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Follow the white rabbit

What does 'Follow the white rabbit' mean?

Neo is told to follow the "White Rabbit" in The Matrix in one of many metaphysical "waking up" metaphors. Seconds later, his doorbell rings, and when he opens the door he finds a woman with a tattoo of a white rabbit on her shoulder.

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In the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:
The White Rabbit is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll's book . He appears at the very beginning of the book, in chapter one, wearing a waistcoat, and muttering "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" Alice follows him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Alice encounters him again when he mistakes her for his housemaid Mary Ann and she becomes trapped in his house after growing too large. The Rabbit shows up again in the last few chapters, as a herald-like servant of the King and Queen of Hearts.

Follow the White Rabbit.... You may find out how deep the rabbit hole goes???

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Follow the white rabbit

... how this all works ... how the system works?
People are always talking about how do you get out of the system.
Even Ron Paul was talking about opting out.
So what do they mean about opting out of that system ... or this system or that system.
Well, Nimrod had a system. Pharaoh had a system and so did Caesar have a system.
And of course the Apostles were a part of a system too.
They said there was "another king, one Jesus" who did "contrary to the decrees of Caesar" Acts 17:7.
And that Caesar was doing things a certain way... he was using his system of social welfare that exercised authority one over the other.
In other words he forced the contributions of the people and provide everything from public education... to a welfare, daily welfare, food, even money for anybody who signed up.
And how you signed up was you got a birth certificate when you were born and that would show that you were eligible or you would apply.
...and that would show that you were eligible and then they actually had a thing called a logos, an identity thing to prove you were a member of that system and they operated these systems by force.
And then along comes John the Baptist, he doesn’t use force.
Now both systems use some sort of system of receiving contributions from the people and then redistributing those contributions of the people when they have a real need for assistance, social welfare assistance…
And we’ve always had that in this country, we’ve always had that in just about every country but it used to be in private hands
because the people were private… they were private individuals and therefore welfare was in their private hands
And that’s the way it operated … that’s the way that we took care of one another…
through the church… through charity… but now we changed that.
Most people are taken care of by governmental systems which also receive contributions…
I mean everybody knows every year you have to contribute - to your government - whether it’s in Washington D.C, Ontario Canada, London ... whatever; you contribute to your government;
they put the money in their treasury, supposedly, and then they take care of the social welfare of the people … and that’s how they operate.
That’s the way the system functions … through those contributions … and then used to be through contributions you would go and give them to church, but now your churches ---- buy big screen TV’s and you know new sound system and you know it’s all about making you feel good…
- you know - and comfortable and entertaining you you know for an hour or so and then it helps you feel righteous because it says - oh you know - well - you’re a part of the church!
- You know - you come to The Church!
You have a religion and our religion is this is that
We think about this about God…
and this religion over here they think this about God…
and they may be almost identical but this one has a better band so I’m going over to the other one…
or I like the people over in this one better…
the pews are softer or they actually have cushioned seats you know and besides I got mad at this guy here at this other one you know but it doesn’t have anything to do with taking care of the widows and orphans and the needy of your society or they might do a little of that but that’s not really what you go to church for.
You go to church to - you know - to feel like you’re good and righteous and and you’re a member of this [religion]…
Some people don’t even do that anymore and they just say “I’m not getting anything out of church and I’m not going”…
And what do you get out of going to church?
You see, the early Christians didn’t go to church because they got something out of it… they went to church because they actually cared about their neighbour as much as they cared about themselves and they could not get the welfare of men like Herod the Great or welfare like Augustus Caesar or Tiberius Caesar or Caligula or Claudius or any of those guys they couldn’t get those welfares ‘cause they weren’t signed up for them they had another king, one Jesus and he showed them along with John the Baptist how to take care of the needy of their society through faith, hope, and charity because they knew if you sit and eat with a ruler who exercises authority one of the other that he serves you deceitful meats and what he offers you for welfare will become a snare
Most of you probably didn’t know that…
But you still want out of the system.
Well you can’t get out of the system…you know it was I think last year like 3000 Americans gave up their citizenship…that’s not very many out of you know 360 million Americans…
But they actually gave it up one person actually said that when they gave up their passports afterwards they were so sickened by having to do it that they went outside and through up in the street…but they had to because you know unlike almost any other country that if you money abroad, you live abroad you still have to pay all the same taxes on it because they are desperate for money because all of the benefits you get.
They don’t come out of your income tax that’s just for paying the interest.
They come out of the money they borrow… out of debt… and of course that’s the design because that makes you a surety for debt.
And you can’t just leave the system see you can’t even expatriate if you’ve got too much money…
They will follow you for ten years… because of the fact that…
You’re entangled in the elements of the world… being the constitutional order and systems of government.
And people don’t want to hear this - you know - I’m one of these voices of one crying in the wilderness that really makes it difficult for people to listen to because they want to hear a message like “you know all you have to do is file these papers” or they want to hear the message “oh you’re already saved, you don’t have to do anything” and of course this is like Christ even with raising the dead couldn’t get much of a crowd… you know ends up with only twelve apostles and only 120 in the upper room?
And even though there were thousands of Jews who became followers of Christ and started living by faith, hope, and charity by Pentecost and the day after - you know - thousands and thousands.
It really was still a minority… it was a large block of Judea but in all of the Roman Empire it was only about 5 percent…and that’s about what you’d get in the United States today about 5 percent of the people who actually want to be real Christians…
I mean that’s just all they’re gonna do! They’re not going to seek any more haha…
That’s it… - you know - most Christians would want to kill Christ…if they had a chance… that’s what they would want to do, they would want to kill Christ… if they had a chance… because, I mean they wouldn’t tell you that they’d say oh we LOVE Jesus just like you know the Pharisees said they love Moses
But they don’t really love Jesus… they don’t really care about Jesus… they care about the image of Jesus that they have created in their own mind
but the real Jesus who told you not to covet… they don’t love Him…
they told you not to apply to the fathers of the earth… knowing full well that the fathers of the earth was the Roman government
and any kind of government that has men who exercise authority and make laws you know all the senators were called father and the emperor was called Patronus, our father
and at that time in Judea - you know - a lot of people think… you see the movies and you think all the Jews hated the Romans… not so!
They mourned the death of Augustus Caesar, weeping and wailing in the streets when Augustus Caesar died, why?
Because he was the benefactor of Judea…his welfare system was the most extensive welfare system throughout the Roman Empire… and it was called Qorban, and Herod set up a similar system…and if you were to talk about it in Aramaic you would use the word Corban also but you could also use the word Mammon… which had to do with, the funds…that were in your Corban treasury, and what was your Corban treasury? That was your social security fund… in your society… that’s just a matter of history I mean I’m not making it up!
You can look it up and we write about it we’ve got several books on the subject… but if you’re not going to want to learn and if you think you already know how it all works…
Then what can I tell you, that you don’t think you already know?
You can just go to the network links and join the network in your area and there will be people that try to teach you and share with you, and show you how this all works how The System, works...
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