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Raising a man "to the rank of god".


Augustus Caesar, whose real name was Octavius, was the first in Rome to receive the title APOTHEOS. That title and office of power meant he appointed gods and the authority of that office literally raised him to the rank of god.

Since history repeats itself the historical significance of this can be very enlightening for those who want to know the whole truth and provide for it.

Emperor Worship

"The climax of the civic religion was reached in the ruler cult of Hellenistic-Roman times. The ruler cult started as an expression of gratitude to benefactors and became an expression of homage and loyalty... The religious meaning of the ruler cult was not as great as its social and political importance where it served to testify to loyalty and to satisfy the ambition of leading families."

"Historical Developments in the Imperial Cult"

"After an age of wars and catastrophes Augustus brought peace. He was a 'savior.' There was no way to explain a power so great without appeal to a divine ('demonic' in the Greek sense) nature residing in the soul of Augustus... The people called Caesar 'god' and honored him as such in his lifetime. A statue was dedicated to him in the temple of Quirinus in 45 BC with the words 'To the invincible god.'" – ©1997-2009 Theology Website. All Rights Reserved.

Quoted from the THEOLOGY WEBSITE to show that it is common knowledge as to why Caesar was called a god and savior of the people.

We see in this quote that a suggestion that, "The religious meaning" of the Imperial Cult of Rome "was not as great as its social and political importance." That statement may be true if you define religion as what you think about God or gods. But two hundred and two thousand years ago Religion, especially Pure Religion, was how you preformed your Paternal duty to God or the gods and your fellow man.

The use of the phrase "civic religion" is also significant because there was both Public religion and private religion and since religion had to do with the way in which you provided welfare to your fellowman, Christianity was considered a private religion or Private welfare. Any form of Christianity that did not provide for the needy of its society would be considered False religion. This was at the root of almost all Christian persecution and the Christian conflict with the Imperial Cult of Rome and the gods of its courts.

Changing the meaning of a few words in our language and removing those terms from their historical context can change the entire view of society and its perceived understanding of the truth. To know the whole truth we have to constantly look at the meaning of what we are saying and doing and not merely the words themselves.

Many people do not want to imagine that they would make a man god and they would never willingly call a man a god. But the truth is we do make gods of men and raise them to the rank of god as a Supreme being or authority of our lives.

Unknown by most Americans today George Washington was the first to be publicly hailed as holding the “rank of god”,[1] at least that is what a US government website says concerning the painting in the Capitol dome.[2] In the United States all the presidents have had that same power granted to Augustus Caesar.[3]

This apotheosis[4] of presidents was fundamentally no different than the deification of Caesar as god who was also the commander in chief of the military[5] and chief executive officer[6] of the world[7] order of Rome. History does repeat itself if we will not learn from it and if they are going to change our understanding of words we may all be deceived again.[8]

This government website references this painting as raising Washington to the "rank of god".

Historians and linguists have known for years that the references to god and gods many[9] found in the Bible in both Old and New Testaments were references to the magistrates, judges and rulers of governments who exercise authority over the people.

Not only do both Thayer's[10] and Strong’s Concordance[11] verify this but also Calmet's Dictionary of the Bible[12] along with everyone from William Robertson of Edinburgh,[13] to Walter Henry Medhurst,[14] along with a list of Jewish grammarians, and even Prof. Madan Mohan Shukla writing in the Vishveshvaran and Indological Journal.

They all say the word god is applied commonly to kings, magistrates, judges, and others to whom reverence is shown, and which are regarded as representatives of the office which manifests that power over their relative subjects. In other words god is anyone who has the power or authority to decide good and evil for you.

The word god is also related to the particular office and prerogative of judges and magistrates to administer oaths as the first principle of judicature or magistracy. These oaths are contracts or covenants that bind the people to the authority of others.

These powers or natural rights relinquished by oath to kings, magistrates, judges, and rulers, or in other words gods many, was prohibited by the God of the Old Testament[15] and the New.[16]

These gods many[17] that Paul speaks of have always been, “Kings who have greater power than their subjects: magistrates who have greater power than those who come before them to obtain decision of their suits and application of the laws; and princes or men of rank, whether in office or not...”[18]

The term gods found in the Bible in both Old and New Testaments were references to men as magistrates, judges and rulers of governments who exercise authoritative judgment of right and wrong over the people. gods Many SS Video Series 9-10. Time 9:45

Every judge in the imperial courts of the Roman Empire was called a “god” because the word in both Greek and Hebrew meant rulers and judges and was used to address judges and magistrates in courts of law. The right of the emperor to appoint judges throughout the imperial courts as an appointor of these gods was simply a public office enjoyed by many political leaders then - and today.[19]

Man as a god

Even Jesus said “ye are gods”[20] quoting David.[21]

How could you be a god?

Once you understanding that the word god means ruling judge then you may look at the early court systems of America when juries still decided Fact and Law and comprehend that you were once the ruling judges of your society who were attending to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith,[22] just as Christ said you should.

People often believe that the problem in today's world is the government, but that is not fair. The government did not create itself. It is a product of the people and the spirit that lives within them.

The people of America and the several States should know that the constitution granted no rights to them nor were they a party to it.[23] They were to retain their rights.[24] You retain rights by accepting the responsibility correlative to those individual rights. If you neglect your responsibilities, your duty to your fellow-man, you will lose your rights especially when you turn your responsibility over to what is often called “the government”. So, the problem is not the corruption of the courts as much as a corruption of the people.

Diverted vs Converted

People like to be told what they already know and believe to be true and do not like to hear that what they believe and no is not true but false.

Modern Public schools and many private educational institutions do not teach history as they once did. In fact they often do not teach history as it was. Schools teachers may have been strategically misled and misinformed about the past in subtle ways when they thought they were learning and unbiased view of history.

Universal education may be used as a tool for universal deceit. With slow and gradual alterations of what is published, either by omission or inserted opinions, a common text book dependent institution can alter the perceptions of an entire nation through the use of Schools as Tools of social engineering.

The problem with concealing the truth in this way is that it is like trying to keep a genie in a bottle. In time the truth has a way of getting out.

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