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We have asked members of the Network if they would like to help edit radio shows.

This page has the information and links you need to download a free editor and FTP file software and links to a forum of other editors who can help you.

Wiki Editors

You will need to be a Wiki editorto get access to edit this or any other page.

You will need to mark each audio listed below when you start working on a show, so that no one else duplicates your work. You do this by adding initials or name to Column 2 corresponding to the audio you download and edit.

Becoming a Wiki Editor

Instructions and links for editing the audio shows
If you are not a Wiki Editor you will need to become one.
We can do for you.
Give us a username.
We can create an Wiki Editor Account for you:
You should then receive an email that allows you to edit the wiki page with your personal Username.
That makes you a Wiki Editor .
The email will contain a password so that you can mark the show you are doing on the editing page.

Access to Audio FTP

A different Username and Password so you can download and upload FTP on the HHC.org site is different than your Wiki Editor Username and Password.
They are usually sent by texting or over the phone.Your Minister should have that...
That User name and Password allows you to download from folder
and upload finished files to this folder

More detailed information about how to edit pages as a Wiki Editor is available at Wiki Editor. And you could join the Wiki Forum to get more assistance.

Wiki Ways | Get Started | Help Editing | functions | Wiki Wizard Editor forum | Network

Audio Editing software

We often use Audacity. You can learn more about Audacity but you may have an audio editor you already use.

To edit audio you will be removing “ahs” and “ums”, coughs, sneezes, pops, beeps and other extraneous noises and occasionally there are interruptions and even errors or fumbles that can be edited or fixed. This will require that you listen to the whole show. We also are adding music clips with the intros and Outros and some commercial breaks already recorded[see links below].

We shoot for 55 minutes for a finished show.

File Transfers

Raw editing programs link are found in this folder:
http://www.hisholychurch.org/audio/rawprograms/todo/ The User name and Password is available for Editors

You can upload finished files to the folder

You will need an FTP [file transfer program] software like Windows Explorer or FileZilla or Ipswitch WS_FTP LE or ask on the Wiki Forum

When you are done enter an x Date in last column and notify Greg or Paul.

You can also save a brief description or blurb about the content which will be added to pages like http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Audio2015

List of audio files

Raw Program Presently Editing Date mark x if done
150228devotion19salvatiolr.mp3[1] Geo 06-19-15 x
150228devotion20savingotherslr.mp3[2] Geo 06-30-15 x
150228devotion21shadowfr.mp3[3] Geo 07-14-15 x
150321lukewarm02lr.mp3[4] Steve 6/26 X
150321lukewarm03fr.mp3[5] Steve 6/29 X
150328bite01lr.mp3[6] Geo 07/27 x
150328bite02lr.mp3[7] Geo 07/29 x
150328bite03fr.mp3[8] Geo _ _
15040401mesianic01lr.mp3[9] _ _ _
15040402mesianic01lr.mp3[10] _ _ _
15040403mesianiclightfr.mp3[11] _ _ _
150411Ecommunity01lr.mp3[12] _ _ _
150411Ecommunity02lr.mp3[13] _ _ _
150411Ecommunity03fr.mp3[14] _ _ _
150418riligiousordersofforce01lr.mp3[15] Steve 07/08/15 X
150418riligiousordersofforce021lr.mp3[16] Steve 07/13/15 X
150418riligiousordersofforce03fr.mp3[17] Steve 07/30/15 X
150425deceiver01lr.mp3[18] Steve 12/02/15 _
150425deceiver02lr.mp3[19] Steve 12/02/15 _
150425deceiver03fr.mp3[20] Steve 12/02/15 _
150502privatewelfare01.mp3[21] _ _ _
150502privatewelfare02lr.mp3[22] _ _ _
150502privatewelfare03fr.mp3[23] _ _ _
150509parentrights01lr.mp3[24] _ _ _
150509parentrights02lr.mp3[25] _ _ _
150509parentrights03frprivatewelfare.mp3[26] _ _ _
150516denominations01lr.mp3[27] _ _ _
150516denominations02lr.mp3[28] _ _ _
150516denominations03fr.mp3[29] _ _ _
150523separation01lr1.mp3[30] Steve 7/30/2015 X
150523separation02lr2.mp3[31] Steve 10/08/2015 X
150523separation03fr3.mp3[32] Steve 10/27/2015 X
150530fleereligion01lr1.mp3[33] _ _ _
150530fleereligion02lr2.mp3[34] _ _ _
150530fleereligion03frAA.mp3[35] _ _ _

Useful files

We usually try to shoot for 55 minutes but not essential

Shorter sound blocks

Commercial clips

Use these clips to fill out shows to 55 minutes



Miles Away music loops are 4 versions of copyright material purchased by HHC for our use.