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The American states assembly dot net website is another "status correction" group claiming a "New Streamlined Process".

True status correction is not only changing what you say but changing the way you think and what you do. While that is an individual journey it can often require working together with others.

Many of the groups promising you liberty may share a lot of truth but if they fail to account for basic truths or overlook part of the whole truth they can do much more harm than good.

Anyone selling you a plan to get free quickly may be selling you into the bondage of a Strong delusion.

Part of the truth by definition is a lie.

There are so many of these groups springing up over the years it is hard combat their misinformationand little point in going through every error when people insist upon believing what they hear because it is what they want to hear.

The truth is often painful but you need the desire to hear the whole truth and provide for it.

On their home page I read "All living people are unincorporated and sovereign by nature." This statement seems to not recognize that everyone begins as a corporate member of the primary corporate body of all mankind, the Family unit.

Comments on quoted section
There is mention of "International Jurisdiction owed to the people" but no mention of what the people owe. Are they also a surety to debt?
The truth is the People were the members of State governments which were Republics and therefore titular leaders and had no power to sign anything for the people and therefore the people were not a party to the constitution.
Those leaders do often have power today because the relationship of the people to their leaders have changed because of the covetous practices of the people. The applications for what the Bible calls the wages of unrighteousness from men who call themselves benefactors but only supply those benefits at the expense of others has altered the status of the individual.
While those inalienable rights are endowed by your Creator, that Creator does so under the obligation and limitations of Natural Law which is "right reason" or "divine will".
The once "Lawful Persons" of the States have also changed their Civil law status with revenue sharing, usurious banking and the membership status of State officers as persons or citizens of the United States.
You cannot be "property assets to the people " if the people and "they" have become merchandise.
The people have become the "hired help" because of their ignorance and wantonness.
It is the people themselves that have been "running wild and unsupervised for all this time" taking a bite out of one another through those covetous practices which has not only made them merchandise but surety for debt.
I believe your status can change but first you have to change your thinking. You can start with seeking a more righteous way to live in the world but not of it.
If you do not take the whole truth into account and provide for it you may be chewed up and devoured by the Beast of society.

Inalienable rights like obligations and responsibilities are inherited. In fact, you cannot maintain rights unless you maintain the responsibilities coherent in them.

On the site you see streams of apparent logic laid out that may be little more than wishful monologue void of the whole truth. If we look at some of their assumed logic it can be seen some of the elements that are being left out or over looked.

"The land jurisdiction underlying the soil is part of the International Jurisdiction owed to the people. When they act to conduct International Jurisdiction business, they are acting in the capacity of Lawful Persons known as "People" with a capital "P". These International Land Jurisdiction States all operate under simple Proper Names like this: Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa.

"These States all have geographically defined borders and all take reference to actual, factual, physical land holdings.

"They all belong as property assets to the people who populate the Republican States, thus, "The Florida Republic" which belongs to the people, also possesses "Florida" which is operated by the People.

"Both the living people (soil) and the Lawful Persons (land) are the same, just acting in two different capacities in the same way that you can act as a Father or as a School Teacher.

"By now you have noticed that "We, the People" refers to the Lawful Persons operating the States like Florida and Maine and Ohio ---- the international land jurisdiction States of the Union.

"These States operated by the Lawful Persons --- the People --- are the Parties to the Constitutions, and as a result, these are the States and People that can enforce the provisions of the Constitutions.

"Nobody else on our side of the issues can enforce the Constitutions.

"And we haven't assembled the States in 150 years.

'So our Hired Help has been running wild and unsupervised for all this time."

There are lots of Guru theories out their and many of them are as dangerous as the world itself. Seek instead, the perfect law of liberty, the ancient paths, The Way, The Blessed Strategy of righteousness.

Guru theories come in all shapes and sizes often with some truths and dangerous errors but Moses and Jesus actually set men and women free when they chose to repent and sit down in Tens as Christ commanded seeking righteousness for others as much as they did for their selves.
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