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What is His holy Church? Who defines the Church? It's not important what people think the Church is, it only matters what Jesus says the Church should be. Coming together in faith, hope and love as one people under God.

Romans 13

Part 1

An examination of the controversial chapter 13 of Paul's letter to the Romans. Who is your higher authority? Does God want men to have authority over other men? Are there authorities between you and God? Not all powers are created equal, there are many differing definitions of the word power. And a look at the Greek behind the English translation.

Romans 13, Part 2

A continuing examination of the controversial chapter 13 of Paul's letter to the Romans and how it fits in with the Kingdom of God. It doesn't matter what words mean today, it matters what the words meant at the time they were written. An exploration of the the Greek word “exousia” and other “power” words and the way they were used by New Testament authors. Liberty, power and the right to choose.


Are you seeking the kingdom of God and it's righteousness? A look at how the modern churches are delivering the people back into bondage. Sophistry being a prominent tool used to mislead and confuse people about what the Bible actually teaches.

Words that Bend

“He who defines the words, is master.” Sometimes one Hebrew word is translated into a small multitude of differing English words, and other times multiple Hebrew words are translated into the same English word; leaving room for a lot of play on the translators part and a lot of confusion on our part if we don't dig into the languages.

The Bible and the Word of God

Is the Bible the Word of God? Why is there so much confusion over what the Bible says? Nearly every word in the Bible is translated more than one way, and sometimes a single word of the original text is translated dozens of different ways, some varying quite a lot from each other. If you can change every word in a sentence several different ways you can start changing what the words mean. Men don't come to the Bible with clean hands, all come with preconceived ideas. We believe the authors of the Bible were inspired, but what were they actually trying to say? The holy Spirit is needed to understand what the Bible is teaching.

Not of what world?

There are five different Greek words translated into the English word “world”. Most people today think of the planet earth when they hear the word “world”, but that is not true of the minds at the time the Bible was written. One of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible is a statement Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world”.. Was Jesus saying His kingdom was not of the earth?? It's important for us to know exactly what Jesus meant by the word translated “world”.

  • Note: at minute 48 Brother Gregory calls Herod the Procurator of Rome. Pontius Pilate was the procurator of Rome but defining what that meant at that time there is some debate.

What is the Way?

The way of government. The way of the world is oppression and force, the Way of the Kingdom is freedom and faith. The way a society cares for their needy demonstrates what spirit they are of. Governments of the world today exercise authority over their subjects and compel their offerings through forced taxes, but Christ said it was not to be that way with us. Social security, it benefits and its snares.

== What is Worship? ==

What is worship? One of the great delusions of today! Is going to a building once a week to sing songs real worship, or is it the modern churches smoke-screen to keep you from the real worship of God? Getting to the heart of the ceremony; to the obeisance, the bowing down and accepting of authority.

Covenant of the gods

These are radio show broadcasts covering different chapters of the book The Covenants of the gods.
Holy Matrimony, Part 1
A discussion on the first chapter of book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage. Husbands and wives are joined together in a binding agreement under the authority of a higher power, but what higher power? Holy matrimony is a covenant under the authority of God the Father; whereas marriage is a three party contract between the couple and the State who grants permission for the union. Brother Gregory examines the differences and similarities between legally and lawfully joining husband and wife, and the spiritual ramifications for each.

Holy Matrimony, Part 2
A continuation of Brother Gregory's discussion on the first chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, tiled Holy Matrimony vs. Marriage.

Law vs Legal
A discussion on the second chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Law vs Legal. Brother Gregory sheds some much needed light in the realm of law, distinguishing between man's created legal systems and eternal principles of God's law. How legal systems work, how we applied for their benefits and how we have been deceived. A look at commonly misunderstood concepts like legal titles and government regulations and how man became tangled in bondage of Egypt again.


Brother Gregory discusses the third chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Citizen vs. Citizen. Using history and the legal definitions of the law to demonstrate the distinction between freemen and members of a state or nation. Does God want His people to be members of a state, or free souls under Him? A look at what it means to be14th amendment citizen-members of the USA and the legal ramifications of entering into such agreements and binding oneself therein.

