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Step 1: Join the Local Email Group

The Google Group for the South Central Region.

This is a local, private and moderated group for the purpose of:

Step 2: Subscribe to The Kingdom Newsletter

The Kingdom Newsletter is our primary newsletter.

Step 3: Ask for help

Choosing a volunteer Personal Contact Minister (PCM) to help you join a congregation.

A contact point is essential in the development of any successful Fractal Network. A Personal Contact Minister (PCM) in your area must be chosen in order to get a fuller access to the benefits and information of the Network. Get acquainted with the Personal Contact Ministers and Volunteers in your area then Elect a Personal Contact Minister for you and your family. You are always free to choose another or volunteer yourself.

Step 4: Choose to freely assemble in The Congregation of Record (CORE)

Gathering in spirit and in truth according to The Way of Christ and the early Church

A CORE is a free assembly
See ---- CORE | Free Assemblies | Congregations | Congregants | Elders | Fractal Network
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Congregations of Rebuke | Tips on forming a CORE | CORE Solution | CORE Off Track |
First to do List | Why did Jesus Say | Society and community | Feasts | Celebrate | Network |