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Back to Basics: Christianity or A Kingdom Worth Living For. ; is a collaborative effort of the HCLH CoR Elders to produce a simple, straight forward booklet about the true nature of the whole body of Messiah, which is made up of two fundamental parts: First, the natural family, which is a government in and of itself, the pure republic, the State. Families that freely choose to assemble together are a congregation of states. Second, the Church, which is the confederation government that serves the States, the pure republics, the natural families. The Church is an adopted family of called out ministers, their spouses and children that are under vows, that own all things in common to be God the Father's bond-servants that work to set the captives free, return every individual to their family and return every individual to their possessions.

Both titles were offered by Paul Bethke, MoR: His Church at Lake Country. Thanks Paul. Some Elders were thinking: Christianity for Dummies, but other Elders thought that was okay for a working title, but didn't like it for a final title.

This page is the "scratch pad" for the HCLH COR Elders, and others, to share their notes concerning this CoR project.

Scott's Notes:

Natural Families v Foreign and Alien Families

A response to T.G. : Notes on planned communities v natural families and Orders

Meanwhile Back On The Plantation

The Kingdom for dummies: HHC Book CCC, page 144, "We are to repent. It is the spirit, nature, and righteousness of His Kingdom that leads us, guides us and grants us that freedom endowed by our Father. Nothing less than the virtue, life and blood of Christ will save us in this world or the next. The Kingdom does NOT come through observation [study, reading, thinking, etc.] but in our loving and striving to return to and do the will of our Father. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness..." Matthew 6:33, Luke 12:31. Seeking the Kingdom is to seek to love one another, care for one another, provide for one another. If Christ is to be with us in our midst, we must gather in His name and according to His character of love and forgiveness, charity and sacrifice. If we love Christ then we will not covet each others goods, labor, or life for our own benefit or security, but will take delight in His thanksgiving. There is a way for societies to live together without force and those who believe should and must come together and begin to set the table of the LORD and seek His Kingdom first."

The Kingdom for dummies: HHC Commentary of the working Memorandum of May 2, 2007, "...This is why a distinction is made between His Holy Church, bound by vows to God and the Congregation of the people bound by love. The people are not bound by anything but faith, hope and charity, which is love. Even their offerings are given entirely so that if they are bond or in bondage their gift does not effect the foreign or separate nature of His Church. The Church is "one form of government" that is foreign in spirit and in truth to other governments. Although, His Holy Church is the corporation of Christ, who was king, it is not a "Corporation" of "domestic corporation" in the sense of a non-profit corporation, but rather a foreign corporation. It is essential to get into the realm of international law and the Law of Nature and Nature's God to understand the complexity of these relationships. The minister who acts as a trustee of a "His Church" is elected by the people through their offerings, but appointed over that "business" by His Holy Church. Each congregation is not recognized by any obligating membership or relinquishment of rights as is common in other governments. They are recognized by their free will offerings made to a His Church, an entity created by [and sustained by] those offerings. Each His Church is a sacred purpose, non-grantor trust based on an act of religious faith. Since the overseers are members of His Holy church, the ministers of His Church act ex-officio as appointees and the offerings of the congregation [a free assembly] are given up entirely to the entity of His Church , which is a foreign situs trust. It is also important to understand that there is a civil character to His Holy Church, but only internally within that form of government. There is a separation between the congregation and the His Holy Church, even more than there is between the United States and the several States. His Holy Church is a foreign institution created by an original sovereign authority recognized by many nations and governments. The members of His Holy Church are endowed with power, right and responsibilities equal or superior to any other government. The church in general consists of both laity and clergy, assembling in a system of faith, hope and charity. The laity may be free or bond but the Ordained Ministers are already bonded to the ministry of Christ and have no power to go under any other authority without relinquishing their position or status with or in His Holy Church. The laity and clergy of the church are therefore free from each other and there is an eternal separation between them except in faith and charity. The laity is composed of individual families in free assembly forming independent altars of clay. Each Ordained Minister who has dedicated himself to the service of the Kingdom of God voluntarily comes together in congregations of ministers called orders, altars of stone. These two form independent groups of people and all their exchanges are NOT trade of business, but charity. By this unique relationship His Holy Church maintains it separation from the "world" while preparing the people for liberty under God."

