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Jesus and Moses were in agreement but the Pharisees who thought they were in agreement with Moses were not in agreement with Jesus. Philo Judaeus‎ also Philo of Alexandria, Allegory and Metaphor; The Allegories of the Sacred Laws‎.

The Dendritic tree and other trees from which you should not eat. The Holy Spirit and the snare of your table.

Psalms 69:22 Let their table become a snare before them: and that which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap.
Romans 11:9 And David saith, Let their table be made a snare, and a trap, and a stumblingblock, and a recompence unto them:

Tens of Nimrod and Saul and the tens of Abraham and Moses. The altars of sacrifice were systems of charity in Pure Religion.

The tens and the Jury which can decides "fact and law". Why the Feasts and festivals? What was the job of the Levites and the Church in the wilderness? What are Tithes and Tithing and what is Tithing In Conscience? What are the widows and who are they? What is the fist of wickedness?

Lady Godiva, SoulWhat are the Self organized Tens verses top down rulers? Righteous care for the poor and unrighteous care for the poor? Two Churches, the early Church and Constantine and the Coercive Church. What is the difference between charity and freewill offerings? The modern Church has no king but Caesar and does not depend on the perfect law of liberty? Is love sacrifice? The same word for love in the Bible is the word charity...
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The spiritual replication of evil
occurs in the unforgiving heart
of the victims of injustice.

Inheritance from generation to generation.

The spiritual replication of righteousness
occurs in the forgiving heart
of Christ dwelling in you by grace.

Spiritual Kingdom

Basics of the kingdom. Rated a must hear.

Spirit | Spiritual | Spiritual DNA and Gene Expression |
Spiritual Economics | Spiritual Contract | Spiritual mechanics |
Law is spiritual | poor in spirit | Meditation | Soul |
Mind | Dendritic tree | Trees | The Rod |

His Plan

What is the plan, the path and the purpose in the process called The Way?
Why did Christ cloak the Mysteries of the kingdom of God in parables?
We are warned that many will preach a false Christ as False prophets or their form of Christianity and think they are His followers and justified in the things they do and the things they say but will actually be workers of iniquity? Is this IT or NOT IT?
How do you know what is true and not true?
How does the Holy Spirit and how do you know the spirit you are listening to is Holy?
Americo {Stephen} and his plan?
What the ministers said...
Is it of the Holy Spirit or another spirit?
Tracking the Holy Spirit of The Way.
Mentions Seven men. Sitting down in tens...? Cognitive dissonance and other strong delusions ...
Audio 1
Reading comments of ministers
Letting go of the wreckage?
Altars | Clay and Stone | Red Heifer | Stones
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Nimrod | Mystery Babylon | Saving Babylon | Exiting Babylon
Churches | Ekklesia | Called out | Church legally defined | Levites
Audio 2
The audio includes questions and answers concerning Sacred Purpose Trusts and how the early Church worked. How what they were doing can be done today. Assignment and Appointment.
Matthew 18:16 But if he will not hear [thee, then] take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.
Audio 3
His Church Guidelines
Contains 20 basic guidelines for the formation of a Church Congregation of Record.
His Church Ministrative Guidelines
Contains the basic Ministrative Guidelines for the procedures of a Church Congregation of Record.


Law of Nature

The Blessed Strategy






Modern religion

Pitch inside and out

Spiritual Mechanics
Trees and choice, implications of Molinism, Calvinists, Psalms 68

More Spiritual Mechanics

Witchcraft, dimensions, keeping the commandments, spiritual law, covetous practices, socialism, work, giving, straightening the poor, racism, prejudices, what Christ said to do, being saved, love/charity/corban, networking with other congregations, what the kingdom of God looks like, what is a church 'service' suppose to be, governing yourself, how to truly prosper, learning the truth about yourself, depositing money into the kingdom of God, Spiritually connecting with others, learning to serve others, the way of Christ.

Proverbs 1 Ordinances

Proverbs 1:2 To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding; 3 To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity; 4 To give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion. 5 A wise man will hear, and will increase learning;

Preterism/prophecy, end times, meaning of religion, making contracts, name of God, gardening, weeds, soil, famine , roundup, genetically modified seeds, starvation, social welfare, pure religion, church is not about the building, Hebrew words, the way of Christ in precept and principals, spiritual health and stress, gluten, diet soda, home churches, the ways of Christ, deciding to seek a relationship, spiritual mechanics, prayer, spirit of satan is alive and well in the church today, the ways of God, research vs service, How you repent or turn around, meaning of ordinance in the bible, giving for the right reasons, caring for the needy through charity and not force(covetous practices), invest in the kingdom, guiding people back to the ways of righteousness, proverbs 13.

