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On the California Network group there was a lively discussion that probably overwhelmed the group.

Someone who has studied was trying to get a grasp what this Network and what many of us believe is the gospel of the kingdom. What are we really all about?

The whole gospel and what we are sharing is iconoclastic by its nature which means you can easily feel attacked when we get into an in depth discussion of the material and information associated with these Network groups.

An iconoclast is supposed to be a destroyer of images used in religious worship, in particular. Or a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.

Of course Christ was an iconoclast to the Pharisees but a prophet and then savior to those who accepted what He was saying. He was not really coming to attack the Pharisees but in hope that they might be saved from the error and sin of their beliefs.

They were not bearing fruit in the way they governed themselves because their system of Corban set up by their leaders through the civil government was making the word of God to none effect.

They thought taking care of the needy of society was a good enough cause that force in the collection of funds from their neighbor to support that system of social welfare.

They had come to think that government force was warranted to compel their neighbor to provide that social welfare because of what they thought about God and his command through Moses to love their neighbor.

They needed the peoples consent and had to change their thinking about Religion and government first. Herod's Baptism was different than the Baptism of John.

Comment From Scott

Its wonderful to read all the posts on the California regional group. Those are the sparks that can work to ignite a fire and bring warmth, light and a refining to people seeking the Truth, the Way and the Life. God is the eternal burning fire, and its good to see people willing to dance in that fire. I thought there was a chance that some of the fearful and shadow keepers were going to rush in and try to put the fire out, but so far it seems the embers have been allowed to glow. Maybe the flames will be allowed to burn long enough that people will decide to freely choose to come into a real, living assembly with each other, a congregation, where they can continue to burn in the light of Christ as they humbly come closer together to love one another in spite of how rusty and bent their personal swords are or how rough their pumice stone.


Scott in Iowa

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