The simple nuts and bolts is this: Seeking the Kingdom of God is about seeking to do His will, which is seeking to love Him and your neighbor with all your heart, mind and soul. How is this made manifest in the flesh? By our actions, our fruit, in other words, what we do from one moment to the next. Is what we are doing for our own purposes, to prepare for our own personal exodus, under our own power, or is what we are doing in a truly loving, giving effort, without any thought of what we might get in return, a true laying down our time, breath, labor, etc. to set our neighbors free first out of pure love. Are we "setting the table of the LORD" with each increase we have? Are we "making straight His way", by doing His Will and Keeping His Law and Commandments? Are we consistent in these acts or do we do them on our own time table according to our will? Are our "yes's" really "yes" and our "no's" really "no"? Is our honor, character and virtue like Christ, Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Caleb, Elijah, Abel, Jacob, Isaac, etc.? Do we seek to pay our fair share, comrade, or do we seek to make free will sacrifices so that others might be free first? Do we count the cost? Do we really love God with all our hearts, minds and soul or do we really just give Him lip service?

The kingdom is simple, but it is not revealed by flesh and blood [books, study, research, reading, etc.] it is revealed by His spirit, nature and character through direct experience, direct action of doing and walking it out in a personal journey of repentant, faithful, consistent, doing, loving, giving and forgiving according to His Way, will and Law. That is how we seek and strive and "cross over", be "re-born" or "born again" and become "Hebrews" in His nation a land flowing with milk and honey.


  • Prayer = appeal, apply or ask.
  • Liturgy = public service, like when someone volunteers to help others like working at a soup kitchen they are performing a liturgy, a public service.
  • Fasting = giving something up. Most people immediately think fasting means giving up food, but it can mean giving up anything in order that those resources can be used to serve others.
  • Religion = how a nation, a people, or a society takes care of its needy.
  • Patriots = people who share the same father.
  • Patronus = "our father", either the ruler, Ceasar, president, king, potentate or executive that exercises authority over his people, his nation, his citizens and nationals (a substitute family), or the eldest father or patriarch of a natural family that serves his family and his neighbors in faith, hope and charity.
  • Worship = giving allegiance or pledging allegiance to, paying homage to a superior, a lord, a god or The God, our father or patronus.
  • God/god = a title that means a lawgiver, a judge, a magistrate, a ruler and sovereign power whether absolute or limited.
  • Lord = a master
  • Earth: Adamah = the red clay that the Creator of Heaven and Earth made mankind from.
  • Earth: Erets = the planet, dirt or soil.
  • World = an apt or harmonious arrangement, a constitution, order or government. "My kingdom is not of this world", meaning Jesus, the anointed king of Judea, His government had no treaties, contracts or covenants with Rome; therefore Rome or its proconsul had no in persona jurisdiction to put Jesus on trial. Pontius Pilate agreed and washed his hands of the matter, basically dismissing the case.
  • the Christ: the Messiah = the anointed king. King David was also the Christ, the Messiah, the anointed king. Barack Obama is also a messiah, a Christ, an anointed king or president and god.
  • Stones = "Living Stones", uncut or natural stones = red clay, Adamah, individuals that have been hardened into stone by devoted service, practicing patience, overcoming pressure under fire, being charitable, forgiving, being wise, always laying down their life/time or breath to educate, strengthen, encourage and love others.
  • Stoning = taking some one to court made up of a jury of "Living Stones" (see above for definition of "Living Stones")
  • Stoning someone to death = taking someone to the court made up of the Living Stones of Christ and the verdict is banishment, excommunication, being evicted from the community. It does not mean to pick up rocks and throw them at someone to murder them. Thou Shall Not Kill.
  • Cutting Stones with tools = people making rules and regulations to control their minister servants.
  • Minister = a doer of little deeds.
  • Name = character, spirit or nature. Praying in the name of Yahushua/Jesus does not mean saying the word "Yahushua" or "Jesus or (YHWH) "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" or "Yahuwah" in your prayer. It means that when you ask, appeal or apply to God the Father you are to have the same character, spirit or nature as Jesus, Yahushua, YWHW, etc. In other words don't bother praying to God if your character, spirit or nature is that of a commandment breaker, like a liar, a thief or someone that is covetous, vain, jealous, slothful, lustful, greedy or fearful.
  • Spirit = breath, the words you speak come out of your mouth by your breath. If you do what you say you are going to do or don't do what you say you are not going to do then your spirit, your breath, your character is being righteous. If we keep the commandments of God the Father then our spirit is set apart or holy, our character or nature is upright, virtuous and honorable, we are walking in the name of the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus, etc.

