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Mark Passio

Mark Passio and what many others are missing important elements of the truth concerning "organized Religion" as Christ intended and Social contracts and the Tens. In the Gospel of the kingdom we can see Jesus "commanding" the people to form a network of congregations, not like the modern Church but like the early Church or they may not be fed by God according to The Way.
The "command" of Christ concerning organized Religion and The Congregations of Tens.

  • Statism


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Kosmos is the jurisdiction of the world.

Shadow and Light

Good and evil is divided in the darkness and light ... and then there is the shadow of our minds.


What is God's opinion?

The word blaspheme today is said to mean "speak irreverently about God or sacred things." It use to be defined as "To attribute to God that which is contrary to his nature, and does not belong to him, and to deny what does. A false reflection uttered with a malicious design of reviling God."

What about Eternal Conscious Torment[1], Annihilationism [2], Universalism[3], and Christian Universalism.[4] And what about all the other theologies and doctrines which come from the private opinion of men?

Placing Puzzle Pieces
Today's problems same as in the beginning, Adamah, Life's destination is the journey, Catastrophic events, Seeing the Early Church in modern terms, Watering the desert, The welfare of the world, Voting in the kingdom, Why modern preachers avoid the Tens, Hundreds and Thousands, The conflict of Cain, 666 and the SSN, Charagma?, Is taxation theft?, US Code vs Law, Codes within codes, 666 has sisters, Food rationing, Man's government doesn't love you, The Holy Spirit has all the pieces, Christ gives you options, Receiving loaves and fishes, The government of/for/by the people, Christ's kingdom transfer, Why Moses was hid in the bulrushes, Socialism lowers birth rates, votive offerings, "Church" is not to comfort you - Holy Spirit is our comforter, The job of "minister", Symposia, Christian families and government, Overcoming covetous practices, The guy with the bad back, Why congregate?, What do YOU need to do?, Think like Christ, The Happy Plowman, Can you congregate if not in the same room?, The Living Network, The socialist spirit cannot enter the kingdom, Seeking righteousness, Forgiving government, Is Christ in your nature?, Thinking a different way.

Keys of the Kingdom 101

Bind and loose

Existential Crisis

Who is a pagan?
"Paganism", and Other Labels
How to determine truth, What influences thinking?, "Evil" defined, What drives shooters, Capgras, Lies behind labels, Comfort and the kingdom, Christ's earthly kingship, Levites and The Church, Moses' statutes, Adultery, common sense?, Treating autism, Who will lobby food?, Salvation is spiritual, Rev 2:9 and 3:9, Having another king, Sitting in Tens, Everyone has a religion, Essenes, Herod's baptism, A spirit of violence, People putting on persons, Why go to church?, Traitorous translators, What's wrong with taking government benefits?, Brain rewiring, Moses' 70 men, Cities of refuge, Emotions vs evidence, The job of the Sanhedrin, Emotion counterfeiting spirit, What's not important, Why people act like children, Your life of trauma, Repenting to love, Righteousness!, Paganism, Polytheism, Teutons vs Romans, The Tens model, Constantine's counterfeit church, Christ's way to liberty, Charity!, Want to know the antichrist?, Giving geometric shapes power?, Did Caiaphas repent?, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, What grace have you?, The Union and Discipline of Christians, More on autism, Recognizing forgiveness, Peace from the Holy Spirit, Fixing families, Feeding His sheep, Finding His sheep - they'll be sitting down.

Who are the people of Israel? How was the Early Church organized? Baptisms, Charity and freewill offerings, The princes of the gentiles, Being priest to all nations, Christ is the denominator of Christians, "called out" then and now, Religion, Pagans, China's one-child contract, What about Haran?, Abraham's sacrafice, Salvation from depression, What is good? School shootings, Avoiding dysphoria, Corban, Sabbath?, Christ's other "way", Grace and charity, Eating from the Tree of Life, Are guns the problem?, Examining the evidence, Existentialism, Children in the hands of Molech, You and your mad mad mad mad kosmos, Are you setting your neighbor free?, Judge not!, Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, Visiting the Valley of Hell, "power" struggles, God's other weapons, Hormone imbalances, The "Z" generation, Compare Israel's schools, How to get back to the spiritual kingdom, Millennial/Z power, Rights to use pronouns?, The lacking Modern Church, Why would any Christian be depressed?, Becoming Israel.


