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Daily ministration

Leagues and other constitutions


Randy Maugus show


Blood moons

Come out




Biting one another

Religions of force and order

Parental Rights



Comparing Steven Americo's first 15 page document. Early Church passed down a culture that differs from Modern Christians. Congregations may help you stay on The Way or path of Christ. Cashless societies and jubilee. Legal title and covetous practices. The Daily ministration of the Kingdom of God in Pure Religion rather than the slothful who should be under tribute of Nimrod.
If a Church abandons the doctrines of Jesus Christ it has no grace. The Modern Church needs a new Pentecost. The unrighteous Mammon will fail. Religious Orders of Melchisedec and Corporation Sole. Electing, choosing and ordaining the welfare of Christ. Your covetous practices makes you Merchandise and entangled you in bondage of Egypt. A network based on the name of Christ which is His Holy Spirit. The perfect law of liberty only works for the righteous. Addicted to unforgiveness? Being benefactors through charitable practices. Unincorporated association vs Free assemblies and the Breeches of the Church. Awakening the Hue and cry.

Lost shows

The New Natural

The Rapture

Silly Women - MUST HEAR episode!

Why Congregate?

Healing and the flowing of life and love. OPENING a coffee shop or inn...

Opening Roads to Righteousness


Messages From God


The Power of Healing


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Vision and dreams, messages from God or delusions of devils?[1]

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Sin is trauma.The act we call sin is merely the evidence of sin and is not the sin itself. The true sin is our pride cutting us off from God's spirit. People turn their backs on God when they worship an image of God they create out of their own imagination. People have more loyalty to their denominations than to God. Trauma unhealed, unforgiven, unresolved becomes a wall between us and God.

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Trauma reviewed. Seeing things far off. Trauma is evidence of a wall or chasm between us and God and therefore the power of God which should be in us. Are we not made in the image of God? Climbing over or going around the trauma. If you repent with a contrite heart that will face and accept the burden of recompense you can take down the wall of trauma one brick at a time.




Brooking the truth

Demons and Trees

CULTivation of Society

Angels and Demons

Freeing the soul


Focus on Freedom


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  1. See also Trauma | Cry out | Exiting Babylon | Redemption