The Structure of the Kingdom of God aka the Kingdom of Heaven

Terms for a Kingdom Society

  • A Kingdom is a government.

Like the United Kingdom is the government for the nationals of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Kingdom of God aka the Kingdom of Heaven is the government for the nation of people keeping God's Laws, walking in God's name, spirit and character.

The United Kingdom is a government that has a specific form. The United Kingdom is a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city of London.

The Kingdom of God aka The Kingdom of Heaven also has a specific form. It is made up of the individual people who are ruled by God in there hearts. This spiritual concept reveals itself in this natural world by the manifestation of each individual's acts and deeds that outwardly acknowledge the character of Christ within them of real faith, hope and charity, not simply hollow words or lip service.

excerpt from The Higher Liberty

  • Good and Bad News - Gregory used this as a last word in The Higher Liberty. I think it would be a good closing for Back to Basics. It's not sugary sweet, but it is a bit salty. I like salty - bj

The good news was that the Kingdom of God was at hand. That if you professed Christ in spirit and in truth you had a right to be ruled by God alone. The bad news is the bogus benefactors you have been praying to probably will not believe you or want to let you go.

The good news is that the Kingdom has been at hand for a long time, but the bad news is you will not hear it preached in most churches, the media, or understood by most people.

The good news is truth and the bad news is most people cannot handle the truth. They would rather appear right, good or holy rather than be righteous, be of service or a blessing. They are often a lot more concerned about themselves than they are about others.

The good news is you can start becoming free if you start setting your neighbor free first, but the bad news is your neighbor does not want to set you free and will continue to covet your labor and goods.

The good news is you if you seek being responsible for your family and community you will be on your way, but the bad news is that most people will not appreciate you and often put up obstacles.

The good news is you can freely come together with others who love to attend to the weightier matters of justice, law, mercy and faith, but the bad news is most who will say they do too are not really telling the truth to you or themselves.

The good news is that the Lord God is God and will be with you if you seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, but the bad news is most everyone else, including the “gods many” of the “world”, will be against you and say that you are doing evil and persecute you.

The good news is that the Lord will forgive you as you forgive others who trespass against you, but the bad news is the rest of the world will not forgive you and will want to trespass against you a lot.

The good news is the Lord will provide your daily bread, but the bad news is you will have to stop praying to those bogus benefactors.

The good news is there are some people who will help you along the way because they are on the same road, but the bad news is you are going to have to find them and they are few and far between.

Seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added.

excerpt from The Higher Liberty

  • Foolish Virgins p. 80

“Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins...” Matthew 25:1 God is a giver of life. There are numerous parables about those who were given, but squandered or wasted their gifts. The foolish virgins is just such a story. Virgin has been a metaphor for those who do not have an illicit relationship with the gods of the world. They have remained separate and not bound themselves to serve others. The foolish virgins waste what they have until there is nothing left. Like the man who buried his talent they are unfit to receive more, or to enter into the kingdom. In the world you are forced to pay in order to take care of the needy who live during your day. In return you are promised care if you fall on hard times or have a need. In the kingdom you must choose to take care of the needy of your society in hope of being taken care of if you have needs. In the world the bonds are contractual but in the kingdom the bonds are love. Those who will not come together for the sake of others will not be welcome when the door is shut. “Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.” Matthew 25:11, 12 Today’s modern church minister is more likely to give you the address of other government agencies rather than to be the government of God. Christ came to serve and expects His ministers to do the same. His ministers cannot serve others unless they are first supported by the substance of those who believe. It is your choice as to who you will give to, who you believe is doing the service of Christ, but you must freely give if you are to freely receive. If sheep are lost they must stop eating and seek the shepherd and his flock or when night falls they shall be eaten by wolves and lions. “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