Turning around

Lone Reed

Land, liberty and love



The Swamp 170617swamp0102.mp3


Luke 3

Kingdom Wisdom


Wind in the Branches

The Kingdom Study Group

The Way


Dissolve the bands

Dissolve the bands and let the oppressed go free Isaiah 58

How does a people loose the bands and undo the heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke?

Election, Acceptance, Recognition and Assignment of the Church
The Kingdom Study Group


The Kingdom Study Group


Holy Spirit

The Kingdom Study Group

Perish with Jim

Jim and Debbie Polanek:

Perishing in self-righteousness under a strong delusion and the Corban of the pharisees with other trolls of the world. Rather than sitting in down in a righteous network of faith, hope and charity as commanded by Christ they join with false accusers preaching a False religion.

Men can become obsessed with finding fault with others rather than see their own error. Men like Jim and Darwin Fish are often compensating for their own lack of spiritual vision. They point out everyone they can find fault with or imagine to be in error straining at gnats but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.
The Kingdom Study Group

Audio 3# trolls Download or press play

Audio 4# Polanek's 10 point test Download here or press play

Kingdom economics

The Kingdom Study Group

There is a guest appearance of Brother Gregory
on Awakening Liberty with Sean Caron at Truth Frequency Radio
recorded on YouTube Sunday, April 2nd,
Brother Gregory's appears at the first half hour
Talking about Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions.

Scriptural Anarchy

Is Anarchy consistent with Scripture?, Or Chaos?, Church = government, 1 Sam 8, Biblical constitutions, Power corrupts, Saul's foolish thing, Bible about government, Family = God's created corporation, Elders, New Testament discrepancies, Revelation reveals God, Bible for government of, for and by people, Militia, Kingdom model, 400+ years of no tax in Israel, Duality of Hebrew, Commandments and Laws, Will God hear you?, Sabbath, Law that has been done away with, How to be humble, Usurped rights?, "Human" rights?, "Civil" rights, "Natural" rights, A plan by Robert Burk, Network = great idea, Tens/Hundreds/Thousands, Levite ministers, Tabernacles of the Congregation, Unhewn stone altars, Rich Christ made himself poor, Church registration?, Christ and Moses in agreement, Tithing, Money matters, East Timor and other holdouts, Money "exchanges", Just weights and measures, Social costs, Sureties for debt, Reversing mistakes, Protecting assets, Network of assistance, Kingdom of God is not a closed society, Compelled offerings kill spirit of giving, Will God come to your aid?, What's a "dollar"?, Inflation, Wealth in the Kingdom, Seven men, Join the Living Network.

Ordered Religion

Order of righteousness


Passover, Moneychangers, Altars of men and God, Early Church and Repenting.
Doctrines of Jesus are the doctrines of the Church, Genesis 6:14 kaphar, "pitch" = atonement? The divine spark of revelation. Hebrew letters.
Faith compels action and Faith in a righteous God compels righteous behavior.
Sophistry of coveting verses repenting. Benefactors and False religion.
Pure_Religion. Caesar's Benefits, Elements of the World.
The way of Cain, Nimrod or Caesar or The Way of God.

Psalms 68

Psalms 68


Prior Rights

Ben Shapiro clip, Social network outside of government, Sounds like Church, Modern Christians acting anti-Christ, Communist Manifesto, Is the IRS your Bishop?, Empowering ministers, Pure Religion, Alternatives to the world, Christians network, Family-based networking, Voluntary, USGAO - by 2019 every child will work 90% of life paying off debt, Peter's warning, Changing direction, The Coercive Church, Asking government to be our father, Right of parents to educate children, Home Schooling banned in much of Europe, United Nations Human Rights Conventions, Prior Right to choose, Waiving rights by your actions, Abortion, Symptoms of societal problems, Treating the problem, Israelites choosing bondage, Christ the capitalist, Purpose of the Church, Are you turning your neighbors into bread?, Learning from doers, Set your neighbor free, Losing prior rights, The "census" at Christ's birth, "Does your master pay the tax?", Drawing near God, Forgiveness is not automatic, Christ preached action, Preparing for the future together, To Kill a Mockingbird, Twelve Angry Men, Modern Church myths, Falling away, Divorce, Examining failure, Original Sin, The "name" of Christ, Letting down your ego, Washing feet, Enduring until the end, ICS, Doing as the Holy Spirit guides, Forgiveness releases burden, Forgiveness begets forgiveness, Loving the ones you're with, Participating in Congregation, Seek Kingdom - not comfort, Holy Spirit is comfort enough, Come to serve, Turning up the light of the Holy Spirit, Seduced from enduring, Extending care, Matt 3:17, Have faith - Charity works, Who will DO?

