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Moses taught the people how to make ceramic vessels for their water in preparation for the famines and pestilence that was coming to Egypt. These vessels were water filters and can still be found by archeologists. They saved the Israelites and allowed them to help save the Egyptians when their own government failed to help them. Being the Church established by Christ we should be the government that saves people not put them at risk.

Chlorine commonly evaporates during the filtering process and the filters take out much more than parasites and bacteria. They only need to be washed from time to time depending on the amount of particles in the water. You can pre filter very dirty water through cloth. 4 layers of silk will filter out cholera. Here are simple technologies that can be reproduced in difficult times that can save millions of people.

Water, water everywhere...

An ingenious invention is set to bring clean water to the third world, and while the science may be cutting edge, the materials are extremely down to earth.[1]

New filter promises clean water for millions[2] Third world life is hard and when I studied and worked to be a missionary we lived a Spartan life sometimes. Many of those men went on to live in deplorable conditions, far from modern comforts. One of the great dangers of ministering to the poor is the pride we may take in the sacrifice required. It can narrow our thinking and skew our perspective and purpose.

This same technology could become a viable industry for a religious order that would bless thousands of peoples lives...

Water-borne, diarrhoea-causing bacteria, such as E. coli, kill 1.6 million people every year.

A simple water filter that can be made anywhere

The filters are made from clay available almost everywhere.

Fired clay alone is too dense to let the water pass. Organic material is added to increase the porousity: Organic material like - used coffee grounds, wheat chaff, grounded rice husk, tea leaves or straw - will burn up in the firing process and leave tiny charcoal holes in the clay.

Clay and organic grounds or chaff are materials widely available.

  • Mix equal parts: of clay and organic materials. Mix with enough water to form a thick clay dough like paste and form a cylindrical container. The walls of the filter should be as thick as an adult's index finger.
  • Leave it in the sun and air to dry.
  • pack the pots in dry straw and layers of dry cow dung - after you lay them on a first layer of dry cow dung, cover them completely with more layers of straw and dung.
  • and then fire the clay:,

A dung fire burns at around 8050 to 950 degrees C - the right temperature for firing clay. The filters should turn bright orange during the firing process and stay so for 30 min.
It normally takes about an hour of baking to fire the filter.

Most bacteria are slightly bigger than the pores of clay and get trapped in the clay. The organic material if evenly mixed increases the porosity and the contact surface of the clay.
Lab tests showed that the clay and coffee combination works well: it takes one to two hours to filter one litre of water, and the coffee-clay filter removes up to 99.8 percent of bacteria in water.

Here are some links that show what can be done. http://durand.com.au/claymaking.html



Troy and Genie [3] moved from comfort to a rat infested leaking hovel far from any roads. But they did it to help others and to learn what the Eucharist of Christ really is all about.

Easy water filter by Bush Boy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnRIutRXRC8

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