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HIS CHURCH at Skytop Mountain

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Greetings and welcome to His Church at Skytop Mountain. We are currently serving the families in the Mid-Hudson Valley's Catskill Mountain Region of New York as well as areas in the states of New Jersey, Vermont and surrounding areas. We also look to provide service to our distant Elder's, their families, and His Living Network of Families who love the Father with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength, and who love their neighbors as much or more than they love themselves.

His Church at Skytop Mountain freely chooses to walk with other families, free assemblies, His Churches in His Living Network and is an auxiliary of His Holy Church, which is made up of Orders of called-out, full-time Levites, Apostles or Ordained Ministers under vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and faith. His Holy Church, which was re-established in 33 A.D. by Yahushua ha Mashiach, a.k.a. Jesus the Christ, when He took the Kingdom away from those not bearing good fruit and not doing the Will of the Father and gave the Kingdom to "His little flock". His Church at Skytop Mountain is a Kingdom government office of service and trust, licensed by the families in free assembly, acting "ex-officio" and recognized by The Living Stones of the Christ, an Order of His Holy Church at White Rock.

We are currently a free assembly or congregation of families who, due to the distance between us, gather on a conference call weekly when we can. We check on the needs of the local congregations as well as coordinate with other His Churches across the world. The performance of our "liturgy", i.e. "public service" is to help each other, other congregations or free assemblies seeking the Kingdom of God, plus the strangers and foreigners sojourning with us. We also gather when we are able to potluck, break bread and fellowship together. We like to talk about the Scriptures and other materials, such as the His Holy Church books. Sometimes we watch edifying DVDs or we just spend time together talking, laughing and sharing.

If you are ever traveling through the northeast, please consider contacting us for when and where we might be gathering on your way through, and maybe you can join us. If you are going to be passing through the northeast, please consider contacting our fellowship. We may be able to meet for a meal or just a cup of coffee and conversation. HHC also provides a mobile ministry that could be traveling to your area also. Just let us know.

Minister of Record for His Church Skytop Mountain:

Claude lives on the land in southern Vermont with his wife Dianne. Since an early age, he has been studying the Scriptures, law and natural health. He has learned enough to know there is a lot more to learn about life and how to live it, especially in the way our Creator intended [not just making a living].

Claude Emerson Minister of Record
General Post Office
Manchester Center, Vermont

Claude Emerson

Eight zero two 681 six three six 6

To Donate to His Church at Skytop Mountain Contact the local minister for instructions.

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[1] We strive to meet monthly and have conference calls as needed or requested. Keeping in touch is critical to the health of our set apart Nation.
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