Message to Chuck Baldwin

Making straight the way of the Lord, Acceptance can take time, Not everyone will get this, Strong Delusion, Come willing to look at our information, Chuck Baldwin's Romans 13 understanding better than most preachers, Addressing disagreements, "Done with NFL" article, Reds vs Blues, Free bread and circuses, Making the word of God to none effect, Quoting Polybius, The National Anthem, Maintaining a pure republic, Nazi = National Socilist, Calling no man "patri", Chuck's recanting of Israel position, The place where God prevails, People choosing to be ruled, Symptoms of rejecting God, Truth-preaching is a struggle, Babylon = mighty provider instead of the Lord, 4th amendment rights, Taking benefits waives rights, Constitution is not our salvation, Christ's plan, Providing for the needy, Becoming a peculiar people, What is "grace"?, Force is anti-Christ, The Gospel Christ preached, Mission of the Church, Explaining Anarchy, Corban and the Jerusalem Aquaduct, Antifa is not Anarchy, Christ and His Kingdom at hand, Biblical Constitutions, The Amish and Obamacare, The "exousia" factor, Romans admired Jesus, Giving up our right to choose, The original liberty, Who are the "wicked"?, BEing the government of God, The myth of government usurping, Kingdom of God was not part of the Roman "world", Preaching the full gospel, Functional families described, Modern preachers act like Pharisees, The Founding Fathers and Polybius, The bondage of Egypt, Getting the government we deserve, Seeking righteousness, USA = Rome, Finding God's way, What Jesus did - taught - lived, What will YOU do?, Home churches networked together, Apotheosis of George Washington, Ben Shapiro: An Orthodox Jew teaching Libertarians the Gospel.

The Enemy of Parents

"I have seen the enemy...", Cause/Effect nature of the universe, Wingsuits = falling with style, Finding a frame of reference, Parenting articles by Betty Freehof, Rights and where they come from, Christ's solution to lost rights, city/polis - what is it really?, "Innocent" people?, Calling men "father", Who's teaching your children?, What are they being taught?, What kind of "village" does it take?, "City on a hill" explained, Pecuilar people, Eating benefits with great appetite, Parties to the Constitution, Why your eyes are scaled, How parents love children, Anarchist governments, Doctor Zhivago, Neighbors: Interfere or protect?, Where is/was Nazareth?, Kingdom of Choice, John the Baptist's manifesto vs Communist, The battle inside, Making society your god, How important is righteousness?, Neighbor care, Some Oregon history, The real remedy, Religion as a job, Christ's healing power in action, CPS "looking after" 2.5M non-victims, Treating symptoms, Who's your daddy?, Practicing pure religion, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Freeing your neighbor, Our duties, Our faith, Our love, Super Annuation, The way back to the Kingdom, Problems of GMOs, The baptism of fire, Where is the commandment to take care of children?, Tree of Life, Your rights = responsibilities, Halloween in reverse, Changing little things.

The Kingdom Model and Social Costs

The Right to be Ruled by God, 2 commandments, God's nature = giver of life, News: Texas church shooting, "Assault" rifles, Guns in church, Christian right to Self Defense?, Why get married?, Repentance explained, Feeding "my sheep", Striving for Christ, Which "choice" is "pro-choice"?, Abortion: Problem or Symptom?, Procreation: simple or complex?, Man as a part of creation/nature, Physical + Spiritual + Emotional realities, Influencing realities, addictive prescription drugs, Changing the bible by changing word meanings, Defining Social Justice, Distributing other people's money, What/who is righteous?, "exousia" = right/power to choose, consequences of coveting, Effects of Social Justice, Social Cost, Human Rights vs Legal Rights, Registered charities and the IRS, Gathering naturally, God can "fix stupid", Should everyone "sell all they have"?, Seeing the Gospel of the Kingdom, Defining "Social Costs"?, Of Family, Of Neighbor's Welfare, Kingdom Social Costs less complex, Self regulation, Counting the Cost, Your responsibility toward others, GMOs, Respecting the white coat persons, WWI Ambulance Donations, 9/11 Manhattan Evacuation, Externalities, Church in the Wilderness, Golden calf, Individuals making choices, Tending to the Weightier matters of Law, Judgment, Mercy and Faith.


