Your Fault

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Your Fault

No one wants to hear that it is their fault. From Adam to the present day it is always easier to blame others for what seems to be going wrong. That is still not the wise way to go nor get better. People are already dying from the injections for a disease not one in a hundred people will even die "with" and almost no one is dying "from".

The numbers and the methods used to accumulate the numbers for the Coronavirus Pandemic have not added up from the beginning. The reasoning for the shutdown has not made sense if you listen to all the experts.

Why cannot people see the media hype and the true science when you show them the facts?

I am extremely concerned about the possible long term effects where hundreds of millions even billions of people may suffer acute or debilitating pathogenic disease not because they got Covid but because they received an injection of a synthetic biological agent that has never passed the normal animal trials.

I am sure many of the people in our network do not desire to take this injection but I am also sure that everyone knows people who will.

The compliant people lining up for the injection think they are following the science when in truth they are just following the manipulation of the media and those scientists who they let you hear and see.

Over the last year so many things have changed rapidly around the world and there is every reason to believe more and more drastic changes will be taking place in an even more rapid manner.

It is important the people learn to organize themselves like Christ commanded which is why I have been sharing with the ministers and the PCM group who can then share vital information out to their network So you can get the information that you are not getting from the media. In turn, we hope you will be better equipped to help save others from the mind numbing if not controlling media.

I have sent links to the PCM and therefore to all the ministers who should also be on that group. They will send information out to those people who are connected to them hopefully in congregations of record.| Some will choose to pass information on their local email network or just to those more sincere people who are taking the time to sit down in the Tens like Christ and the early Church insisted.

If you are not receiving updates and new information you need to get yourself organize better. As things get worse you will need to get better and better at sharing that bottom up approach of the Kingdom of God.

I wrote Professor Yuichiro Suzuki at Georgetown University, Washington, District Of Columbia for clarification their NIH funded study which warns of the dangers of these injections without proper and imperative animal studies and even with them. I have already shared this study with those active souls in the network.

Even if you think you are going to avoid the injection or be able to or think you already have sufficient information your efforts cannot stop there. If you are seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness you have to care about others as much as you care about yourself, other families as much as your own. That may mean you need to be informed enough to make the danger clear to others.

If we just post this this information and other information openly to the whole world the swine from The Mire will turn on us and trample and rend us with their censorship and cancel culture.[1] We can see the evidence of that already growing behind the scenes.

There is undoubtedly a concerted effort, not to cure or end the pandemic but rather to get millions if not billions of people injected. There are lots of reasons and some of them may reach back to the thinking of The Great Reset which has desired a reduction in the number of inhabitants.

I have already shared many of the pathogenic dangers concerning injections through the channels of the network, on podcasts and in articles. If you have not been getting updates on the nature of these dangers coming then it is your fault.

Ask on the Network groups how to get better connected so you can get better informed so that you can help others as Christ intended in hope that others might want to help you in the days ahead.

When new phases of their multiple agendas are rapidly rolling across the world or put into places where you have no control you will need more than information in order to continue your personal quest for the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

You will need a viable Living Network of other souls seeking that same righteousness according to the character of Christ through faith, hope and charity.

There are many steps in a long journey to the kingdom. You can start with you own First to do List

At least with what Christ commanded.

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  1. Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

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