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Justice is a Personal Contact Minister in California

Sacramento, California

A minister in Sacramento California doing only what he hears and sees the Father do. spending a lot of my time working in the market place building and establishing relationships. His motto is, Preach The Gospel and use words if necessary,(Be a living epistle) to be the hands and heart of God in action, a minister of reconciliation, time and love spent in many homes and families. With His favor and grace, in JESUS' powerful name.

Message from Justice

Contact information:

Phone# : (nine16) two ate 9-3259

E-mail: werekings at gmail dot com

Home address: Do to the nature of his Unique ministry, He is usually on the road traveling or with a family somewhere in the world. He can be reached at the number given above, or through the order at white Rock. If you can't reach him, Your encourage you to call the Order and White Rock.

Peace and Grace to you.

Justice is also the Minister of Record for His Church at Holy Sacrament

To donate to His Church at Holy Sacrament click this link:

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