Does Seeking the Kingdom Cure Depression?
It's inconvenient to be wrong, The three-part solution, Depression - what is it?, Societal viewpoint of depression, Clinical studies of treatments, Handling addiction, Gathering to serve, "Feeling" depressed, Vaccines?, No profit in free solutions, Diagnosing depression, The "little brain", Chemical imbalance?, Doctors and studies, The cause/effect nature, Looking deeper, What about "religion"?, Doctors disagree, The placebo effect, How does seeking the kingdom of God help with depression?, Treating symptoms, What about causes?, Examining unpublished studies, Pitfalls of a "happy pill", Improving study methods, Considering exercise, Leaving hell, Antidepressant alternatives, Destructive side effects, Grouping solutions, Experiencing positive results, Creating the "concoction", Christ's way of dealing with problems, Balancing your life, Your body's chemical factory, Eating your medicine, Who's depressed?, The spiritual "gut", We are spirit too, Knowing yourself, Parasitical cycles, Toxoplasma gondii, Healthy immune systems, Putting your house in order, Benefits of congregating, God can make you better, The Facebook phenomenon, A steady diet of Christ, Overcoming your faults, Real solutions.

Pay tribute

Debt and bondage

The Epistle of Peter

Ideological Patterns

Who is your Sanhedrin?

Patterns of the spirit
Seventies and Sanhedrins
The Kingdom of God is at hand for the living right now; Spiritual, not emotional; Warnings of Peter, Paul, James, and John; Straining at gnats; "Alfie"; Evidence of salvation; Noah's God; Syrian gas attacks; media-driven minds; Christ's trial before Pilate explained; Traitorous translators; I AM; Pharisees of the Modern Church; Which Israel?; Christ's truth; Noah's righteousness; We're not perfected yet; The sins of your father; Ten Commandments as guideposts; Seventies and Sanhedrins; The New Antifa; Choices you have; Jews accepting Jesus; "No king but Caesar"; Ranchers and ranch hands; Kingdom mechanics; Miracles amongst seventies; Congregating; belonging to Christ; Obeying your Father in Heaven; "Destroy" in Genesis 6 (Noah); Dressing and keeping; God's healing power; Roman games; Unconditional love?; You can't save yourself; Escaping the Tree of Knowledge trap; Being naked in the garden; Measuring the temple; Rising above the maze; Jordan Peterson; The creative, Holy Spirit.

Patterns that bind the mind

Idealogical possession

Idealogical Hydra

Unrighteous mammon


A look at some of the mysteries of the kingdom starting with Cain and creation and moving on to the quantum factor of their sacrifice. Doers vs sayers of the word. The Galton board of prisms was the result of video editing but quantum experiments with particles passing through slits is a more bonafide example of the effects of observation. The problem with Cain was not his plow but his appetite for power. Are you being tempted yourself put in a "high place" were you look down on others? What Christ commanded he expects his ministers to do. Levites and altars of stone and the Sacrifice of sophistry. Democracy vs Republic and Deuteronomy 17 and Not my constitution. Regulate yourself or be regulated by others.

The bondage of the world is the result of a bondage of the heart, mind, and soul. The Whole story about exemptions of ministers of Christ and the Temples and Churches of and in the world and the strong delusion the whole world is under. Vanity and wantonness draw you toward the world and its ways and humility, sacrifice, and service draw you toward Christ and The Way of righteousness. This is why he commanded that you sit down in the pattern of tens to provide for your welfare needs. Do we have the virtue of God written in us by Him or are we putting on the virtues of our own imagination? The slothful end up in bondage because they are not diligent.

Being drawn

The Future




Chuck Baldwin


Acts and Luke 10

Your avatar

Opiates of the emotions

Politics of the mind



Path back


Elders and eldership

If Elders are not what we think then eldership will also be different.



The troll spirit

Do Church

  • "Our dream is that we fundamentally change the way we do church. That we take out a clean sheet of paper and we rethink all of our old assumptions. Replace it with new insights. Insights that are informed by research and rooted in Scripture. Our dream is really to discover what God is doing and how he’s asking us to transform this planet." Greg Hawkins

Do you do Church?

What does it mean to do Church? What did that early Church do for a daily ministration? What is the legal definition of the Church? Elders were heads of families. What were the temples of Rome? How is Rome like us today.

Home Church

This is leading into the government of God and tithing, its real purpose with a look Home church and what it is like to Do Church.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the old deal.

The Federal Reserve

The Reserve fund of the past?

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  1. Eternal Conscious Torment means simply this, “A large number of people will find themselves after death sentenced by God to live in a place which will be continually painful, perhaps excruciatingly so -- and this suffering will never end, ever.”
  2. Annihilationism (also known as extinctionism or destructionism) is a belief that after the final judgment some human beings and all fallen angels (all of the damned) will be totally destroyed so as to not exist, or that their consciousness will be extinguished, rather than suffer everlasting torment in hell
  3. , Universalism is a theological and philosophical concept that some ideas have universal application or applicability. A community that calls itself universalist may emphasize the universal principles of most religions and accept other religions in an inclusive manner, believing in a universal reconciliation between humanity and the divine.
  4. Christian Universalism is focused around the idea of universal reconciliation, also known as universal salvation — the doctrine that every human soul will ultimately be reconciled to God because of divine love and mercy.