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January 2010

1/2/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - part 1 - Listen up! [1]

"Thy will be done" is part of the program, Entrance is a choice, Men didn't get dominion over other men, Unalienable rights, Contracts a Crime?, "You cannot be ignorant *and* free", Religion defined, True Hebrew, Essenes, Fullness of the Gospel, Training your children, today's Continental Congress, Taking oaths, How to get freedom back, Announcements, First Century Church, What is a Republic?, The Constitution, Duty of Government, Your daily bread, World Rule, Weightier matters, Government corruption, Rattling your cage, Can you hear the Gospel?, the Tree of Knowledge.

1/9/10 The World Around Us

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 9, 2010

World turmoil, unemployment, tragedies caused by government, unjust weights and measures, the Living Network, What is "His Church"?, laws in agreement with Christ, Judgment in the Kingdom, Character of Ministers, Character of the Network, Jesus and Peter, your salvation, Network meetings, Talkshoe conference call, New book - "The Higher Liberty", Prophets of the beast, Mystery Babylon, Sheep parables, Love for the sake of Loving, Today in history, William Pitt introduced Income Tax (1799), Colonial history, Christ's forgiveness, what will you do today?

1/16/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 16, 2010

This day in History, League of Nations, Corban of the Pharisees, Kingdom of the "world" vs Kingdom of God, the nature of evil, 2 Timothy 3, Thy Kingdom Comes - Chapter 1, need for repentance, are you a slave?, Religious freedom clause, Righteousness defined, Man in Eden, 1st command of God = "Dress and Keep", Translators are Traitors!, Who rules your life?, Legal title, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Family, Covenants and Oaths, purpose of prohibition, Israel = Where God Prevails, different that Israel the country, Saul as king = rejection of God, Ten Commandments quote, Apostle = ambassador of Christ, "Heaven" in Matthew, Imperium and Patronus, setting the captive free, what does Satan want?, false gospels, freemen in America, The truth shall set you free.

1/23/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - Part 3

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 23, 2010

Chapter 2: Concept of the Kingdom, Abraham - man of faith - uncivilized, faith as an action word, salvation always a gift, Abraham left with many souls, Moses left with many souls, Origins of the bible, Romans in Christ's time, "a" kingdom vs "the" Kingdom, Abraham's new way, the first corporation, Where are rights?, Marriage vs Matrimony, public schools, are you a criminal?, make your yea, yea, the State as Father, who is your Father?, How to get from Egypt to Kingdom of God, Announcements, 'Thy Kingdom Comes" - on the net, US Constitution, dominion, starting a congregation, folly of the Puritans, Cauldrons of flesh, different kinds of "law", running out ahead of the LORD, the 400 year kingdom, becoming a surety, Remember the Ant, BE the kingdom, they will spit you out, the civil law of Cain, what NOT to do.

1/30/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - Part 4

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast January 30, 2010

Explanation of origin of "Thy Kingdom Comes" and "Covenants of the gods", God created man, man created government, Man-made government is in the image of man, Golems, the coming of socialism?, Freewill offerings, Ekklesia, Do today's churches "save" you or put you back in bondage?, Israel today, What did God say?, Christ?, Who needs a church?, Helping your neighbor seek the Kingdom, OUR responsibilities, King James' bible, Early church's influence, Care about others - even jerks!, Who will hear the call?, Christ's "little flock", Character of a minister, Tea parties, AAA vs HHC, Seed banks, Functions of a Contact Minister, use of e-mail groups, Show me where I'm wrong, Common ground = the Gospel of the Kingdom, Imagining the possibilities of the Network, the Prodigal Son, Socialist = selfish, seek the Kingdom.

February 2010

2/6/10 NOT the Kingdom of God

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 6, 2010

What is NOT the Kingdom of God?, Pitfalls, "The Higher Liberty" book, A better strategy, Is knowledge power?, Christ has all the bits and pieces we need, Hiding lies in truth, How do you know what is true?, Dangers of mis-intrepretation, New Declaration of Independence?, What about Court?, books are knowledge - not spirit, Bible is already filtered by translator, Spirit guides understanding, How to join the Living Network, Social Security Act, Adam's mistake, God tells the truth all the time, Shut up and listen!, New equipment for radio show, taking back responsibilities, vice vs virtue, All have rejected the ways of Christ, Socialism & public schools, Contracts - Covenants - Constitutions series - FREE online but will cost you your delusions, the REAL forefathers, Look for Christ in the individual, Praying to the Court, Changing your personal direction, BE the society you want, Do you work for Christ?, Signatures of value - signature IS participation, purpose of banks, The perfect law of liberty, Military service and oaths, Corban in Judea, Birth certificates, The REAL cause of the problem is...

2/13/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - Part 5

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 13, 2010

"Thy Kingdom Comes" written in response to the question from "Covenants of the gods", "Government" in the Bible, "Abortion" in the Bible, Marriage as an institution of God, Democracy vs Self Government, Virtue, Don't make covenants!, Apostate Churches, HHC Booklets online for FREE, Have YOU been faithful to Christ?, Iconoclasts, Christ came that you MIGHT be saved, What is Righteousness?, The actual First Commandment, The virtue in Early Rome, Power in the Church, Communion of People, Structure of the Kingdom, Why would government want you to be free?, Good "sheep story", Samuel's warnings, Strong Delusion - you're not free!, Saul's salvation, Gideon's virtue, Biblical kings, Possession of the foot, What is Heaven?, Value of the Family, John the Baptist, following God's guidelines is your choice, jobs of the minister.

