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His Church at The Angels

His Church at the Angels (HCTA) is a HIS Church government office with the sole mission to fulfill all duties and responsibilities appointed to it by Jesus the Messiah and King of Kings in the name the most high Creator and Father in Heaven.

Abraham Vargas was elected by 2 Elders/Kings and appointed/recognized by His Order at White Rock. as a Licensed minister to be the servant priest in the HCTA government office of trust and service.

HCTA Contact Information

Abraham VLos Angeles, California

Minister of Record: Abraham Vargas

E-mail Address: avrjuniors AT gmail dot com

Mailing Address:

His Church at The Angels

11222 S Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90061

(323) 770-8two8five

Declared Elders in Free Assembly served by HCTA

HCTA currently serves 2 elders who established and recorded their sacred purpose trust with the Messiah and freely assemble in Congregations in the Greater Los Angeles Area region of Southern California.

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Other working groups

HHCBroadcasts ...Working to form a network of communications using the airways including all forms of radio broadcasts through networking.

Gathering of feast and festival promoters and organizers working together as a team for the King in service of the people.

For video making of all sorts to get the message out to the world.

For research and information sharing of methods and means of producing alternative energy and fuel production for families and small communities.

Q and A
Questions and Answers Forum for working on making answers available for the hisholychurch.org Network

To address transportation and traveling needs of members of the HHC Living Network. In charitable service of one to another.

HHC Seeds is a congregational faith-based seed sharing project where natural seeds are produced and shared like manna from the Kingdom of Heaven with other believers by faith, hope and charity.

Wiki editors for preparingyou websites. This group can be used to communicate to all the editors of TheLivingNetwork.org wiki sites. It can help you train to become an editor which is very easy to begin and it can be used for developing educational programs like Moodle.

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