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Personal Contact Ministers or PCMs are volunteers in many areas who will help you begin to connect with others in your area or around the world.
We use this method in order to protect your privacy.
They are all connected with each other and have greater access to who is on the network all over the country. Their Purpose is to help you form CORE groups locally. Join the local Network and get to know who is waiting to help you help others.

PCMs for the Trans-Tasman Region

This region covers Australia and New Zealand

PCMs for the Asia Region

This region includes Asia and India

Local Events

PCMs for the Canada Region

This region covers all the Territories of Canada

Local Events

PCMs for the South America Region

PCMs for the Africa Region

This region includes Africa, Madagascar and Seychelles Islands

PCMs for the Europe Region

This region includes Great Britain, Scandinavia, Europe through Northern Russia

PCMs for the Middle East Region

This region includes all countries between Europe, Eastern Europe, and Africa

Special Ministers

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