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Start of Philippians in audio2018


The Epistle of Paul and Timothy to the Philippians is often referred to as simply Philippians.

Media madness

Media Madness is herding the mind of the masses over a cliff of foolishness. Why can't people determine the truth? Why are they so willing to accept false narratives in the media or even flat out "fake news"?

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parental rights


Scandinavian countries—specifically, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland—are perceived as socialist because their citizens pay very high income taxes and receive many government benefits.

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Project 1619

The more we know about the people of the past the richer our understanding of the present may become. If we look at ourselves in the present with the same critical eye that we use to gaze at the populations of our past the better we will be able to prepare the future of our children.

"The Politics of Thanksgiving Day" by William Loren Katz desires that the reader sees William Bradford’s account as a mere "claim" and "fable" and "an early example of 'Euro think'".

Kats and others like Howard Zinn or the 1619 Project get away with this bias account because they appeal to the prejudices, jealousy, envy, and hate of the masses who are ignorant of the whole history and they desire to believe these simplistic and even false accounts rather than research the details to know and understand the whole truth.

Zinn and his advocates are not merely revisionist but actual fabricators, through projection and omission, of a false historical account which is a product of an agenda. (See Strangers and pilgrims)

critical theory and social justice

Critical race theory [CRT] is said to be "a theoretical framework in the social sciences, developed out of epistemic philosophy, that supposedly uses critical theory to examine society and culture as they relate to categorizations of race, law, and power to justify a political approach to a social problem.

Critical Race Theory by its nature does not have as a "goal" the "enhancing the freedom of the individual" but rather the denial of the individual as nothing more than the product of his or her race.

Coronavirus and the shutdown

Many other links were mentioned as we wondered through the coronavirus shutdown:

Other links mentioned in the recording include Christian conflict | Herd immunity | Vaccines | Pure Religion | covetous practices | Merchandise | curse children | Socialism | "Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus.

The Lemming Effect

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Dangerous Salvation

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Spiritual Evidence

Download Spiritual Evidence Recording 4

Untwisting Information

Download Recording 5 Untwisting Information

Download Recording 6 Pandemic of Selfishness

Righteousness on God's Terms

Download Recording 7 Righteousness on God's Terms

Back from Fear

Download Recording 8 The Road Back From Fear and the way?

The Great threat and the cure

Download Recording 9 The Great threat and the cure

First and last

Download Recording 10 First and last

The Commish enterview

Download Recording 11 Commissioner interview, opening up, and the vaccination

Fear not

Download Recording 12 Fear not

The care that cures

Download Recording 13 The care that cures

Fooling the foolish

Download Recording 14 Fooling the foolish


The Bayh–Dole act and cellular theory–Dole.mp3

HIV is not aids


George Floyd

Download Recording Did George Floyd Die of Coronavirus? Are you open to truth?

The Gullibility of People

Download Recording The Gullibility of People Resisting turth


[ Download Recording Statues]

Kingdom "at hand", appointed, established; World's problems today stem from not doing what Christ said to do; Forced vaccinations; People lacking righteousness - e.g. looters; False Christianity in most Modern Churches; "Black Lives Matter" not concerned with Black Lives; "Black Community" term itself is a problem; People seem to need someone to hate; Synagogue/Churches of Satan - oppose Christ; Living at the expense of others = perfect savages; Police job realities; "Racism" is a racist idea fed by media; Don't rush to judgement; Judges 2:17; People whoring after other gods; Irresponsible protesting; Tearing down statues?; Reminders of why we fell for their rhetoric; Who are Christ's "workers of iniquity"? Are you?; Spirit of (self) destruction; vs Spirit of Life/Light; Evil by choice; The answer is the real Christ; Commemorating the good in others; Robert E. Lee facts; U.S. Grant had (a) slave(s); Only 4% owned slaves; Christ's instructions unclear to Christians - lack of minister integrity; History = story of every man; Love your enemy - the good in them; Dangers of sarcasm; Forgiveness; Reinventing the wheel; Hate = absence of love; Not teaching whole truth of Gospel = lie; Seeking the whole truth - facts and evidence; George Floyd incident; Dissidents; Statues torn down while statutes remain; Socialist examples; Coveting forbidden; Christ opposed socialism; Not OK to vote for government to take away from your neighbor for your benefit; Guilt is individual, not national; People are complex; Mind-changing repentance; Righteousness is a journey; Why doesn't everyone see the real problem?; Ku Klux Klan; Virtue signaling?; Genius social experiment?; What can we do?; gods who take life vs the God who gives life; Practicing pure religion; Daily looting by Christians; Righteous almost always a minority; Church wealth redistribution via charity; Mark of the Beast - you all likely have it; Evil wants you angry, rushing to judgement; "To Kill a Mockingbird"; Haters don't understand sarcasm; Magnifying the dialectic via targeted propaganda; Suppressing the whole truth; Robbing innocence; Demonstrators' spirit of destruction; Follow Christ's "way" to see the truth; Love and concern for fellow man; Stand for what is right; Leave judgement to God; Putting on the full armor of God.

