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Keys to Thessalonia

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Better insurrection



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1871 constitution


Phases to Malachi

Malachi audio

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Sex and rules for life

Rules for life

The Stoic Cross with more rules

Grooming breached

Understanding Paul; Sitting in Tens; The Great Reset; Pandemic relief?; Pharisees; Knowing the back story; Common teachings of Moses and Jesus; Anarchy; The menu is not the meal; Paul preached Christ; Making a difference; Consequences of bad choices; Paul’s “citizenship”; Paul’s relation Claudia; Preparing Christians; Registering babies; Marcus Aurelius; Kingdom assistance; Benefits based on covetousness; 2 Corinthians 6:14; Communion; What Christianity was; 2 Thessalonians 2:10; Loving the truth; Jermiah 22:13; Know your history; Woe to pastors scattering the sheep; Alternatives to unrighteousness; “Visiting”; Altars of living stones; 2 Peter 2:13; Cursing children; Balaam and Nicolaitan; You’ve been warned; Where is your faith?; Bankrupting your hope; Stimulus checks – Gotcha!; John 4:16; The sin of Sodom; Bondage of Egypt; “Dominion” = right to choose; Giving up dominion; What side are you on?; Putting repentance into practice; Proverbs 2:10; The strange woman; Have you been perfect?; Avoiding wicked ways; Finding God’s way.

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Shots, biological agents and the side effects according to The science.


Darkened Minds

Understanding biblical message; Darkened minds; Hebrew meanings; Commentaries?; Practicing what Christ condemned; Systems of religion; Caring for parents; Holy days?; Daily ministration of faith, hope and charity; Paul's path; Income tax in Egypt; Micah; Dispelling idolatry; Coronavirus; Research for yourself; George Floyd; Racism?; The answer is Christ; The rest of the story; Working iniquity; What's causing delusion?; Belief by repetition; Racial statistics; Proverbs 21:6; Robin Hood; Redistribution of wealth by charity; Strengthening the poor; Ephesians 4:14; Coming to serve; Given over to love of self; Who Paul's talking to, and talking about; Lust for benefits; A flock divided; Network of Christians; Media manipulation of YOU; Romans 8:38; Ephesians 3:10; Repenting to Christ's way; Principalities and powers; Knowing by fruits; Comforting pastors?; The name of Jesus; Metaphysics; Nature includes spirit; Romans study; COVID successes; The Living Network; Romans 8; "Spirit"; What if we need help?; The law of sin; What Paul was doing; Temples activities; Christian activities; Christ as king; Religion by force or by charity; Your salvation is in Christ; Death by sin - life by righteousness; Where you are at; Paul's heavy heart; Psalms 69:22; Romans 11:9; Seeking His righteousness; Minister job description; Bishop?; Deacon?; Is your right to choose intact?; Nimrod the provider; FDR's ways; Grace?; Prelude to Micah; George Floyd the criminal; Back to COVID; History of hate;

Government Overreach

What is "Church"?; Metaphysics; Biblical "


"; Manifesting patterns of your chosen realm; Ekklesia; "city"; Christ's calling out; Rules for His Church; Self-organization; Power corrupts; Offices of service; Bishop; Bondage of Egypt; Slavery by redistribution of wealth; Consequences of power corruption; Back to "normal"?; Opting into private religion; Modern apostate ministers; Making the word of God to none effect; Immunity passports; Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria; Pure Religion; Public servants; Giving up your right to choose; Separate Church and state; Paul Revere's ride; What really made America great; Preparing You; Gregory's life moments; Humble mind-changing; Showing the truth; Establishing the Church; The new race/bigotry/prejudice; Separating goats and sheep; Contractual nature of government; Love vs force; Presidential succession; Unfixable system; Hard times to come; Imperial cult of the United States; Citizen overreach; Christ's other way; "Holy"; What will you do?


Audio and Video Archives

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