Excerpt from The Higher Liberty

  • Tithing in Conscience p. 81 this helps distinguish between the 501c3 church and the Kingdom church

Those Churches who fail to preach the Kingdom disregard Christ. Those who take the tithe and send the children of God to the Qorban of Roman systems to be bound under tribute, as they once were in Egypt, betray their holy office. The ministers, often called the Church, have failed to preach the simple Gospel of the Kingdom and serve the people and tend to the daily ministration.

Excerpt from The Higher Liberty

  • Service that Serves p. 82 instantly connects the dots with what they say and what we should be doing

In most churches today you will see five factors: prayer, music, oration (sermon), collection, and benediction. In about AD 150, Justin Martyr wrote the Emperor Antoninus Pius in defense of the Christian faith and allegiance to Christ: “And the wealthy among us help the needy... they who are well to do, and willing, give what each thinks fit; and what is collected is deposited with the president, who succours the orphans and widows and those who, through sickness or any other cause, are in want, and those who are in bonds and the strangers sojourning among us, and in a word takes care of all who are in need.” (Ch. 65-67) The Church had a job and a purpose. It was not merely speakers of the word, but doers. The Eucharist was sacks of grain and loaves of bread daily freely given to sustain the needy out of love.

random thoughts by Jack Handy

  • bj

Would it make sense, as a CoR, to publicly "offer" to sponsor families/individuals on the groups. Instead of reaching out individually, making it a concerted effort.

I remember being at the point where I wanted to go further, but I wasn't sure what was next. I had heard people talk about the other segments of the network; the PCM group, CoRs, etc., but I didn't grasp what it all meant. I was even reading the books and listening to the radio broadcasts. It seemed very hazy to me coming from a background in churchianity/foreign god worship. Maybe that puts my real mental capacity on display by showing my ignorance, but I really didn't get it and I wanted to. It wasn't until you got involved and gave me some encouraging bits of "what's next" information that I was inspired to dig deeper. You "sponsored" me by sharing a glimpse of what's next. If I remember right, you had to answer the same questions several times for me. Could we accomplish even more as several men/women doing the same thing, together?

Maybe a public offer to help as a Congregation of Elders to either 1) help others get a CoR started, or 2) sponsor them so they can peek into our CoR.

I know people have to work for something to find it and cherish it, but at some point, people (like me) just don't get it. What's next? There's a lot of talk about the Kingdom "wants" on the groups because many "doers" don't know there's a next step. They're "talking out loud" using the groups to encourage others to step up by stepping out themselves with these ideas. If they knew more about the next step and the structure necessary to make those Kingdom "wants" come to fruition, then maybe we could bring some of these folks in before they are discouraged and fall away.

I'm not sure why there's hesitation to form a CoR or join with others who are freely assembling, except maybe fear of the unknown. I know there's laziness involved too and I'm sure you've identified some other reasons, but if it's ignorance, that's curable. We just need the right antidote.

Here's what I'm asking:

Could we (as a group of elders) compose a relatively short and simple email invitation to send to the groups. We could list our names at the end like it's a cooperative effort (which it would be) to reach out to anyone interested in learning more with a more intimate look inside the structure. I know there are a lot of things we need to work on as Elders so that we're able to present a reasonably decent example of how this works, but maybe this would help us step forward. I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with the Shaw family as we proceed. A few more faces and we'll be able to branch off with a new CoR.

random thoughts by Jack Handy

  • bj

So if people want to join a group, but don't feel competent to participate or fearful for lack of knowledge, we use language that helps them know there are mentors. Maybe instead of saying "we need to set up congregations of record", (which sounds like a lot of work for someone who doesn't know what that involves), we could say something like "there are congregations looking for people like you". There's a lot of talk about CoRs, MoRs, and elders, but what does this mean to someone who doesn't get it? Maybe it just takes some thoughtful tweaking in our use of language. I'm not talking about dumbing this down or using inappropriate verbage, just massaging it a bit.

