare you for lawful means and money.

The Church has the means to produce sound mediums of exchange but without congregations of righteousness why should we do that?

A His Church Credit Union formed in the manner we see being created by the apostles in Acts 6 with the election and appointing of Seven men would go a long way to prepare you for a lawful life of liberty under God.

Liberty Trust

Many might not think that Liberty Trust has much in common with the Early Church.
A Minister of the church brought this idea to the minister group.

Video introduction

While there are certain kingdom tracks in this idea of no interest loans there were systems in the old and new testaments where trust was built to help and protect people from the draining burden of mortgages which cannot only lead to economic death but worse...

Of course with modern money systems we are all carrying the burden of mortgaging ourselves for benefits but there is a road back.

In a living network of Congregations of Recorded Elders of families these ideas of escaping the burden of interest and usury might be able to produce the same results of Liberty Trusts without ten years of pre deposits investments ...

There are several practices not covered in their valuable attempt to free people that are addressed in the early Church model given us by the apostles and Christ.

In the case of a His Church Credit Union formed in a manner of that body created by the apostles in Acts 6 could began facilitating such assistance almost immediately.

Credit unions do not make profit and their board does not even receive wages so they do not really charge interest but merely fees to support basic expenses. The following articles mention Credit Unions


Rotating Savings and Credit Associations were the earliest forms of credit unions and are still popular among unbanked communities in Latin America, the Caribbean, South Korea and the Philippines. Wikipedia Entry

Rafa Jimenez Of describes ROSCA's and their importance on this podcast (queued to start at the point where the ROSCA discussion begins).


FEMA of the LORD

The Audacity of Hope

From the book The Higher Liberty

Seven Men
From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 74

Choose Your Seven
From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 76

Seven Adversaries
From the book The Higher Liberty, Sec. 77

Audio files

10/23/10 Christian Banking
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast October 28, 2010

Doing evil for good outcome, Cain's choice, going with the flow, Josiah Stamp on the Bank of England, legal title vs. equitable title, Creating deposits, Corporations, Actions of the Federal Reserve, Advice from Proverbs, Just weights and measures, Understanding the program, Insurance, Interest, JFK US notes, FDIC, Fractional reserves, Where's the risk?, Foreclosure, Real-world examples, More on Cain, Seth, Nimrod, Ruling over your brother, Giving power to other men, Greed in the system, Savings and Loan crisis, Acts 6:3, Temple = Royal Treasury, Compelling contributions, Christ casting out the money changers, Credit Unions, Casting thy bread upon the waters, Owning your bank, The purpose of "Church", Workable Congregations of Record.

6/25/2011 Keys to Freedom
Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast June 25, 2011

Teachings of the modern church, "Believe" or "Do"?, How to inherit eternal life, Benefactors who exercise authority, Homeschooling in community, Rural electrification, Liberty Dollars, Banks vs. Credit Unions, What history are you reading?, Commodity money, Beginning the journey back, Range sheep vs. farm sheep, Kingdom of God = Right to be ruled by God, Details from the early church, Modern Church = the great dis-tractors, Perils of nuclear power plants, People helping people, Nobody gets left behind.


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