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The occult, in the broadest sense, is a category of supernatural beliefs and practices. Some will say these beliefs and practices fall outside the scope of religion and science but there are different definitions for religion and what is and is not science is eternally unsettled especially when taking quantum and singularity theories into consideration by and with the mind.

Any thing defined as the occult would be "Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural or magical influences, agencies, or occurrences." But is there anything that is really supernatural or is it said to be supernatural when it is beyond what we know about nature.

The Occult is “that which is hidden”. But what is hidden from one person may be obvious to another. What are the mysteries that are hidden and what do they have to do with Spiritual DNA and Gene Expression or this Dendritic tree we call our mind by which we measure and reason the Mysteries of the Universe

There are many things that we call phenomena involving other worldly agency as mysticism, spirituality. But what we call a phenomenon is an observable fact or event. While the term was used by ancient like the Greek Pyrrhonist and the Roman Sextus Empiricus it seems to be Immanuel Kant who popularized the term for our time contrasting it with the noumenon, which cannot be directly observed.

While the term occult is commonly applied to Satanism, magic, or witchcraft. It now is often applied to astrology, alchemy, the kabbalah, and many forms of divination. It has long been associated with summoning angels or demons, performing ritual magic by conjurers or secret societies.

Modern science has generally accepted the idea of multiple dimensions and religions have always thought of heavens and hells in one form or another as truly in existence.

Can our social institutions be a form of ritual magic that conjures up the thinking of entities inhabiting one realm or another. If the Kingdom of God includes a pattern of thinking that was uniquely different from the thinking of the Imperial Cult of Rome which was dominant in the world at the arrival of Christ. Christian Conflict was rooted in the different thinking of the Romans in general and their [[public religion and the from of Pure Religion practiced by the early Christians.

The Socialist institutions established by men like FDR have altered the thinking of society from that of society when all welfare, education, and health care was supplied by charity through voluntary sacrifice and love.

A society that operates and function by faith, hope, and charity will conjure up spirits quite differently than a society that operates and functions by way of force, fear, and oppressive fealty.

Is this why Polybius warns that if we have an appetite for benefits and the habit of obtaining them at the expense of others we will be turned into perfect savages and draw to our society the hordes of hell? While the practice of Pure Religion and a daily ministration through charity according to the perfect law of liberty may draw the heralds of heaven to our door and life.

One conjures up damnation, tyranny and death while the other draws eternal life.

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