Employ vs Enslave

A discussion on the fourth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Employ vs. Enslave. Looking at the differences between employment in the kingdom of God and employment in the world. Employment is an acceptable word and idea today, whereas enslavement isn't so desirable. The Bible has a lot to say about bondage, enslavement and serving. Th right to work was a right given to man by God.

Gods and Governments, Part 1

A discussion on the fifth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled God vs. Government. Brother Gregory examines the relationship between God, government and man. What does it mean to “render unto Caesar the things that are God's, and to God the things that are God's”. What does it mean to be a freeman under God? How did we get bound through our consent to contracts with governments of the world?

Gods and Governments, Part 2

The continuing discussion of the fifth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled God vs. Government. Comparing the righteousness and virtue that is bred by the government that is the Kingdom of God to the sloth and iniquity bred by the covetous systems of the world.


The continuing discussion of the fifth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled God vs. Government. Comparing the righteousness and virtue that is bred by the government that is the Kingdom of God to the sloth and iniquity bred by the covetous systems of the world. cog07RepublicvsDemocracy56.mp3


A discussion about the eighth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Democracy vs. Demagogue. Liberties lost. Little tyrants who don't have the courage to steal directly from their neighbor invent systems of government to take away the choice of their neighbor to contribute to their welfare. Solutions are found in taking back responsibilities.


Discussion of the ninth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled System vs. System, referencing the system of God's plan for man, and the system of man's plan for man. They are basically two systems on earth, man's and God's. In God's system God rules over man, in man's system man rules over man. Civil states and systems are set up by man to replace God, the state becomes their protector, their lawmaker, the one they obey and bow down to.

Conversion vs Reconversion

Discussion on the tenth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Conversion vs. Reconversion. Through sin we have been converted, altered, and reconstructed in a new image. Man has been converted to the kingdoms of the world because he has prayed to them, beseeched them and applied to them. How can man turn around and be reconverted to God's ways? What is the process of that reconversion.

Money vs Mammon

A discussion on the eleventh chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Money vs. Mammon. A lot of people think mammon is money, but it's not; mammon is entrusted wealth. A lot people think the Federal debt note dollars used in the USA are money, but they are not. Brother Gregory sheds light on what is money and mammon and how they relate to the Kingdom of God. Commodity money, barter or trade, and man's systems of exchange. Today man is surety for debt.

Deported vs Departed

A discussion of the twelfth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Deported vs. Departed. Cast out of the government of men, fleeing into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. How man goes about leaving the bondage he discovers himself in. Israel didn't just leave the geographical region Egypt, they were cast out of that system of government and told never to return. Man has returned to the bondage of Egypt once again, and once again its time to leave.

Charagma vs Card
A discussion on the thirteenth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Charagma vs. Card. The Charagma is a greek word that represented the badge of servitude yesterday, whereas the Card is the badge of servitude today. The book of Revelation says that to buy or sell people will need to have or hold this mark or charagma.

Trust vs Faith
A discussion of the fourteenth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled Trust vs. Faith. Faith in man vs. Trust in God. Who will have confidence and trust and hope in the LORD's protection? Governments usually require, not only allegiance, but fidelity of all sorts and service. In every day life people trust in many things like money, doctors, military or their gun.. but do they trust, believe and have faith in God?

The Body of Christ
A discussion on the fifteenth chapter of the book, The Covenants of the gods, titled The Body of Christ vs. The Body of the State. The Church established by Jesus Christ vs. The church established by the state. A church cannot incorporate under the State and still be the Body (Corpus) of Christ; to incorporate under the State make any previous corporations null and void. Have you been deceived into granting dominion over the Church and your congregation to a foreign authority who is an adversary to the doctrines of Christ? 501c3 and tax exemption status'.


