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American Rancher, Wayne Hage, Sr. Reveals the Secrets, lies, motivations and evil behind the destruction of rights of the people. Who Owns America's Water! https://youtu.be/f4hKiEnQdwU Time 48:45

What happened to the Hage family is criminal and should shock the conscience of any moral person. Unfortunately moral people are getting harder to find and immoral people have taken the reigns of government agencies and many more are willing to do their bidding no matter how evil their actions are.

"The U.S. Forest Service encroached on Mr. Hage’s property and demanded that he relinquish his land."
"Although Mr. Hage won every court case, at a cost of over $150,000 the U.S. Forest Service continued to harass him with the clear strategy of wearing him down and driving him into bankruptcy."
"The final straw came when the Forest Service confiscated at gunpoint over 100 head of his cattle. Armed with semi-automatic weapons and bulletproof vests, 30 Forest Service riders confiscated his cattle in July of 1991." Read more

It would eventually cost them far more. Graft and corruption in government is pervasive, the rule rather than the exception. And the reason is because the people have been corrupted by the age old tools of Cain, Nimrod and others warned against by the profits of the ages like Plutarch, Polybius, John the Baptist and Christ.

Wayne N. Hage other stories clipped from this report (see below for full videpo. https://youtu.be/es6mTN1uSh0 Time 16:49
Ramona Hage Federal Judge: BLM Engaged in Criminal Conspiracy - Published on Jan 4, 2015

Ramona Hage Morrison Author , Hage Family Victorious Federal Judge: BLM Engaged in Criminal Conspiracy since the seventies.

thanks the CSPOA and other for standing with Bundy's and talks about the battle her family (Hage family) was forced to defend what they were lawfully allowed to do. She talks about the corruption in government. how the BLM runs people of then sales the land off. Harry Reid's involvement in the Nevada. Time 9:31
RENO, Nev. (AP) — Siding with the government in a decades-old battle over grazing rights, a federal appeals court overturned a lower-court ruling in favor of a Nevada rancher and strongly admonished a judge in Reno for abusing his power and exhibiting personal bias against U.S. land managers.
In a pair of decisions issued on Friday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the late Wayne Hage of Tonopah and his family were guilty of trespassing cattle on federal land illegally without a grazing permit and should be subject to fines. The appellate court based in San Francisco also determined that U.S. District Judge Robert Clive Jones had no legal basis to find employees of the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service in contempt of court for doing their jobs."
In remanding the case back to the lower court in Reno, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit took the unusual step of ordering a different district judge to handle the case.
Such a move is warranted "only in rare and extraordinary circumstances, such as when the district court has exhibited personal bias or when reassignment is advisable to maintain the appearance of justice," Judge Susan Graber wrote in the 3-0 decision. Read more

So the question is did Judge Robert Clive Jones or Judge Susan Graber exercise extreme prejudice. Someone is is being unjust. Seldom is there any injustice in the world unless someone is trying to gain a benefit unjustly. The evidence is that someone is trying to steal the water rights of the Hage estate and they are using the courts and government agencies to do it.

In order to make this work you need a large population of people who are lukewarm when it comes to justice or the rights of their neighbor. This is usually found in socialist nations but not exclusive to them. Of course the United States has been a Socialist nation at least since 1910 when a majority of its next generation began attending public schools at taxpayers expense.

Hundreds of other institutions and government program based in Socialism principles have been added ever since. These were all Covetous Practices that granted Benefits by the government who called itself a benefactor but exercised authority one over the other who were the Fathers of the earth. Every benefit the people took at the expense of their neighbor was taking a bite out of their neighbor and their neighbors life.

Modern Christians, Jews, Muslims and every other religions turned a blind eye to this violation of the law of love and sat down to eat with these Benefactors and the Churches, synagogues, temples and mosques did little or nothing to warn what would inevitably occur. The people would become a Surety for debt and their lives and lands would become Merchandise.

Because they deemed it okay to bite their neighbor for their personal benefit they would be devoured.

Federal Judge Rules for Property Rights, Smacks Down Abusive Feds

Long video

Wayne N Hage and Gibson guitar, Harold Hamm, Catherine Engelbrecht, King Street Patriots. More other stories of government abuse. Time 1:00:14

Ramona Hage-Morrison and Danny Martinez on Property Rights @ Klamath Falls 16 Nov 2013. Time 1:20:03

Driving Americans out of the country

Kit Laney talks about Wayne Hage & Running Cows Time 2:min

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