I'm not sure we want the lazy types this might attract, but then that would be obvious fairly quickly.

Along the way, we can help them get over the cognitive dissonance that they're clinging to with regard to "what a CoR/Church/Assembly is and isn't"

random thoughts by Jack Handy

  • bj

The intention of these groups is to bring people together from near and far to form congregations. Many people hear that and think churchy thoughts. That's not what these congregations are. They are simply a family from here and a family from there, some others from near and far who freely decide to walk together.

Each congregation is made up of around ten families. If more families want to come together, then that congregation would be able to "seed" or "plant" another congregation. Some would elect to come together in a newly formed congregation to continue the work of the Kingdom.

Jam 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit orphans and widows in their afflictions, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

This is true religion according to James. It's the "religion" we should be practicing if we are interested in this Kingdom of God at hand. It's not about packing the car with children and fighting all the way to a cathedral where we feel good by watching preachy videos, listen to a preacher give a feel good lesson (or fire and brimstone), sing some songs, slap eachother on the back and go away feeling good about being a "real" christian.

That is a club, it's not a congregation practicing pure religion. This was me for 30 years. Yes there are elements of this experience that are attractive. The relationships, fellowship, bible study...all good things and important, but it lacks the POWER or WHAM POW! of the GOOD NEWS. That "pastor"/preacher will likely be sending his "flock" to another government to pray for assistance. The POWER of the Kingdom has been neutered in that church.

Our family came together freely with other families who wanted to TAKE THE NEXT STEP in the Kingdom. Now we're looking for some folks who would like to help us plant a congregation. It doesn't matter where this congregation is "located", because you can choose to walk wherever you are. Our family is in Missouri, others are in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, Kentucky. The same is true for the other CoRs across the country.

So, what does "freely walk together" mean?

It means that you choose to participate or not. You can work together to attend to Kingdom responsibilities or not. You choose a minister by making free will offerings. If that minister accepts the responsibility and families make regular offerings to that minister and those families do what they say they will do, then you have a congregation of families walking, talking, working together FREELY in a proper Kingdom structure. The "FREELY" here indicates that you are not under the authority of your minister. He only has "control" over what monies, resources, etc. that he is freely given to distribute. You, as an Elder/King remain FREE. Because you have control of the purse strings. Your minister is entrusted with the responsibility of serving the congregation, he/she assists in handling prayer requests (Health Services, Emergency Management & Disaster Assistance, Education, Energy) keeps a record, and attends to the widows and orphans in their midst.

Again, don't confuse this with your local corporate church. This is a Kingdom government made up of the state (families) and a public servant (minister). There's also an overseer in this equation and an order of ministers, and of course the King of Kings, but I'm trying to keep this shorter than a novel.

People who are active in secular politics will often "elect" a "public servant" to minister to their needs (or their will). The problem is that these "public servants" exercise authority over his/her constituents/citizens. They are given authority by those who chose them to see to their needs/wants/will by forcing contributions from their neighbors. Coveting anothers property, which this is an example of, doesn't sound very "christian" to me. It certainly doesn't sound like Kingdom government, but it has enough similarities that it has duped a lot of people. I would argue that when force is applied to obtain your neighbors property, you are then entering the realm of theft. Others may argue against that, but the forceful taking of property appears to be theft to me....not christian....certainly not What Jesus Would Do.


The real POWER or WHAM POW! of the Kingdom lies in it's structure. It's the beauty of the Kingdom. It's what enables Liberty to exist. You get to stay free because you help keep your neighbor free. It's something we all profess to desire...this Liberty....but it won't happen until we decide to come together in free will assemblies.

I remember being at the point where I wanted to go further, but I wasn't sure what was next. I had heard people talk about the other segments of the network; the PCM group, CoRs, etc., but I didn't grasp what it all meant. I was even reading the books and listening to the radio broadcasts, and attended a gathering. It seemed very hazy to me coming from a background in churchianity/foreign god worship. Maybe that shows my ignorance, but I really didn't get it and I wanted to. I thought the google group was the Kingdom. It wasn't until I had a mentor offer some encouraging bits of "what's next" information that I was inspired to dig deeper. I was "sponsored" by someone who shared a glimpse of what's next.

