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This gathering took place at Lake of the Oaks, Missouri on April 19-22, 2013.

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Our family would like to extend our gratitude to all those who were able to attend the Spring Gathering here in Northeast Missouri. We thoroughly enjoy getting to meet so many from all over with similar motivations.

I haven't done a formal count yet, but we had our best turnout yet. Families from Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Oregon, and maybe more were here for the gathering.

In the coming days I will have the contact list sent out to all those who attended so we can hopefully stay in touch. I noticed the goodbyes seemed to last a bit longer this time. I think that's a good indication that these families are growing closer.

Thank you to the families who chose to continue walking together in free assembly. As Anthony mentioned, the Sacred Purpose Trust conversation was (I think) beneficial to anyone listening in. It certainly was for me. Thank you for your trust and confidence placed in me. I will look forward to placing that same confidence and trust in you as we continue to walk and work together, learning what it means to be an elder king. As the newly elected Minister of Record, we'll use the name His Church at Lake of the Oaks (HCLO), until the next Elder serves as Minister of Record.

If you're reading this on the google group, and you don't know what I'm talking about in the above paragraph, you need to know that the google groups are a very tiny part of what HHC and the Living Network is all about. Ask questions about the Congregations. What is a Sacred Purpose Trust? What do you mean...elder king? These Congregations are vitally important to the structure of the Kingdom. The gatherings help foster the growth.

Thanks to all those who gave an offering for use of the facilities. All of the monies given will go to the Lake Association who allows us to use the Clubhouse, grounds, lake, etc. We will be able to make a generous gift thanks to your offerings. That goes a long way in allowing us to do it again the next time. Thank you also to all those who helped cook, clean, give demonstrations, presentations, watched little ones, etc. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Thank you to Elisheba (Simply Good Health), Caleb (Essential Oils & WordPress), Shannon (Yogurt & Kefir), Zach (Raw Foods), Kyle (Hydrogen Fuel Economy), Scott (Wind Turbine), Ed (portable housing) and Sloane (Bow & Arrow) who all gave wonderful demonstrations. There may have been others that I was not privy too, so thanks if I missed anyone.

If anyone feels led to host a summer retreat, we'd love to start making plans to attend, otherwise we'll be planning on getting to Oregon this fall for the Burning Bush Festival.


Brent Jarvis

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This was our first time at an HHC Gathering so we knew not what to expect. My wife Heather and I, along with our children were contemplating going, and some were still uncertain as we drove the 10 hours to get to Lake of the Oaks.

For those of you, perhaps on the fence, trying to decide if it would be worthwhile for you and the balance of your family to attend the next HHC gathering, let me share our family's experience.

We had a fabulous time and met many wonderful people.

We enjoyed fantastic, CLEAN food, and, for the first time in our lives, did not have to micro-manage our "food choices"

We found the diversity of folks quite amazing (and astounding!) So many different backgrounds and experiences and ages and understandings.

I observed no attempts to convert anyone to this view or that view, and, while discussions could range from casual to intense, I always got the impression that opinions were welcomed and ideas valued.

We experienced a truly "voluntary" weekend, where there was no need to "force" work, chores, food preparation, funding, sharing, assistance, etc... yet everything seemed to get done and managed and "paid" for.

Children freely associated (aka "played") without bullying, intimidating, partisanship, or fighting.

Questions were answered and "Kingdom topics" were made clear and explained in good detail.

I can't say enough about the kindness and connection my family experienced at the gathering. I can't adequately express my appreciation for the Jarvis family laying down their time and treasure to provide this opportunity.

If you are on the fence about finding out for yourself whether this community is what your family is seeking, attend the next gathering, no matter how difficult, or long the trip may seem. We are already anticipating the next gathering with great excitement!

Till then,

Jason Sobiski


It was great to see everyone who attended the Spring Gathering this past weekend in Missouri. Thank you for great fellowship, food, learning, and fun. We had awesome discussions and we learned valuable info on Natural Oils, HHO fuel technology, Health, biblical history, and more.

The discussions during the Sacred Purpose Trust signing was heart warming and sincere. I would like to thank Scott Hostetter for doing fine work in explaining the sacred purpose trust and the importance of building trust. There were a few tear jerkers, but we seemed to keep ourselves under composure. LOL

I hope to see everyone again in the near future. Please keep my family in your prayers and we will do the same for you.

If you did not get my contact info, email me and I will forward it on to you in a private email.

I hope to see everyone again soon.


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