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Caleb Eaton
Tyler/Longview, East Texas
Caleb is a Personal Contact Minister in Texas

Contact info:

  • email: eathawk ãt gmail døt com
  • Phone: 9Ø3 — 4eight4 — 4972



I was raised in World Wide Church of God—Sabbath keepers and no unclean meats—so I started out with a slightly different view of the world. After being "disfellowshipped" due to a church split, my family eventually moved on to mainstream churchanity with a fondness for all things charismatic. In the days before that kind of thing existed on cable, my dad bought one of the first 12-foot satellite dishes in town so he could bathe our home 24/7 in Robert Tilton's Word of Faith and Jim Baker's PTL Club. I had a tendency to have higher standards and more self-righteousness than anyone in youth groups, so I lost interest in church attendance during college. I grew evermore disenchanted with the entire religious scene and left it all behind after working 4.5 years as publications coordinator for the largest "Christian" camp in the U.S. I gave them 6 months notice that Y2K was my last day. At that point I started doing freelance graphics work out of my house where I was a comfortable hermit until discovering HHC in 2011.


This is another subject for which I often found myself at odds with churchanity. As you read below, understand that all these points made me the exception to the rule where the population of mainstream churches is no different than the general population in that they'd rather trust doctors (priests in white coats) than God (which involves taking responsibility for one's own health).

  • Born 1967 without an MD. Same with my four siblings. Dad performed the highly complex job of "catcher" without the benefit of 8 years higher education brainwashing. Amazing! BIRTH HAPPENS.
  • Never had a vaccination. Yet somehow I thrive like the birds and bees that don't get vaccinated either. Gasp! IMMUNITY HAPPENS.
  • Labeled by MDs as a "vegetable" at 15 months of age after falling off the bed and being paralyzed on my right side. My parents were told to just get used to it. Yet today no one knows unless I tell the story. Blasphemy! HEALING HAPPENS.
  • Grew up watching people come to my Grandpa (an old codger, self-taught, unlicensed "chiropractor") for help after the priests in white coats sent them home to get their affairs in order. Some still live today, decades later. Shazam! LIFE HAPPENS.
  • In 1997 I was introduced to the medicinal power of essential oils and the fact that they are mentioned more than 500 times in the Bible. (Funny how I had attended church all my life and yet I was oblivious to one of the Bible's biggest, most practical subjects.)


I was a delegate to the Texas Republican convention in 1988 and became a Rush devotee pre-1990 when he was still doing animal rights updates and caller abortions. I started questioning Rush's judgement when he bragged about going in for a root canal and instructing his dentist to do it for all teeth. (I'm convinced this was a major contributing factor behind Rush's later hearing loss.) I started becoming seriously disenchanted with Rush (and the entire political machine) the more he flipped to big-government style solutions. For example, he once supported reducing the give-aways (publicly-paid-for medical care, education) that attracted the slothful and allowing anyone to come to the US as long as they were willing to work. Now he wants a top-down solution of building a virtual wall around the nation. Also, in the early days he bragged about how Reagan built a strong military so he didn't have to us it. He now seems to support perpetual war and the policing of the world. And my churchian/Republican friends keep swallowing the Kool-aid because it's easier to view the Democrats as the enemy rather than to realize both parties are distractions.

Finding HHC

I was introduced to The Living Network when a friend emailed me a link to the article Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage. I had ignored a couple previous emails from him because I wasn't interested in anything "religious." Yet the title of this article hit home because I had decided a few years previous that I would NOT get a government marriage license. I didn't want the unnecessary third-party intrusion into that sacred relationship. Although the decision was made for moral reasons, it went against all the mainstream churchian institutions that I know of. But here was an article that distinguished the difference between the licensed and unlicensed relationships. And did so with an entirely new view of scriptures that stripped away the mythology and mysticism and put them into the realm of practical everyday-life reality.

I've methodically devoured HHC-related MP3s ever since. I see this approach as the "unifying theory" that brings a huge level of practicality to the Bible and has the potential of creating a people who are truly separate from the world's system of it, but not of it.

Recommended HHC Articles & Links

Besides the Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage article already mentioned above, here are others that have been similarly influential and wonderfully validating for me...

Festivals and Gatherings Attended by Caleb

Articles by Caleb

Local Network

A group of us are building relationships in the Northeast Texas area through His Church at Ouichita. We have no interest in becoming another social gathering—commonly called "church"—designed to make people feel good about themselves simply because they meet once or twice a week to sing songs and listen to a windbag with no practical life skills talk about theories of the by-and-by while never addressing the practical everyday responsibilities/duties that have been steadily abandoned to the government of the world. Instead, we seek deep friendships with those already participating in the Kingdom without realizing it:

  • the homeschoolers raising wholesome kids
  • the home gardeners and farmers raising wholesome food
  • the ranchers producing wholesome meat
  • alternative health practitioners teaching people health self-sufficiency
  • and anyone interested in participating in work days designed both to get to know one another on a real-life level and to create a stronger, more self-sufficient group of people.


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