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There is a lot of misinformation out there about the constitution, what it was meant to do and what it was not meant to do. Some of the people who are most confused about the Constitution of or for the United States or united States is the people who think it is old and outdated and needs to be replaced.

This confusion about that document is so pervasive I wrote a Free book about it. You can read it online and listen to audio files for free. Contracts, Covenants, and Constitutions

But there are people who do have a valid understanding of the document we call the Constitution. They believe that the Constitution is the answer to what they perceive as usurpation to their natural rights. One articulate energetic and passionate advocate of the a return to the Constitution Kris Anne Hall. She is fairly accurate about what she says concerning the Constitution and certainly has a passion for liberty and justice.

What's Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! Kris Anne Hall. Passionate and knowledgeable but not "the whole truth" Time 9:07

Kris is right and correct about many things when speaking of the Constitution including taking things back but she is missing a major element of the world. She is talking about a system and how it works and that is what we are about here but we are going to bring in all the parts of the system and how they work.

We want to bring these passionate sincere hearts among the people of the world to the whole truth and provide for it.

Covenants, Constitutions, and Contracts Series

The Preface to CCC Series
The beginning
Two Souls, Two Systems
Deceptions and Delusions
Roasting the Sacred Cow
Introduction to the
Covenants, Constitutions, and Contracts Series.
Covenants Part I
1. The Party of the first part
Covenants Part II
2. Centralized Authority or Free Dominion
Covenants Part IIl
3. Is the Constitution constitutional?
Covenants Part lV
4. Pursuing Perspective and Precepts
Covenants Part V
5. Equality of Responsibility and Rights
Covenants Part Vl
6. Bound by Words: Oaths
Covenants Part Vll
7. Since surrendered, A Quest for freedom
Covenants Part Vlll
8. Charters and Oaths
Covenants Part lX
9. Allegiance: We make the constitution constitutional
Covenants Part X
10. For the people?