What's next? There's a lot of talk about the Kingdom "wants" on the groups because maybe the "doers" don't know there's a next step. They're "talking out loud" using the groups to encourage others to step up by stepping out themselves with these ideas. If they knew more about the next step and the structure necessary to make those Kingdom "wants" come to fruition, then maybe we could bring some of these folks in before they are discouraged and give up. I'm making an attempt here to step up with you to get us to that next step.

People want to "belong". They want to be in a group. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing if the motivations are proper. The Israelites were safe as a group in the wilderness, but when they pooled their wealth into a calf/public idol, they chose to think as a collective (laziness or fearfulness in unknown) instead of individually loving & caring (ingredients for Liberty) for eachother in order to maintain safety/security. Moses made them eat that cow. Maybe that's actually where the phrase "eating crow" came from? Maybe an "r" got added along the way and instead of "eating cow", it became "eating crow" (just wondering out loud).  :)

This is evidence of a constant struggle people have to take the easy way. Kingdom isn't easy. It's simple when you think about it, but it's not easy. Forming free will congregations takes some time and energy. It takes doing what you say you want to do. Reclaiming our Liberty requires helping others reclaim theirs. Do you really want to enjoy Liberty? Do you want to get involved? Is Liberty worth it to you?

Do you want to take the next step?

Additional Thoughts From Scott

Congregations are not "its", or "things". So a "congregation" can be any where and it is no where. Wherever two or three are gathered in my "name", i.e. character or nature, regardless of how people pronounce his appellation (Jesus, Yeshua, Yahushua, etc. The Devil knows how to pronounce His appellation, but the Devil will never walk in His name). That "gathering" of kings/queens, i.e. Elders to conduct kingdom business as the local kingdom congress can take place any where or on the internet or via conference call etc.

Each family, principally, the Elder forms a Trust with his King of kings. This is called a Sacred Purpose. So this familial king is declaring his Sacred Purpose to give his allegiance, fidelity, homage, worship, love, trust, hope, etc to the highest son of David, the rightful King of kings and Son of the Most High God and Father in Heaven. This Sacred Purpose is "sealed" with a free will grant, a tribute, given to the King of kings, entrusted to another Elder of a family that all the other Elders see as being the best servant of servants, a righteous king of his tribe, a loving, honorable, virtuous, humble, father, husband, brother and son that freely chooses to accept this "election", receiving the legal title to possession and use, of the other kings/Elders tributes to God, this forms a "Trust". The election is the gift, the tribute, the tithe, the burnt sacrifice, the free will offering, the self-imposed kingdom tax given to God to fund God's kingdom of Heaven on earth. This "Trust" IS His Church at such and such place. His Church at such and such place IS the trustee, the minister. His Church at such and such place is NOT the free assembly or congregation.

His Church at such and such place, is a local auxiliary office, a local "extension" office of His Holy Church. So this Elder that has been elected by the offerings of the kings to their King of kings. (there are NO paper or electronic ballots in the kingdom of God, the offerings are the Vote) You can "say" this is "my minister" but unless you are entrusting that minister with your taxes/tributes paid to God to fund God's government altar, then those are just "words", and we don't know them by words, we will know them by their "fruit", their acts and deeds. Anyway....The Elder that is "elected" to serve God and His Sheep as a minister/trustee, if they are NOT an ordained minister (another story altogether) then this elected minister/trustee will be a "licensed minister acting ex-officio". The license comes from the "vote" of the other Elders by their offerings. The "acting ex-officio" comes from an Ordained minister recognizing and determining that this Elder seems to be a righteous, honorable, virtuous, loving, humble, father, husband, brother and son that is striving and seeking to walk in the character of the King of kings, so the Ordained minister holds this Elder up as a minister of God to act "ex-officio" in this Kingdom Government Office of service and trust.

So the re-cap.

The Family is God's First Estates and each family is a State government for all the members/persons of that family. This State government is headed up by an Elder, a king/queen, etc.

