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The Philosophy of Liberty Time 8:18

The Philosophy of Liberty video is missing a very important element of society which makes much of it invalid.

What is it missing?

The video is focused upon the principle of SELF-OWNERSHIP.

Many such videos ask the question “Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question who owns you?”

It states you own your life.

But do you own yourself?

Did you create yourself?

Even if you want to deny that God gave you life, there is natural evidence that you did not create yourself nor your own life.

You did not spontaneously appear in a vacuum.

As the video states, you exist in time, past, present and future.

You have no right to your original means of production. You were not only created but procreated, and you required a great deal of care and labor before you reached the age of majority.

Even if no one mentions the Ten Commandments and the obligation to honor your father and mother, by natural law alone a man is born in debt, and that debt increases to those who sustain and nurture his life with every step and breath he takes.

The video tells you that “no other person or group of persons owns your life”.

This is not really true either.

Again, even if you discount God in this equation, your parents own you.

Your property is the product of your life, and you are the product and property of your parents.

The only one who contests that in law is the State, and that is because the State claims a right to you, usually because the parents enlisted the State to help care for you.

When the State did that, it took over part of the responsibilities of the parent, and then part of the rights to your life became the State's interests, duties and investments.

Some day your parents may choose to manumit you from their custody and control, and or they will die. At that point, you will be released from their first right over your life. But the State as a Golem, corporate entity, may not die. If it had obtained a right to your life - either through your parents or through their parents - your life may not be your own.

Lock's statement that "Every man has a property in his own person. This no one has a right to, but himself." can be misleading if we do not understand that debt is also property. Property may be the fruit of your labor, but debt may be the fruit of your covetous practices. We may inherit the property and the debt of our parents.

The video talks about people sometimes using force or fraud to take the life and liberty or even the property of others without consent. But a man's life, liberty and property exist in time, past, present and future, from generation to generation.

The video tells you the truth, but it does not tell you the whole truth, and anything less than the whole truth is a lie. The truth is that your rights or lack of rights and obligations are passed from generation to generation. Through the actions of generations and likely even yourself, you have been entangled again in the elements of the world. The recorded applications for benefits, elements and deeds of that entanglement includes what is called a social contract. The action of the people in the bondage of Egypt caused their children to be born in bondage.

They could become free again, but they had to learn to take care of themselves and their whole society through faith, hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty before they could become free.

The early Christians did the same thing, after Jesus appointed to them a kingdom. The people were told, by John the Baptist and Jesus who was the Christ, to seek the Kingdom of God which was at hand and the righteousness of God, and all else would be restored to them. They did this by not applying to the Fathers of the earth and the Benefactors who exercised authority one over the other, and by providing a daily ministration through that network of faith, hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty.