Mark Vernuccio

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Mark is a Personal Contact Minister in Australia

Mark Vernuccio
Melbourne in Victoria, Australia

Hi I’m Mark from Queensland, Australia. I was born in 1974 to European immigrants, and am presently working on building yurts for camping and festival hire. After seeking truth for many years I understand that not taking by force but having the liberty to freely give and receive is one of the main keys to the kingdom of God and the Law of Nature. I have come to realise that the economy and other mechanisms of society taught by Jesus far exceed the attempt by any other to provide for the health, welfare, education, general well being, prosperity and life of humankind which the modern “church” seems to know nothing about. This is the Way of Christ that is being revealed to us and that I believe will be revealed to the whole world in time to come.

Contact email: vernuccio at gmail dot com

Contact phone: plus six one three, 400, three four nine, 100 (international)