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Community forum

His Church Congregation Forum Launched.

Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board. Information stored here can be copied to things like the Moodle to enhance Moodle courses.

Otherwise long or detailed information on subjects get lost in mere emails. This is why there is a wiki to create a searchable data base linking ideas to help others understand.

The real details and mechanics are not for everyone but only those that congregate in the spirit or name of Christ.

We should keep in mind there is a great deal of confusion in the world. We should try to prevent confusion and not add to it.

There is no solution in the world for the world.

The solution is in the ways of Christ but people have either forgotten them or we have been distracted from them.

Let us not add to the distraction.

And now with these forums that we can strive to just be internal resources locking out the lookyloosers who distract from the ways of Christ.

And serving those who come to serve one another.

Contact Ministers Forum

The CM forum may be for Contact ministers and beginners or other laborers Who want to make a record of things they learn or want to try to make the network more valuable and useful and to pas on to others who may come after them.

Things found to be UN-useful should be removed. Other links can be included to for more in-depth explanations.

His Church V forum

For ministers only

For Ministers of and to the Church. To accumulate explanations and information that may be useful in preparing and aiding Ministers who may follow after you. Information in this forum should not be copied or removed and is confidential business of the Church.

It is very clear that we need to help educate people in the network because many of them are having trouble putting it all together and that is understandable considering the magnitude of it all.

There is another forum but I am not sure if it will work but it will be for more general use maybe.

Working Groups

Promotion of Gatherings, feast and festival... promoters and organizers working together as a team for the King in service of the people.

HHCBroadcasts Amateur_Radio_Network... Working to form a network of communications using the airways including all forms of radio broadcasts through networking.

Video Making: For video making of all sorts to get the message out to the world.

Translate: This group is for all people who want to help with translating the message and works of His Holy Church into other languages. This is set up with a collaborative inbox but may be changed if another format works better.

Power: For research and information sharing of methods and means of producing alternative energy and fuel production for families and small communities.

Roadways: To address transportation and traveling needs of members of the HHC Living Network. In charitable service of one to another.

Questions and Answers Forum for to build q and A pages.

Wiki editors for Preparing you websites. This group can be used to communicate to all the editors of wiki sites. It can help you train to become an editor which is very easy to begin and organize the websites in general like is a congregational faith based seed share project where natural seeds are produced and shared like manna from the Kingdom of Heaven with other believers by faith, hope and charity.

Other discussion groups

Yahoo groups

There is still The Kingdom News List[1] and the Yahoogroups:

The people on these discussion groups will need to exercise personal etiquette and tolerance of a wider range of views which may be contrary at times to the teachings of more disciplined members of the Network

While a more open discussion may appear on these groups, no one will allowed to hijack these forums nor will abuse of people be allowed.

Search and outline

All our Websites have search engines. We have an outline site at And we have several secure sites not open to the public.

We also have one on the wiki which also has a good search engine but it needs to be brought up to date but with the tools and special pages someone could do that.

There are other email forums such as the Ministers group. Contact your local congregation for more information.

The Living Network

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