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PCM checklist

An individual who is on record as a congregant may become a Personal Contact Minister with their own page at preparingyou.com if they are a viable member of an active congregation and two people within the living network of congregations believe that the individual will do the job of a Personal Contact Minister and one of those two witnesses is the minister of their chosen congregation.

Like a Minister of Record a PCM should keep records of information about those who chose them as a personal contact minister and some information about everyone on their local Network Group.

  1. Personal information
    1. Age, married, children
    2. Health
    3. special needs
  2. FEMA resources [Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary]
    1. Skills, talents and abilities (Keep records)
    2. Resources, tools, equipment, accommodations(Keep records)
    3. Create the HHC Living Network's sharing with love in a network of families.
  3. Personal and contact information (Keep records)
    1. phone numbers, address,
    2. family and other people living in their house
    3. alternative and additional friends, neighbors, relatives and contacts
  4. They should maintain communication with those electors
    1. Once a month or even once a week
    2. By email or phone or through other members of their network
    3. They should encourage other members of their groups to learn about each other
    4. Set up meetings if possible
    5. Work together to find others in their area.
    6. They should work to promote and facilitate regional and national and even international gatherings.
  5. They should maintain communication with other PCM and Ministers of Record [MOR]
    1. Regular communication by email and or by phone (Keep records)
    2. Meet-ups at every opportunity with other ministers (Keep records)
    3. Learm abut each others abilities and skills, reliability and integrity through action
    4. Work together to find others possible ministers.
    5. Help train fellow ministers by doing.
  6. They should try to get other volunteers elected as Contact ministers
    1. Keep a list of local volunteers
    2. Learn about volunteers and develop personal knowledge
    3. Encourage people to elect other volunteers
  7. Keep a list of those who have not picked a contact minister
    1. Share their own electors with other PCM volunteers to get them elected.
    2. PCMs in one region each volunteer to participate in another region's forum as a PCM liaison to share
  8. Communicate with regular updates of their local area's

Ultimately everyone should become a congregant in a CORE group with a Minister of Record who will take over the duties of the PCM. All PCMs should be in a CORE group.

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