2/20/10 Thy Kingdom Comes series - Part 6

Technical disconnect for 11:40 - 12:40

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 20, 2010

Meaning of Words - the Devil's greatest deception, Baptism of Christ - set free from laws of Pharisees, Family and child behavior, Early America strove to seek God's government, Property Tax = usury, Baptism of Herod, the Pilgrims and charity, The REAL forefathers, What sets man free?, Patrick Henry - the barefoot lawyer, "beast" nature of government, Strive to be like Christ - WWJD, Pentecost, Lifeboat example, the Character of Christ, unrighteous mammon, Christ loved Peter even when he denied, Government in Christ's Jerusalem, Herod's promise to Messiah, Thanksgiving = Eucharist, Abraham's journey, surviving freedom, Communities without Kings, reign for 1000 years after Christ, the Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abram and Brahma, What was Abraham doing that made him the man of faith?, Altars of living stone, Casting bread upon the water, corporate government, the Prodigal Son, ministers are living stones upon which you lay your sacrifice.

2/27/10 The Pharisaical Approach

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast February 27, 2010

Pitfalls toward the Kingdom - Pharisitical approach, Doctrine from outside, the emperor's coin, "Temples" at Ephesus and Janus, Spain's cooperative corporations, US not a republic anymore, "lawmaker" vs "representative", Pharisees made metaphor into ritual, Keeping your word, Peter and Jesus' tax, "Alexander the Great" story, Gulf War syndrome, Ex-parte hearings, the mis-understood John the Baptist, Romans 13, Real men face one another openly, Freedom of Speech in the Kingdom, putting people on pedastels, Be watchful, careful, cautious..., Living by your "Yea".

March 2010

3/6/10 Have You Been Deceived?

New audio system: new problems, very faint, worse after 10 minutes, gone after 28 minutes

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 6, 2010

What we've been decieved by and how, who is to blame?, replacing Pride and Vanity, we're not "tickling ears", Tough love, Weekend Christians, Return go God!, (quieter) Problems with "rescinding", forcing your neighbor?, unlawful becoming legal, salvation by free will, George Washington vs George III, the real Sin of Sodom, "Walk the Plank" mentality, Golden Calves and common purses, Freedom for the big flock, (no need to listen beyond 28:00 mark).

3/13/10 Picturing the Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 13, 2010

Vastness of the Kingdom, "Adawma", Hebrew - a different kind of language, translation of King James, Adam's sin, Amish case on animal registration, Christ on Networking, Congregations of Record - all autonomous, Diversity of Talents, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, networking of home churches, Free Will must always be allowed, Choosing a Contact Minister, possible activities for congregations, "Sucking" vs "Breathing out", Loving in an active way, Reacting to evil/danger, Influence of the Holy Spirit, Where does the problem originate?, How to change?, Driver's License history, Size of congregations, Deacons, Elders, "The Plan", personal traditions, "Logos" - a legal term, waiting on the LORD, criteria of a Congregation of Record, Creedence Letters, Assurance, Health care solutions, avoiding division.

3/20/10 Congregations of Record - What Are They?

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 20, 2010

It begins with Moses and takes you to the Church in the wilderness and then to the early Church and how it worked and how it can work today. How the guidelines can work today. And how they do not work today... Including a church of record. Individual ministers. acceptance and recognition form including a letter of determination... In the second half of the show went through the guidelines one at a time. Some of the basics. Records, separate status of ministers, the individual stones of the altar. Two Tables. The one the sets you free and the one the brings you into bondage... Live, eat and breath justice and honor. Giving in the moment as you see fit. Giving entirely... We only got to ten and then we had a call from Jack in Texas.

3/27/10 The Church (Ekklesia in Greek or Qahal in Hebrew) - Then and Now

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast March 27, 2010

How is the church different today than the first century?, Essenes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Apostles = Ambassadors, "Swear not!", Health Care, Public Schools, Good ideas? Or contradiction of Christ?, Home Churches, Our message - The Gospel of the Kingdom, Christ and socialism, Do you love Christ? Or the IDEA of loving Christ?, Altars in the Church, Giving and sacrifice, Minister defined, His Church Credit Union, Elders from the families, The Congregation, Letters of Creedence, "Logos" = Word - but what does it mean?, Minister defind more, Excluded vs Exempted, "feed my sheep", Constantine and the Church, All gifts freely given, What the church is NOT, The rest of the plan - Guidelines 13-20.

April 2010

4/3/10 The Kingdom and How It Works

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 3, 2010

1066-1090 vast shift in power, The "Inquisition", Symbols of Christ, The sin of Sodom, Christ's solution, The Kingdom is for the LIVING, starts with the Family, Altars of Clay, Striving, These are GOOD times, Socialistic governments, Temples of Gold, the Temptation of Christ, Abraham the father of most faiths, What was he doing?, What were Moses and Christ doing?, Why don't most people know this?, Outreach of HHC, "Adhocracy"?, The struggle of liberty, Discussion of the Polity of His Church (10 points), Prime Directive of the Church = Luke 22:25.