What is the Soul? Your soul - what is it?, Agape, Charity without love, 2 kinds of love, No Greater Love (Charity), soul = life?, Language distorting meaning, Hebrew - written language, Revealing through your soul, Who's revelation?, Being heard by God, Do you have faith?, Biomimicry, Barbed wire, Love in Nature, Kingdoms not of God, Patterns of mass shooters, Saul's pattern, Soul vs Spirit, What about Body?, The Soul in Science, Heaven and Hell, Man's dominion over nature, "Mother" Nature?, Defining "love", Software of the Soul, Zombies, vampires and werewolves - oh my, Intelligent Design, God perfecting us, Soul - body - spirit connection, God's pattern of life, putting things on our hearts, Declaration of Independence, Deism, "nefesh" and "psuche", Who is writing on your soul? Teaching/Feeding your children, "Frankenstein" was the Doctor, The nature of God, "Worship" defined, Electing rulers = rejecting God, Salvation revealed, "Beliefs", A bit of Neitzsche, No love without choice, The power of humility, Laws of Nature provide consequence, Is God Logical?, Contrasting with Ludwig, Magnifying God's presence, How to see God's choices, Axioms and Ideology, "Love me, love my goats", The pleasures of serving.


"Your Soul" series, Trinity?, Wanting to name God, Barbershop mirrors, Cause and effect, In the beginning, Finding our safe path, Divine revelation, The "still small" voice, Adam and Eve, Multidimensional Soul, Turning stones into bread, Hell - Heaven, Christ's mission, Satan's mission, Tree of Knowledge, Which veil to lean on?, The Way back to God, Seeing no evil, Patterns of evil and good, Being light to your community, Blind eyes, Can Good exist without Evil?, Degrees of darkness, Opening spiritual eyes, Working with the Holy Spirit, Accessing redemption, Incorporeal herediments, Drugging children, Bringing unconsciousness to the consciousness, Subconsciousness, Traumas, Discipleship explained, Jungian self, The Kingdom within, Axioms and Button-pushing, life-flesh-blood-soul, Where is your pillar of fire?, un-peaceful protests, The Soul as a doorway, Two keys: giving and forgiving, Farm vs Range sheep, Agape - love or charity?, Romulus and Remus and wolves, Defining "love", Sunday "church" thinking too small, Letting God fix stupid, Congregating, Repentence, Committing to Christ, Allow others Liberty - God does, God does not hate Nicolaitans, Having answers, The truth stands on its own.


In the past, marriage was a two-party agreement or contract between a man and a woman by permission of their natural Father and Mother.

State of Decay

Sweden #1 rape capitol, Violators of human rights, How can people excuse that activity?, Socialism = neighbor not your responsibility, foreign gangs robbing in broad daylight, How to stop them, Kingdom solution, You can't conjure the Holy Spirit, Other Benefits of the Kingdom solution, Protecting those you care about, Hue and cry, Unchurching?, Still not in Christ, Some "Gregory" history, God gives the Holy Spirit as our comforter - not the church, "ekklesia", Organization of independents, Feeding His sheep, Revelation vs writing, Whose program is your soul following?, The Real Jesus?, The devil as an angel of light?, Can you be decieved?, Do you act like Christ?, Serving and laying down your life for others, Sharing the good news, Kingdom of Heaven vs "fellowship", What "law" (nomos) is done away with?, Your prodigal journey, Forgive that you may be forgiven, The broad way to destruction, Does your giving exceed your taking?, Public School for kids, Social Security for parents, Welfare for brothers..., Early Church would not take any, The Baptism of Christ, Why 7 men?, Forgetting religion, Early Christians weren't persecuted for fellowshipping, God didn't create human government, Charity and Love, It's easier to sell nonsense than to give away the truth, Covetousness makes you merchandise, Nicolaitans and Balaam = conquered people = you, Constantine Christianity, Unholy spirits, Rejecting God, Joseph's connections, Slothful under tribute, Shaking off our delusion, Temples = government buildings, Turning around, Sharing coats, Loving our neighbor.

Decayed Church

Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58

Greg Boyd



Cutting the hedges


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