Kingdom kings, heads of States, freely decide to come together in a free assembly or congress to be there for each other, they are not bound by agreements, covenants, contracts or constitutions, only faith, hope and charity, and their shared allegiance and fidelity in the same King of kings and Father.

These kings in free assembly create a "confederated" government office to serve those without their own "State" governments, all the other State governments in the free will assembly, other Assemblies near and far, and the foreigners and strangers (citizens of other governments/kingdoms).

The confederated government office is called His Church at such and such place and is the Titular Title of the minister the kings have elected by their offerings to God. So His Church at such and such place IS the Elder that is the minister/trustee.

This minister/trustee, i.e. His Church at such and such place is A stone in the King of kings confederated government Altar. There is only ONE Altar, His Altar, but that altar is made up of may stones (His Churches/ministers/trustees) These His Churches are the local extension or auxiliaries of His Holy Church, which are the orders of ordained minister that serve God and all His kingdom, and act as protectors and overseers of the Sacred Trusts to keep those trusts within God's jurisdiction of Law, barring the overseers and protectors of the gods many and lords many of the world from that role.

For His Holy Church there is only ONE altar made up of many stones (His Churches/ministers/trustees)

Each natural law family has an altar which creates a "family trust" or maybe a "corporation sole" (again this trust would be overseen by an ordained minister of His Holy Church in order to keep this "family trust" within the jurisdiction of the King of kings government and law).

When the Elder/fathers of families "assembled" in Philadelphia were they in "congregation" discussing "government business", in fact, weren't they creating a "trust" and a "body politic" called "the United States" (a "church"), the indenture was written out and called the "Constitution of the United States", which would provide some enumerated government services to those "States in a union", the beneficiaries of this "trust and corpus"?

Were the "founding fathers" the Elders of the assembly or congregation, were they a "congregation" when they weren't assembled in Philadelphia?

Were they independent fathers of families when they weren't assembled in Philadelphia?

Were they each in contact with each other, by post, etc., when they were not assembled in Philadelphia?

If one of these founding fathers were in need would they be likely to reach out and contact one or more of these other founding fathers they assembled with in Philadelphia?

Would one or more of these founding fathers come to the aid of the family that prayed for help?

Would they be a congregation if they all came together in New York to discuss government business?

Would the be a congregation if they were able to assemble by conference call regardless of where each one of them were at that moment physically?

So an Elder in the Kingdom is similar to the "founding fathers"; however, are kingdom Elders creating a "new civil law" government of men OR are they seeking and striving and declaring that they are repenting/returning to an Ancient form of government that has always been here and whose existence is guaranteed by all jurisdictions of law, civil law, natural law, common law, law of nations, jus gentium, international law, etc. With the accompanying natural law right to "expatriate" and return to that form of law and government?

I really do not think that most people truly see the whole, sweeping, broad scope of the Sacred Purpose, both in the physical realm and law and also in the spiritual realm as a voluntary act and what that act implies.

The Sacred Purpose Trust in one page of paper goes WAY beyond anything that can be accomplished with expatriation documents. It is not a get out of Egypt free card, but IF the king of a family DOES what the Sacred Purpose implies he and his family will do, i.e. the WILL of the FATHER in HEAVEN, keep His law, HONOR Him. Give Him their complete allegiance, fidelity, worship, homage, faith, hope, trust and love, the impact is massive rippling through the physical and spiritual realms.

HOWEVER, it can also be very dangerous. This is NOT a game or something to be taken lightly. If you SAY you get it, understand, and agree to DO it, and then DON'T, or NEVER DO, what kind of effect does that have through the physical and spiritual realms? Are you just going to be able to say to GOD, "Ooops, my bad" I know He will forgive, but what does that really say about you? This is a journey, as much a journey of the character, name, nature and spirit of man as it is a mental, physical and spiritual journey and we have to start making our "yeses, YES" and our "nos, NO". We have to start walking in His name, character, nature and spirit. So if we don't get it, or have questions, KNOCK, ASK, SEEK....Pray to God to reveal it to you.

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

"Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept [them]. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return? Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. Ye [are] cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, [even] this whole nation. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that [there shall] not [be room] enough [to receive it]. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts."

Preparing yourself by preparing others
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