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Rene Caisse (reen case) was hoping to avoid knock of products by not divulging her formula. Reports of cancer patients not benefiting from Essiac tea are usually because they used teas purchased off the shelves of health food stores, which are also more expensive than buying the herbs and making it yourself.

Nurse Caisse got the formula from a woman whose breast cancer was healed by a Canadian Aboriginal medicine man’s herbs. Spell Caisse backwards and you have the name of the tea, Essiac. Canadian nurse Rene Caisse cured thousands from her Quebec Province small-town clinic for decades.

After she died in 1978 at age 90, authorities raided her clinic and destroyed all the records they could find. But the tea’s recipe was discovered by Dr. Gary Glum, DC, through one of Rene’s former associates and resurfaced nationally.

Unfortunately, few understand the importance of having the exact herbs that Caisse used: Turkey rhubarb, burdock, slippery elm, and sheep sorrel with roots, organic or wild-crafted and not irradiated. Many Essiac tea providers today cheat a little, using inferior or irradiated herbs without sheep sorrel roots. [1]

See Billy Best story [2] Billy Chose Gaston Naessens’ 714-X and Essiac Tea

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