Organizing the Church

Setting the boundaries and borders

His Church Guidelines, Part 1
2/15/2013 1:06 PM 25415160 09 Guidlines1-55.mp3

His Church Guidelines, Part 2
2/15/2013 1:09 PM 26052130 10 Guidlines 54.mp3

His Church Guidelines, Part 3
2/15/2013 1:12 PM 26357658 11 Guidlines-54.mp3

Voice of the People

Mystery of the veil

It's out there. Your spiritual song may vibrate "strings" that resonate and even help form and connect with an alternative, parallel reality where angels reside. What would you rather have, knowledge or understanding? What is better, science or revelation? Scientists and mathematicians are only just beginning to become aware of things that have been understood by men of God for millennia. There are realities that are seen and not seen, except by those who humble themselves before God and understand that it is futile to try and know it all, other that what God shows them. Then acting on the revelation they become like Christ and begin more and more to see another realm and reality that is all around - the very Kingdom of God.

veil mystery recordings 1-2

What is the "veil" and how do we see what is on the other side of it? We must humble ourselves before God and let him speak directly to us and reveal what is on the other side of the veil or else veils made by men will surround us roundabout and we will be in confusion because we accept as truth the ideas of men rather than those of God. We must act in the name or character of Christ and take the light or revelation that is given to us to those places of darkness so that God will give us light more abundantly. We will not be able to stop the law of God if we are doing the Word of God by vibrating the right way out into the universe around us while resonating with others that are doing so in Christ. It takes congregations for this opportunity to take place in a meaningful way and a network of doers and not just hearers in which Christ may dwell. This way the kingdom within you may manifest and it will be on earth like it is in heaven. We need to get the physical to resonate with the spiritual with God on this spiritual journey in a physical world.

veil mystery recordings 3-4

The Cain Syndrome

A syndrome is this pattern or symptom that characterizes or indicates a particular social condition. Socialism is living by the sword, having your welfare guaranteed by force of the sword or whatever. Cain didn't start out bludgeoning his brother, he started out by tilling the adama, and worked himself up to bludgeoning his brother. The same thing is being done in this country through "free" services - like free education for example. WE have been forcing our neighbor, tilling our neighbor, to serve us; and we have become like Cain. WE should be sacrificing to care for one another - in pure religion - not tilling (forcing) our neighbor to serve us. 26139901 1Cain54m30s.mp3


We're in a vary precarious situation in this country, because we used to have six years supply of grain stored in silos for emergencies - every year. What the government was doing was buying the grain at a given price (the going rate) from the farmers that allowed him to have the capital to reinvest, to live, to feed his family, to pay his bills. And then when there weren't bumper crops that grain that would normally be stored in these big silos out on the farms would then be sold back into circulation when the prices started going back up again. But that program was ended by the Nixon administration, and nothing like it has been put in it's place. What Christians should be saying as a matter of kingdom policy is, "Let's buy extra grain from these farmers ourselves and put it into congregation storage bins, or in our own homes through individuals networking together in faith, hope, charity - and love." The way you do that is you get to know the farmers within the network throughout the kingdom who are seeking the kingdom and the righteousness of God. Get actively involved in the Living Network and get to know the farmers in the network throughout the kingdom!

Working for Life

== Networking for Life ==

The Way of Liberty

Part 1

The Way of Liberty, Part 2

Satan reality-faith

the wicked religion

covet not dark light

darkness light love




Republic union


Authority 2


Waynesville 2ndhr

2/15/2013 2:14 PM 26808009 8-July 4th.mp3

Worcester tour


February Baldwin - Flee - Preach it! - Evil


Preach it


Stockholm fear


Run to evil

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unarmed and Dangerous


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Reza Aslan and The Zealot

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, which offers an interpretation of the life and mission of the historical Jesus. Does he know what he is talking about?

In other shows we mentioned Reza Aslan, who has been popular on CNN and responded to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg writing: “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f***ing thing down.” The words of liars is a poison to the hearts and minds of the people. We have already burned the soul of society through covetous practices and become perfect savages like Reza Aslan, BLM and ANTIFA. If the left do not get their way in the election they will try to divide the nation and even succeed to create Chaos and confusion. The right is not moral enough to overcome the evil. We may see the rise of Cascadia and fall with it if we do not seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

That Word

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