4/10/10 Three Questions

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 10, 2010

Patterns of the early church, what Christ came to do, what he would NOT do, the end result, Israel today - judge them by their fruits, Corban and Qurban, Start NOW - don't wait until you die, (1) What must we do to be saved?, Christ and his "little flock", Pure religion, "logos" and church ID, Returning every man to his family/possessions, What about "Works"?, Fruits of today's church - the whole world is in bondage, singing the song of the lamb, and of Moses, Raca, Making yea yea, (2) What did Christ do?, (3) What is the baptism of Christ?, purpose of taxes, Crystal Cathedrals vs Living Stones, Churches of Record established by Christ, letters of Creedence, Spiritual vs Physical world, serving God by serving Others, BE the flock of Christ.

4/17/10 Qualities of Ministers

Keys of Kingdom radio broadcast April 17, 2010

Paul the tent-maker, Acquilla & Priscilla, welfare of the synagogues, who were the "scribes"?, Altars of earth and of stone, can't change government - change yourself, no exercising authority!, Mark of the Beast, Who do you pray to?, how quickly life changes, Christ's better way, what is "Israel"?, what is your responsibility?, what skills do you need?, Churches of RECORD, Who are Elders?, 501(c)3, form 1023, creating reality by our choices, strong delusion from the church, Ministrative Guidelines, what do the Dead Sea Scrolls say about it?, the Essenes, Boundaries for the outside world, What are you looking for in a minister?, our authority, Free Church Report book, Burnt Offerings, Living your word.

4/24/10 Kingdom of God - The Basics

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast April 24, 2010

The Kingdom of God is for the living - not the dead, Who are ministers of Christ?, Government of Power vs Government of Service, "Tithing", "Liturgy" defined, Is your church based on service?, Owning all things in common?, Is it incorporated?, "Under" the IRS?, Where do you send your needy?, Was Christ a King?, Is he YOUR King?, "Mammon" defined, Thy Kingdom Comes book, What is the plan?, Be not only hearers of the Word, but DOers!, The vanity of words, Do you keep your word?, God's word?, The best decievers, Ministers and Orders, the secret of the Kingdom..., In but not Of, "in tents" vs "intense", overcoming deception, You've been taught to look to the world - repent, and look to the Kingdom, Characteristics of ministers, Grow up!, Why will the world hate us?

May 2010

5/1/10 Christian Opportunities in History

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 1, 2010

Study history to avoid repeating mistakes, World-wide Kingdom, Dissention in the EU, If you owe it - pay it!, Income tax is based on contract - government can't interfere, Christians and the Federal Reserve, Free books, Israel in Egypt, Christians and the Depression, Are Social Security and Welfare Charity?, Davey Crockett story, Charity is critical for the well-being of society, The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah,, The Living Network, The journey back to Christ - repentance, Re-learning how to love our neighbor, Who do you pray to?, Your job in the Living Network, Seed saving, health care, Congregations of Record - paperwork, Feed my Sheep!, Be the benefactors who do NOT exercise authority, Altars of Clay and Stone, Retreat grounds, Imagining the future.

5/8/2010 Heaven and Prayer

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 8, 2010

The meaning of words - babble, words Heaven = Ouranos = Sky, Frame of reference for Bible reading, Is Christianity division or unity?, Religious "Heaven", not definite like math translations: two = deu = dos = zwei..., No good translation in English for "Ouranos", People in Christ's time were more intelligent than we give them credit, Location of Kingdom of Heaven, Did the Jews reject Christ?, Who do you pray to?, How we are like God, Paradise Lost, Why aren't humans free?, Repenting, The "Adversary", Every election of man is a rejection of God, Satan's seduction, How do men get dominion over you?, Church Government, What does God want?, When will God hear my prayers?, Physical vs Spiritual reality, How do I get to the Kingdom of Heaven?, Bearing witness, Being still, Proverbs 23 before Psalm 23, The "tares" are everywhere, "Man as he ought to be", Don't get distracted, Choose who you will serve.

5/15/10 The Free Church Report

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 15, 2010

Many in the world speaking of Faith, Hope, and Charity, Oil Slick in the Gulf, Bailouts, Where has the "Church" lead us?, False gods, The baptism of covetousness, Who will you serve?, Is your motivation fear or love?, The early church, "Does your master pay the tax?", Who are "elders"?, Go to the ant, Strive, Little Hitlers, description of Congregations of Record, Why a network?, "Liturgy" defined, The role of "minister", Kingdom of God vs all other governments, Character of Christ, what is the bible about?, Can't change government - change yourself, Repent = turn around = change direction, The Government is not your father, How to repent, Do Do Do Do Do Do!

5/22/10 The Living Network

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 22, 2010

The Kingdom is here NOW, Moses and Christ in agreement, Need to understand the fullness of the Gospel (of the Kingdom), Early church was serving people - not building buildings, The "Trinity", Theology vs acting in the character of Christ, Christ knows "why" you give, Christ and the Pharisees, Network "spectators", Christ's "weightier matters", Working out your salvation, Nakedness and underwear in the bible, Where Satan's authority comes from, "Accepting" Jesus, God's Righteousness vs Man's "righteousness", What are you sacrificing?, "Free Church Report" book, Get back to Christ - what did He say?, Ekklesia vs Church, Ghandi?, Coming out, Christ's appointed Kingdom, Thou sayest it - a separate jurisdiction, Coming together, The first corporation, The new Levites, Christ = "another king", The apostles were princes of that Kingdom, "Leaders" vs "Rulers", Casting your bread upon the waters, Government? It's the Church!