The innocents of Scout

Download Recording The innocents of Scout

Kingdom wasn't postponed; You're back in the bondage of Egypt; Perfect savages; Choose your side; Forced medical treatment; Masks; Discovering history alterations; Context matters; Innocence of Scout; Judges 2:17; Hebrew an invented language; Egypt = bondage; Swedish social experiment example; Peaceful protestors should be stopping riots; Moses's example; Morphology of income tax; Biblical judges; Balaam/Nicolaitans; Elohim/Theos; Eternal flame of revelation; How we lose sight; Church network at Paul's time; Road to destruction; Anger not!; Civil War beginnings; Rise of the Democratic Party; Following Civil War money; First shot story; Unselfishness = key to freedom; Covetous practices have made you merchandise; Constitutional opposition; The answer is...

Legal Charity

How do you build a Wall of immunity from deception to protect your mind and your body?
How does a Christian protect him or herself from infectious lies and contagious delusions?
What is causing the riots? What is the root of the problem and what the solution?
What Phil and you need to know?
How to measure the correlation coefficient of the relationship between two relative movements by statistics in order to corroborate causation?
Knowing good and evil and the Sin of Sodom?

Download Recording Legal charity part #2 or press play

Discussion about the correlation and the cause of riots.
The plight of the Black and White communities.
The misapplication of statistics by Phil Vischer and others.
Where is there a solution and do we have the will to seek it?
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Critical Theory

Critical Thinking

The White Fragility delusion

White Fragility is an unprovable and unfalsifiable theory, deceptively framed to convince readers of their own white guilt and white guilt feeds affirmative action which poisons the soul of society. Walter Williams has shown by facts, history, and data that it is the welfare state that has done to black Americans what slavery and Jim Crow laws could never do: destroy the black family. "The most damage done to black Americans is inflicted by those politicians, civil rights leaders and academics who assert that every problem confronting blacks is a result of a legacy of slavery and discrimination. That’s a vision that guarantees perpetuity for the problems."

Who says you have to take a vaccine, the Jacobson judges

Who were they and what were they actually deciding?


Burning Bush Festival



Modern Church

RNA Vaccines

The Great Reset

See the Greatest reset


Not Heaven sent and slow Poison heaven sent.mp3 poison.mp3

Hosea 1 - 14

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Hosea Today audio is about Hosea 4:6 Lack of knowledge; Learn through Humility? Facts matter... follow the Straight way; Act upon truth; Salvation if we be doer of God's word not looking to "gods" many. Do modern Christians "Worship" Satan and his world? John 10:3; Do we Curse children engage in Foolishness of Humpty Dumpty, Exercise authority or Nurture mercy(Hosea 6:6)? Put on God's armor there is no Utopia. From Adam and Eve to the Tens to be Perfected in Christ Sophistry was the enemy. The Spirit of the "Gulag" and Mao lives today in The War on Poverty; Offices of power vs service. No king in Israel; Hosea 10:3; unrighteous mammon; Electing the perfect king(1 Samuel 8(? What's righteous?; Alice's adventures; Calling good evil -> persecution; Hosea 10:4; The love of felons. Acts 19:26; Religion, Temples; Altars; Red Heifer; Admitting you've been deceived and deluded; Kingdoms divided not gathering as Christ "commanded"; Repent and seek the kingdom or Catastrophic consequences; Fear not!

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Past Present and Future

Keys to Thessalonia

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