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First Business Call recording Download Outline of Call

  1. Richard starting business. What is your passion? What is your skills? What skills would you like to discover and develop? What are your resources, including other people with skills? Be encouraged to grow with your business?
  2. Bill Start a business that fills a need. Look for mentors that can help you with the different aspects. Don't be afraid to fail. Look for apprenticeship. Don't be afraid to start small. Look at support type businesses where you supply other business that want to see you succeed.
  3. Terry surgical steel product... talked about Attitude. Advise, Achieve for others first so that you will be better equipped for yourself.
  4. Business plan is your road map to what you want to do. Write it down. Count the cost. So That you can... Focus on how your product or service serves others?
  5. Lee from Australia add the proposal and encourage the idea of Network marketing business but not just multilevel marketing.
  6. Spin off businesses. Catering, stove, welding skills, making personal connections all depend on networking your skills and resources with needs. Much of the connections and home work need to be made by individuals, then you bring evidence your efforts to experience mentors who will be more inclined to help you get started.

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