5/29/10 CNN Feature Interview Airs

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast May 29, 2010

Featured link on CNN main page!, Reading of the article, commentary, Why Brother Gregory lives in Summer Lake, Why is Brother Gregory "Brother Gregory"?, Social Welfare of the ancient Israelites, Rebuttal of "abandoning society", Commentary on commentary, Pharisees vs Essenes, What is "His Holy Church"?, Withholding judgment, Shepherding analogies, Church vs Government, Davey Crockett story, Breakdown of the Family, What Christ was telling us to do, Corban of the Pharisees, Avoiding "pidgeon-holing", Where to focus our efforts, Repenting, The Kingdom is not a Welfare State, What does "in my name" really mean?, Feasts and Families, Building a community with Faith, Hope, and Charity.

June 2010

6/5/10 Visualizing the Network

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast June 5, 2010

Comments on CNN Feature - (World's Untold Stories - Christians Unplugged), Interest world-wide, Growing the Network, "Love thy Neighbor" in operation, Acting locally - thinking globally, Visualizing the network, Joshua 22, The "Cora" story, How to be free, "We are all kings", Where we are today - back in Babylon, How to escape, Weeding out the tares, John 3:16, More about Reuben, Living Altars, Are your leaders manifesting the spirit of Christ?, God's promise, The return of the kings, Were The "Dark" Ages really that dark?, Striving for our neighbor, Can this work?, What do I do next?

6/12/10 Fear Not! [2]

(Special studio recording)

What Christ came to preach, Saving the world?, What is "peculiar" about His people?, Whom shall I fear? - Whom shall I not?, The Cain philosophy, Coming into one accord with Christ, What's the bible about?, The Truth that most don't want to hear, Abram in Haran, Liberty defined, The myriad of gulf oil scenarios, Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?, Do you so love the world?, More on Socialism, Where is Christ?, Am I like the prodigal son?, What must I do and why?, Gnostics and Faith, Pharisees - proud of their humility, The Fall retreat, The Kingdom of Heaven is for the Living!, Strive for it, Feed His sheep, From dry bones to flesh, Mark of the Beast article, Vows of poverty?, Pure Religion defined, Living by Faith, Hope, and Charity in Spirit and Truth, Sitting at the table of rulers, Are you a minister?, What is a "Vow"?, Why don't we see more miracles today?, Fear not!

6/19/10 Different Religions

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast June 19, 2010

Live from the Medford Green Expo, Out-of-the-box thinkers, Religion defined, Rome's social welfare programs, Benefits have strings attached, Early Christianity was different, Commandments and Christ, Tale of two SS recipients, Supporting Parents, Temples in the first century - Saturn, Janus..., Pure Religion vs World Religion, Why Christions were persecuted, Rome before Caesars, Different "Religions" vs Christ, What the "evil one" wants, What you can do about it, The choice we must make, Local sources of food, Comments on Chuck Baldwin's survival article, The greatest gift we can give, Other radio shows, Overlook dogma in favor of love, Words about the retreat, Signs of the times, Preparation.

6/26/10 Snare [3]

(Special studio recording)

God gave man dominion over the Earth = Kingdom of God, Man via Tree of Knowledge began to separate from God, hiding & fleeing - losing some of that dominion, what people heard at Sinai, Authors of the bible were inspired, but not translators, You need to be inspired when you read it, Many are hiding from God, "gin" defined, Conspiracy theories, Seduced by Government to do things contrary to the nature of God - taking from your neighbor, Karl Marx time, Decline of the middle class, Rejecting God - warned by prophets, Getting the government you seek, Seize the vote?, Democracy's changing definition, The sophistry of Satan, Graven Images, Laws and binding authority, What Christ taught, Paul and the Authorities, The snare of the fowler, Peter and the tax, Becoming the body of Christ, The Kingdom of Heaven will triumph, "Snare" in the bible, Vote = Prayer, Congregations of Record - conforming to Christ, More on "anger", Canoe in the Rapids analogy, Why participate in the network?, Characteristics of ministers, How Christ can live in you, "Robbers", Snared by your works, The keys to the kingdom, doing unto others, Socialism is having "one purse", Can't out-vote the selfish, Get involved, Help others!, Come together, The snare of today's churches.

July 2010

7/3/10 Word of God - Excellent History lesson [4]

Bible - Authors were inspired, translators were not necessarily inspired, History of translations, Compiled by Eusubius under Constantine, What about Constantine?, meeting of bishops, Kingdom of God at hand = right to be ruled by God, Why was Jesus brought before Herod? Pilate?, Structure of government at Christ's time, 3-part kingdom, Who was king in Jerusalem?, Herod and the prophesies, The Royal Robe given to Christ, Baptism of Herod, "Word of God" translations, Pharisees (scholars) didn't even get it, Need inspiration to understand the bible, What is your motivation?, Brother Gregory's motivation, All will fall short, Tree of Knowledge vs Tree of Life, Homework!, "bondage" in Egypt, Treasure Cities, How did WE get back into bondage?, Tuten Moses III?, (re-) Constructing His Church, Why was Rome in Judea?, A bit on passports, Congregations of Record, Congregations of Congregations, Election in the Kingdom, Tens, hundreds, and thousands, and Ministers.

