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What constitutes a Believer that is Saved by Grace through being Faithful?
The word pistos πιστός means faithful. It is defined "of persons who show themselves faithful in the transaction of business, the execution of commands, or the discharge of official duties".

Faith is not just consistently thinking something is true. True Faith produces works. If you do not have true faith, you will not have works worthy of repentance. The good works that a man does that are not done out of love of truth mean nothing. It is the same as the man who does not physically commit adultery but lusts in his heart and has committed adultery in his heart. You are not saved by your works, and specifically by works of the law, but by true faith in the character of Christ, his purpose and motivation, His Holy Spirit.

There is a Satanic twist to the word of truth that tells people they do not have to do anything to be saved, but that is sophistry. It is not your works that save you but your faith. This is true but, if there are no works or no works worthy in the expression of your faith, then you have no real faith and what you are calling faith is a delusion.

The Greek word pistos comes from the word peitho [πείθω] which means "to persuade", "be persuaded" or even "to trust, have confidence". As an adjective, it is defining someone who, because he is convinced or convicted of Christ, shows evidence of the faithful in the transaction of business of Christ, faithful to keep the commandments of Christ.

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