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ו Vav Connection, Connecting realms and worlds or the dividing veil between them. [nail... And, Add, secure, hook] 6

The word “vav” means a “hook,” “spear,” or “tent peg” in Hebrew. As a hook it can hold or draw something but as a spear it can divide or cut something, and as a tent peg it can fasten something in place making it stable.

Location can tell us something about its meaning in a word. When it is found at the beginning of a word, the Vav may have the meaning of “and”. It is said that the Vav may include the idea of inverting or transforming the past into future or future to past in reference to the syntax like changing “it was” to mean “it will be”.

Or as we see in Genesis 1:3 we can alter "Let there be light" [Yehi] if we place a Vav in front [vayehi] which will suggest the meaning of "There was light".

The appearance of the word rod in Proverbs 13:24 includes the letter Vav. This is the only place we see this form of a word ShinBeitTetVav that more often means tribe. There are numerous Vavs found in that one verse 24.

But Vav also may connect a higher realm to a lower realm or connect the spiritual and the physical.