7/10/10 Journey Without End [5]

Who is Paul from Wisconsin? King-dom(inion) and Free-dom(inion), Earthly kings vs Kingdom of God, Knowledge vs Inspiration, Why this WILL work, Brother Gregory's walk, Authority of the Bible(s), Dead Sea Scrolls, Turmoil on the network, King James version - conflict of interest?, Word meanings at the time of Christ, How to read the Bible(s), "Original" Greek and Hebrew, Getting out of the system - Rev 18 vs Matt 6, Journey without end, Traps along the journey, What was nailed to the cross?, The weight of Pilate's proclamaion, Communicating to the world, A new approach?, Rattling the bars, "bondage" in Egypt vs "freedom" today, Announcements, Radio outreach, Media appearances, The HHC website, What it's like in Wisconsin, Why are we here?, What shall we do?, Random acts of kindness vs loving your neighbor, My journey, Sparking curiosity, Was Jesus "king"?, How to reach the lost, the Gospel of the Kingdom, HHC Books, Leadership by service, peace upon your house.

7/17/10 Was Christ really King? [6]

Structure of government in Christ's time, Why did the pharisees ask permission from Rome?, Making covenants, What is "faithfulness"?, Herod the Great's method, Dead stones vs living stones, A word or two on oaths, Hosanna in the highest!, The "palm" tradition, Christ in the treasury, Apostles = ambassadors, Church is a government, "This Rock", Who has the Keys of the Kingdom?, Help reading the bible, Temples in early church time, The 14th amendment, Role of the federal government, How to seek the Kingdom, The retreat in Sept, The FEMA of HHC, The Ordained Church, Needing the "world", Making the change, Purpose of the Church, Gold amongst dirt, Half the truth is a lie, What does *your* government look like?, Worse than Egypt?, Take (back) responsibility!, Are you forgiven? Why?, Voting in morality, Tough love, Homework!

7/24/10 Wheat crisis? [7]

Minute or two of technical difficulty, History of food reserves in the USA, What changed?, Grain around the world, Starvation in food-rich nations, Who can you depend on?, Grain in Exodus time, Nixon's influence, The potential of co-ops, Weathering the weather, Conversations with an international seed buyer, Grain and the Roman empire, Where are we today?, The bondage of early Israel - sold their brother who benefitted Pharoah rather than Israel, Problems caused by OUR apathy, The need for another system, Influence of the sun, Distributing grain at the retreat, Your word is your bond, Surviving many of our mistakes, Who do you stock up for?, His Church is NOT a welfare state, Thinking Kingdom, What if YOU are in need?, Proper use of grain, Eschatology? Heaven forbid, Who can you trust?, There is enough time - just barely, Why join the network?, Acting upon the gifts you have received.

7/31/10 Beatitudes [8]

Different kinds of love, Are you saved?, Strong delusion in the church, Rulers in today's society, Liberty or bondage?, Can the government by faith, hope, and charity work today?, The true name of Christ, Participation is key, Taxation without rights to benefits, Why are your ministers not warning you?, Saying but not doing, How to be free, Government is created in your image, The Church is the only true republic, "Ouranos" defined, Christ and Pilate, Was Christ King?, Beatitudes, Who are "poor"?, Why are they blessed?, Who "mourn"?, What about the "meek"?, Where does deception come from?, And "righteousness"?, Corollaries to the beatitudes, Who is "pure of heart"?, And the "Peacemakers"?, Rebellion vs Righteousness.

August 2010

8/7/10 It can't happen here? [9]

(Special studio recording)

Storing of grain, Supply/Demand crop cycles, Solar Max, Importance of grain throughout history, Family storage, Don't be a "foolish virgin", Proper way to use grain, Stocking up on medicines, Can you count on God to help you if you won't help your neighbor?, Kingdom is not a welfare state, It can't happen here?, There's more to church than Sunday, How much does your family eat in a year?, What about guns/ammo?, Taking charge of your life, Voting?, To whom do you pray?, Our simple message, Temples and the early church, Temples today, Beware temptation, Where can it lead?, BE the government rather than looking to government, Can't bury this message, Spread the word!, Luke 6:46 "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?".

8/14/10 Questions and Answers [10]

(Special studio recording)

Today in history, The dominion of man, What is our job?, Call from "Rick" about bonds of trust, Learning to trust, The "buddy system" times ten, vouching for our neighbor, learning forgiveness, forming congregations, Kingdom vs Church, Worship of names is idolatry, Call from "Joey" about church as a government - the kingdom at hand, What was the early church doing?, Apostle = Ambassador, Families/Elders control donations until they are given, Ministers vs rulers and law-makers, Announcements, Christ IS our BEST example to follow, Christ's use of the word "world", God = giver of life, World = takers, Ekklesia = called out = Levites = Church, How does one become a minister?, Taxes in the Kingdom, "Burnt offerings" defined, Power in the kingdom is the choice of charity, Christ appointed a kingdom, Can this work?, Can YOU do it?, It's your call, Question from "Kendall" on altars and buildings, "Thy Kingdom Comes" book, altars of clay and stone, Call from "Dan" about service and the Holy Spirit, Acting as the Spirit moves you, God is speaking to EVERYONE right NOW!

