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Notes to the Network

This Week

  • "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Just in the last week we responded to an article on Food Stamps and young people Fleeing Religion along with the confusion about the Bible phrase Ye are bought‎.

The people have again been entangled in the Elements of the World and become Merchandise who are snared by our own addiction to government aid. We know that if you want to be free you must seek to free others because you have to love your neighbor's freedom as much as you love your own. So you may need to form a CORE group and start the 12 steps for ‎ Aid Addicts.

Or if you want to keep doing and not doing what you have been doing and not doing expecting different results that is your freewill choice.

Oh Folly Care!

Are you taking care of the needy in Pure Religion by a Daily ministration manage through Freewill offerings in a number of small religious congregations?Read More...

Welcome to Rome!

What you are seeing is the same Christian conflict that early Christians faced in Rome under the spirit of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus who outlawed private Religion and forced everyone, eventually under penalty of death to join their civil or Public religion.Read More...

Do you understand?

We should also know that if all the people thinking they are Christians were following The Way we and the world would not be in the present state and condition.Read More...

Do we do the will of the Father?

Most Churches are not doing what the early church did. The only way to do what they did is in a network of love, Sacrifice, and Forgiveness‎.
Who are the Fathers of the Earth? And who is your Daddy? Who is your Benefactors? Read More...

I wanted to be a shepherd or a cop?

I think God wanted me to go that route so that sheep could teach me something about the Kingdom of God. You cannot force sheep. The more you push them the more they want to go the other way. Charity in the kingdom is a responsibility of all and Fervent_Charity is a job only for volunteers.Read More...

How did Christ say he would build His Church?


Are we a certain denomination?

There are many congregations but only one Church and therefore one denomination because there is only one common denominator. Read More...

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