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The kingdom is divided into the left hand and the right.[1]

The right hand is the state which is in charge of the capital and the state consists of all the people or children of God. They do not own those assets collectively but by God's design man owns his possessions and family individually. Most nations own what they have collectively and the State controls the assets, including the people who are only human resources. God meant people to own the land and themselves but historically men have gone into bondage under States like Babylon and Egypt or Rome etc.

If you find yourself more an asset of a State than a free soul under God there are solutions that can be approached in a righteous manner. Jeremiah had a few things to say about the Babylonian Captivity.[2]

The left hand of government is the church and it is in the alms giving business, promoting individual welfare through charity. The whole Christian conflict of the early Church was that they did not want to Join Caesar Care which provided for the individual welfare of the people through a social scheme of Corban.

When people listen to leaders that say and do contrary to God they go out of His presence and do foolish things.

God arranged that people go into captivity because they had forgotten what God wanted them to do and how God wanted them to live.[3]

While they were in captivity they were told to do and not do certain things. They had to provide for their families and still be fruitful and productive.[4]They were not suppose to be rebels or law breakers but also they were to pray to God for their personal needs and welfare and not their captors.[5]

They were warned not to listen to liars and deceivers that would offer them schemes that would teach them falsehoods that would entangle the people into greater bondage.[6]


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