8/21/10 Strong Delusion - Red Letter Episode

Keys of Kingdom radio broadcast August 21, 2010

Kingdom of God from the beginning, Able, Noah, Abraham, ekklesia in those days, "Altars" defined, Moses and the promised land, Why don't we understand today?, Tithing, Baptized by Christ = kicked out of synagogue, Kingdom vs Church, 2 systems at war today, Rome = worship the emperor, President is a god - apotheos, Deification, Today's system is un-Christian and un-Jewish and un-Koran and un-Hindu..., Do good Samaritans dial 911?, Gregory's personal stories, Today's church is a social club, Love while in church but go home and pray to benefactors, Strong Delusion, The weightier matters, Benefits at the expense of your neighbor, Are governments ordained by God?, The spirit of Cain, Churches misled, Jesus' family, Who was king in Jerusalem at Christ's time?, The Gospel of the Kingdom - not a popular message, Personal Declaration of Independence, Insurance?, Super weeds!, Do you love your neighbor? Then DO it!, Woe unto preachers, Stop following those who don't preach the kingdom, Repent! Seek the Kingdom! Find others!

8/28/10 Money!

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast August 28, 2010

What is money?, Different kinds of money, Natural money, Money by law - whose law?, Who can create money?, Federal Reserve Notes vs United States Notes, Purposes of new money, Where money gets its power, Wholesome money?, Weights and measures, Money in the bible, Precepts of Christ, "Value" of money, Light amongst darkness, Ministrative guidelines of HHC, Making your Yes, Yes, Retreat info, Government by man a rejection of God - 1 Sam 8, Prov 1, Prov 23, To whom do you pray?, How prayers are answered, Seeking the kingdom, How?, Sacred Purpose Trust, Altars of clay and stone, Irrevocable gifts = burnt offerings, unregulated ministers, YOU always have the choice, "Feed my sheep", The prodigal children, Government of the people, for the people (minister), by the people (recognition), Churches and tax exemption, Forming congregations of record.

September 2010

9/4/10 The Way to the Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast September 4, 2010

Constantine's Council at Nicea, Baptism without Repentance, Death in the name of Christ, Denominations, Conforming to Christ, Appearance of being godly, What ritual?, What doctrine?, What is the Church?, Feedom without control, Altars of clay and stone, Living by the sword, True giving, Why are you afraid?, Congregations of Congregations, Episkopos, The Lowerarchy of the Church, World government, Burnt offerings, Unhewn stones, Sacred purpose trust, What the Church should look like, Anti-Pharisee or Anti-Christ?, Ekklesia, Guidelines of His Holy Church, Conversion, Bound by virtue, Choosing ministers, Empowering without losing power, Unincorporated Association - stay away, Who's the beneficiary?, Feed my sheep, Who else is teaching this?, Christ IS King!

9/11/10 The Church's role in preaching the Kingdom of God

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast September 11, 2010

Our only salvation, to incorporate, or not to incorporate, Nimrod and Cain, the spirit of Satan vs Christ, Your responsibilities, HHC in the Real World, Sacred Purpose Trust, Living Altars, Pure Religion, Who is the beneficiary?, Episkipos = bishop, How to love Christ, "Israel" defined, Abraham and Shem, The faith of Abraham, Apostolic Church, precept upon precept, What about "All things in common"?, the Bill of Rights, equitible conversion, the voice of the people - rejecting God by electing, Repent, expatriation, our righteousness must exceed theirs, vows, "Go cry unto the gods...", Christ's Comforter, Bonds of the Kingdom are not contractual, "feed my sheep", What is a trust?, the Constitution of Christ, the Church of the State, understanding the New Testament, Living Stones, unregulated except by Holy Spirit, the Church is a separate government, Statute of Mortmain, the rise of kings - 1000 years after Christ, Magna Carta, Barnabas' righteousness, returning every man to his possessions, role of the minister, living under God alone.

9/18/10 Pharisee, Essenes, and Caesars

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast September 18, 2010

Ekklesia - what it means, don't ask the Pharisees, "Temple" you say?, Who are the Essenes?, Intrigue at the time of Christ, Sadducees and Zealots, Can you be a Christian and a democrat?, setting the table of the Lord, Guidelines of the Church - continued, Gifts are given entirely = burnt offerings, Living altars of stone, Bondage in today's church, unhewn stones, in the Kingdom you never give up your rights, punishing the wicked, "righteousness", Christ the beneficiary, what ministers of HHC do, what they don't do, "logos", Infant christening?

9/25/10 Live - From the Retreat

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast September 25, 2010

Interviewing retreat guests on this show: 1) Paul from Wisconsin, 2) Hadar from Minnesota, 3) Mark from Australia, 4) Isa from Oregon, 5) Jeff from South Carolina.

October 2010

10/2/10 Questions, questions...

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast October 2, 2010

Who can you trust as ministers?, What about the next election?, Are you capable?, What "Party"?, What's so great about the Constitution?, What makes this country great?, What are you voting for?, Who gives you permission?, What strong delusion?, Do you keep your word?, Who is my neighbor?, Does your king sleep in the woods?, How can you be more humble than me?, What's wrong with Socialism?, Who are you calling slothful?, Why care about Orders?, Why should we love our enemies?, Who are you calling a fake Christian?, How can the people remain free?, Can I trust you?, Isn't the Kingdom of God for after I die?, Were the "Dark Ages" really dark?, Should we be rebuking?

