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2016 comes before the great and notable day of the Lord. Do not waste the precious gift of God, which is time. Join the Network and gather in the name of Christ seeking his kingdom of God and his righteousness.

  • "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:" Acts 2:20

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Make no contracts

Who is the enemy

Gregory begins to talk about Reza Aslan author of the "Zealot" mentioned in relation to Muslims all over the world and the teachings of Mohammed. We did several shows reviewing the book the "Zealot". Leading to the Blinders that makes us become what we hate. We mention The Occupy Refuge Movement in Oregon and the Hammond family and why they are in prison and if they should be and what is really going on there. Can we Open the eyes of the blind in the name of the Lord without opening our own? How do we create idols of wood and paper? Idols that walk the earth doing mischief. The corruption in the courts of the world. Lining up the lies.

Going deeper

Going deeper into the enemy in the second half. Addiction to habits. Habits hide in the branches of the tree of knowledge. (Dendritic tree | Trees | The Way) Accepting the lies, we defend the lies against the truth. Avoiding seeing the lie hidden in our hearts. The Contentious Spirit. Breaking the habit of the Addiction to our personal delusion. Proverbs 23:9 "Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words." Benefactors | Fathers | Daily ministration

Pattern of Prayer

Path of liberty

The Path to Liberty Binding individuals to groups, agencies and cults. Getting the loyalty of people by helping them... even changing the way we think by programming the mind with kindness or support or guilt. Forming habits and patterns in the mind rather than tapping the anointed or Christ spirit. Buttons are in you that can be pushed by others because of trauma. People can control you be pushing these buttons. Who do you remove the buttons? You have to accept that you are missing something that is altering you. To change you must come into agreement with all of Christ. It is not about parties but righteousness. Care about others as much as you would have others care about you. Can you handle the truth and the Weightier matters.

I have to show you that following Christ looks like people tending to the Weightier matters. It is not about constitutional rights but natural rights. But you cannot have natural rights unless you accept natural responsibilities. The phylactery of the mind. Even those who are Ruling over us, oppressing us and abusing us but what are we doing? Woe unto you... Your minds and hearts have already been turned away. Repentance means to turn your thinking around. Justice system aint that just. Who really gets punished when you send someone to jail.

How enslaved are you? How did you go into bondage? Are you going down or do you have a chance. As you judge so shall you be judge. How much does it cost you to be stupid? Since you covet you should be in bondage and since you are not charitable you should be in bondage. Who is the New George the III. Secret cities, starvation, poisoning the food supply and getting away with it because they have poisoned your hearts. Who is a Surety? Nation of Socialists. Come to Serve who? After Pentecost? Massive human migration. Network to have a place to go.
The ultimate revolution that works. What does a free "government" look like? All governments are religious but how? Congregation vs Kingdom of God. Minutemen of Fervent Charity. 3% of who? Three percent doing what Christ said? Or are they coveting their neighbor's goods through the Benefactors of their government? The business of love?

Guest of Ochelli Effect


Archived recording of Gregory's appearance on the Ochelli Effect on American Freedom Radio
Friday February 19, 2016
Topic: The Covenants of the gods, history repeating it self, the fall of Rome and the world order.

Friday March 4, 2016
Topic: End Times. Intuitive or collective consciousness and the two Trees.

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Saved from the mire

Digging Deeper

If you want to know the future of what is in the news tomorrow, you need to study the past. Zombie Apocalypse, Earthquakes, Elections... What is really going to happen and what is really going on? Why do more people know less? Who intends to bring about your destruction? How do you know if the Holy Spirit is guiding you or some other spirit has gotten within you, giving you feelings that say do this, or do that. God's love opens your eyes but in order to receive God's love, you must be willing to see.

The Full Armor

Allowing evil is evil

A sense of community

In and out of the Mire

Out of the Republic and into the mire

Out of the Mire


Spiritual journey and meditation

The journey continues

Gender of Evil


Dissolve the Bands

The heart of it

Within and without

Bailing and bailing out

Intentional Community

Approach to free government

Tracking the Beast

Wheat and the staff of life

Ants, roes and hunters


Looking Back and care

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