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The welfare of the Roman people was originally supported by freewill offerings during the days of the early Republic, Libera Res Publica. The Imperial Cult of Rome provided free bread through tribute and taxation and the public Temples. The Covetous Practices of that public religion was a Snare of the people. Rome had degenerated into an indirect democracy with an "Emperator" as the Patronus of the people. The Social Virtues of society diminished under a growing Socialist State and tyranny reigned in the hearts of the people.

The Imperial cult of ancient Rome identified emperors and some members of their families with the divinely sanctioned authority of the Roman State.

This idea is the same concept of the divine right of kings which gave men the right to literally decide good and evil as gods meaning ruling judges and usurp the right of the individual members of society to decide fact and law.

Octavius became Augustus. His reforms transformed Rome's Republican system of government to a de facto monarchy. He maintained traditional Roman practices and Republican values in name only.

One of the things he did was to expand the system of Qorban administered through the Temples of Rome. This was a welfare system that would become a Snare and make the people merchandise or a surety for debt. This debt would bind the people through their Covetous Practices and curse the children of the people with debt into the Imperial Cult of Rome where they could not just get out or come out of that imperial system of social welfare.

As princeps or the president of Rome and commander in chief of the army and navy as Emperor[1] he was expected to balance the interests of the Roman military, the Senate, and the people maintaining peace, security, and prosperity throughout an ethnically diverse empire of different states.

In 30 BC, libation-offerings to the genius of Augustus became a duty at public banquets or festivals which were a part of the Roman welfare system. From 12 BC, state oaths were sworn by the genius of the living emperor.

These human gods and their temples had a function in society and their governments that is commonly misunderstood because if we did it might change the world of religion and our understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Once you began to understand words like Apotheos which was an office of the government that made Caesar and appointor of gods through out the empire then you will need to know who those gods many were and are today. Understanding that the Senators of Rome were the Fathers of the earth Jesus spoke of will also change our individual views of the gospel. The role these Conscripted fathers played as the Pater Patriae‎ and Patronus made them the Benefactors who exercised authority one over the other in a Welfare system that was a Snare.

History repeats itself and before John the Baptist the Historian Polybius was warning us that our covetous practices would bring us into bondage under tyrants. The patriotism and the parameters of our society we often hold sacred are actually the parallels that prophesy our own fate.

This was at the root of the Christian conflict with the covetous practices of the Corban of the Imperial Cult of Rome which made the people Merchandise and brought them back into Bondage as a surety for the debt.

How are we the same as Rome?

Rome vs US

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  1. “Emperator, emperatoris m. commander in chief “Collins L.E. Dict. ‘62. This was the head of the Roman military, army and navy.
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