10/9/10 Cause and Effect

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast October 9, 2010

You always have a choice!, Intent->Reaction->New Intent, God's greatest gift to mankind, Repentance, Forgiveness, vices vs virtues, What spirit is within you?, What does God want for YOU?, This day in history, 1060 - the dawn of kings, Lady Godiva, The Doomsday Book, Castles, cathedrals, and churches, What's different about His Holy Church?, "Offices" in Roman Empire, Comments on the Retreat, the Voice of the People, What freedom did Christ bring?, Are you Christian or Pharisee?, Hewing stones of the altar, "Deserving Poor" defined, Prayers vs Doers, Is believing enough?, What does it mean to be the faithful?, To serve or to be served.

10/16/10 The Sin of Corban

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast October 16, 2010

New booklet - The Sin of Corban, How does God want you to form a government?, Treasure cities of Pharoah, Social Security, Offices of Power, Rejecting God?, Benefits = snares, "Christian" governments, Our Father who art in Rome? DC? Heaven?, Antics of man's government, Is your government Anti-Christ?, What can you do about it?, Structure of God's government, Standing alone together, Family is the foundation of society, Kingdom living in early America - faith, hope, charity, Now we're back to the Corban of the Pharisees, Kingdom living in early Rome, What is my "fair share"?, What about the wicked?, Baptism of Herod, Altars of sin, Justinian's apology, Sunday worship?, 666?, Cristians in failing Rome, The church of Constantine, Socialism and the public schools, Build the table of the Lord - then set it, What is "Israel" really?, Characteristics to look for in Kingdom thinking, Parables, I want a church that..., There is another King, What next?, Working out your salvation, Who do you love?

10/23/10 Christian Banking

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast October 23, 2010

Doing evil for good outcome, Cain's choice, going with the flow, Josiah Stamp on the Bank of England, legal title vs equitable title, Creating deposits, Corporations, Actions of the Federal Reserve, Advice from Proverbs, Just weights and measures, Understanding the program, Insurance, Interest, JFK US notes, FDIC, Fractional reserves, Where's the risk?, Forclosure, Real-world examples, More on Cain, Seth, Nimrod, Ruling over your brother, Giving power to other men, Greed in the system, Savings and Loan crisis, Acts 6:3, Temple = Royal Treasury, Compelling contributions, Christ casting out the money changers, Credit Unions, Casting thy bread upon the waters, Owning your bank, The purpose of "Church", Workable Congregations of Record.

10/30/2010 The Coercive Church

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast October 30, 2010

What is the "Coercive Church"?, Who is part of it?, What are its precepts?, What is it missing?, Keys to reading the New Testament, Tithes, Social Welfare, Elders in HHC, Who loves you?, Culture at Christ's time, Corruption in the temple, Christ in the temple, Money changers, Mammon and Corban, Pure Religion, Another baptism, Who were the scribes?, Mark of the Beast, We need DOers, Even Satan believes in Jesus, Since when is it OK to take from your neighbors? - your preachers tell you it is!, How to repent, Does socialism work?, Are we re-living the Roman Empire?, Invisible bread lines - 40 million long, forgiveness parable, How forgiving are your ministers?, Early American churches, Forced contribution or Free Will offering?, How to solve the problem, This has worked before, Truth hurts - but not forever, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

November 2010

11/6/10 The Morning After and Guilt

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast November 6, 2010

Lies, Deception and the Truth, Strayed from the work of God, Are you a victim?, The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, The morning after the elections, Who won?, The "strait" way, Having one purse, Voluntary or coerced?, Coveting = SIN - even if *everybody* does it, The family divided, Repent!, The TRUE forefathers of America, The Constitution?, Where is your allegiance?, Republics through history, Re-naming government, Going back to Egypt, Flesh pots and cauldrons, "Democracy" - really, Caesar's republic, Light in the darkness, Lawmakers?, Do you see the gun pointed at you?, Does your church comply with God?, Is it hung up on philosphy and doctrine?, What are the "weightier matters" Christ talked about?, Democracy then vs now, Are you an "R" or a "D"? Or a "JC"?, Have you woken up or just rolled over?, Answers to important questions, "Religion" - really, Things YOU can do, Count the cost, Beware "too good to be true" scams, UCC Redemption, Educate yourself, The solution is..., Resources available to you FOR FREE, Come to His table - like pot luck, The local Marcus Aurelius, Who are foolish virgins now?

11/13/10 Kingdom vs. Kingdom very low audio - TURN IT UP

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast November 13, 2010

State National movement, Citizens of State vs Citizens of United States, Constitution not ratified but acquiesced to, Sureties to debt - by contract, "Egypt" defined, Would you sell your brother into slavery?, Remember "rebuking"?, Where have all the churches gone?, Christ's plan to set men free in spirit ant truth, Apostle = Ambassador, Do you want Jesus as your king?, Taxes in the Kingdom, Crystal Cathedrals, Let God judge - you seek the kingdom, 501(c)3, Christ's government vs man's government, Do what Christ said to do - together, Washing feet, IRS Form 1023, Why file?, Church Government, Remember "righteousness"?, The Golden Calf, Bonds in the Kingdom, "Love one another", More on State Nationals, "Church" defined, Are you an apostle of Christ?, How do I find out?, Making the word of God to none effect, "Application" and the IRS, Life in a Republic, What concerns you?, "lowerarchy" of the church, Only answerable to God, Pentecost, The peril of Ananias, Religious Orders, Ruler of Rulers or Servant of Servants?, Social Assurance.

