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See also "N-P Adult (Home Schooling) Education - for a more 'profitable' way"

05/23/15 - Attended New Paltz Repair Café, one of the area Repair Cafés, as a "coach" (one who helps in the attempted repair of items), Repair Café.

05/10/15 - I attempted to help an acquaintance, Wolfe, remove a number of large limbs that extended well over the roof of both his house and garage from two rather large trees in his front yard. I first met Wolfe at the sharpening stations at the Repair Cafés that occur locally every third Saturday of the month. Over the months now, we've come to learn we have a number of things in common, and have really been enjoying getting to know one another.

In a conversation during one of the Repair Cafés when there was still snow on the ground, I learned that besides working extremely long hours, Wolfe was spending much of his weekends remodeling the interior of the house he'd purchased when he moved to the area. I expressed a willingness to help in whatever way I could, and so after the event, I followed him to his house a few minutes away to see how far along he was, and to assess where I could maybe help. It was while there that time I observed the numerous and large limbs looming precariously over the roofs of the aforementioned buildings. When I brought up the situation, he expressed that he knew, and that he was planning on addressing them sometime after finishing the interior - when he had built up the funds.

Given the large size of the limbs and the percentage of each limb extending over the buildings, I offered to help him without cost as soon as possible after winter.

It was a long winter, and although it has been some time since winter's end, this Sunday was the only time our schedules jived. We met early this morning before the sun got too high in the sky and hot. But, as it turned out, the 32' ladder I brought didn't reach high enough, and try as I did, I couldn't shimmy high enough to reach a place to pull myself up to be able to stand and work before running out of strength to the point of muscle fatigue. We had to call off my doing it, and Wolfe again resigned himself to having to pay someone for the work. A classic case of, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

05/04/15 - Attended the monthly meeting for my local permaculture Meet-Up group, Roundout Valley Permaculture.

05/02/15 - Attended "Transition Rosendale," the "Transition Town" group for the town in which the apartment I'm sharing is situated. What has become the, "Transition Movement," is a "Permaculture" initiative which was put forth by the instructor, Rob Hopkins, during a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course he held in 2004. My purpose in attending was to see how closely this town's group is adhering to be original intention(s), and who the persons are involved locally, and how I can maybe plug in and be of help - depending on what I learned. This is important as

04/26/15 - I assisted the neighbor two doors east with felling one of two trees leaning precariously over his fence, an outbuilding, and his swimming pool. We'd met a good handful of times on the street his house and the apartment I share is located on which is the main street of the small town of Rosendale, New York.

Of what little I've come to know about him in the handful of encounters we've had, I believe him to be a hard working and responsible provider for his family, and quite capable otherwise, but he is a bit shy of heights. So the trees being as they are, the only way to fell them in the direction of the very small area they have to fall in order to not get hung-up in nearby trees is to first trim most all the big branches from a ladder and shimmying along the trunk before wrapping a cable around them, apply tension with block and tackle, and then whacking them.

I've been hoping for an opportunity to get to know him better and this time of working together was the beginning. Volunteering without wanting to be paid (which he made several offers to do) opened the door to talk about kingdom principles for the first time - in this case, "being there for your neighbor in their times of need."

(My rationale being, "Why should he be penalized by having to take precious money away from his family to hire someone because of the lean of trees that are not his fault - the work for which he is otherwise capable and willing to do - just because he happends to have a fear of heights?")

I offered to assist him with felling the other tree after he has the first tree bucked-up and out of the way - which he said he'd let me know when he's gotten that done.

04/18/15 - Attended Rosendale Repair Café, one of the area Repair Cafés, as a "coach" (one who helps in the attempted repair of items), Repair Café.

04/16/15 - See Attended local "SkyWarn" training.

04/06/15 - Attended the monthly meeting for my local permaculture Meet-Up group, Roundout Valley Permaculture.

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