11/20/10 Two Nets

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast November 20, 2010

The edict of Diocletian, Rome: From republic to empire, As society changes, so changes government, "Welfare" in Rome, Quiris vs Romeus, Does God create government?, Who elected Saul?, What did God say about it?, Only God signed the 10 commandments, Power corrupts, Are you a human resource?, Honor your Father and Mother, Herod's Kingdom of Heaven, God's name isn't on the constitution, Sicking government on your neighbor, John the Baptist, Why are you here?, Being a true brother, Kingdom of Heaven is like a net cast into the sea, Recovery of early church property, Why fear Christians?, If sinners entice thee..., Justice in the Kingdom, So you want to do more..., Never being offended, No pedastels allowed, "Heal our Land" article on News with Views, The mark of the beast, HHC Books, Can't save yourself, Moses and Abraham saved many souls, The Shepherd's job.

11/27/10 What It Means To Seek The Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast November 27, 2010

Reading the bible in the context of the time it was written, Milk and Honey, What were the Pharisees doing?, How to get out of bondage, Be like the ant, Can you forgive?, Strong delusion, Not those who say "Lord, Lord", The Living Network, Christ's "weightier matters", Feeling good vs Being good, His Church Seed Trust, Do we need possesions? Can we practice charity if we have nothing to give away?, Are we there yet?, Community Supported Agriculture, Nutrition the goal - not profit, Aspartame?, Lab rats and cancer, Correctable Diabetes, Re-mineralizing fields, Do this for your neighbor!, What spirit is guiding you?, Building congregations, What the early church was doing, The slothful should be under tribute, Keeping your word, Making your yes, yes, Step 1 - find the others, Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence - unwaranted usurpation, becoming a freeman, That was then..., Law vs Legal, Power tempts, Pilgrims learned to govern themselves, supporting one another, George III was the violator of the law, Today's "freemen", Where is the character of Christ?, Hebrew "mem", Join the Living Network because you have something to offer, The Kingdom empowers choice, Who/what are "elders"?, Giving to ministers.\

December 2010

12/4/10 Doctrines of Christ

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast December 4, 2010

Kingdom of God/Heaven at hand, The right to be ruled by God, Seeking the kingdom, It's always been here, Early Americans, becoming free souls under God, Structure of the Kingdom of Heaven, 1 minister serving 10 families, The gospel that Christ preached, Repent - from what?, Governments of Cain, Nimrod, Pharisees, What is worship?, Baptism, Obeying the commandments = loving Christ, Learning from the Holy Spirit, Saying "Lord, Lord", Tithing, Tickling your ears, Spirit vs flesh, Unforgivable sin, Even Satan "believes", Rendering to Caesar, Rome and free bread, Christ's baptism, Act upon what is given to be given more, Spiritual matters, The tree of life, letting go of vices, How to forgive, God provides, Conjuring the Holy Spirit, Church of Constantine, Loving darkness, Come to the light.

12/11/2010 The Sabbath

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast December 11, 2010

Look at your calendar, Don't ask the Pharisees, they got it wrong, Moses in agreement with Christ, Bible is a tool - not the source, Resting, Eusubius and Constantine, Pontifex maximus, Baptism without repentance, A "way" for rulers, Sunday and common assembly, Meaning behind Sabbath, Eucharist, Acts of Marcus Auerlius, Why were Christians persecuted?, WWJD - Mimic that, Asking government to take from your neighbor = not OK, Welfare = not OK, Social Security = not OK, Public Schools = not OK, Socialism = not OK, Instead seek the Kingdom and His righteousness, Debt then work is anti-sabbath - work first, then spend, 1st day assembly - what needs to be done?, Community by love knows where the needs are, Saved by faith, judged by works, Agustus and the Senate, Details of the Roman republic, Family is key!, Then the decline, Apotheos, Now we have abandoned the way of Christ, Proverbs quotes, Repent!, The path of Israel, to the early Church, Strengthening the poor, What to do about it, Spirit + water + blood, God's spirit in you, Will you see?

12/18/10 Meet the Ministers

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast December 18, 2010

Brothers Jeff, Rick, and Paul get together to discuss matters important to their local areas and the Living Network as a whole. Spiritual warfare, Subtlty of Satan, Strong delusion, Our choices, Resistance, Suffering violence, The Kingdom lifestyle, Walking by the Spirit, Satan's legal access, YOU are not alone, Power of what we say, Refining silver by fire metaphor, God talking to each of us all the time, Christ's reflection in us, Repentance, Fighting against principalities, The whole armor of God, Fasting.

12/25/10 Christmas

Keys of the Kingdom radio broadcast December 25, 2010

Brother Gregory discusses the traditions which have been assembled together to arrive at the "Christmas" holiday as we know it today. He looks at scriptural basis as well as various cultural histories. Then he shows how these things tie in with the Kingdom of Heaven at hand and His righteousness, and how that applies to our lives in the present.

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