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Epistemology the theory of knowledge. It is often little more than the attempt by man to eat of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Epistemology the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation by the use of the mind and intellect to determine what distinguishes justified belief from mere opinion.

The obvious problem with epistemology is the skewed perception of an external world outside of ourselves by accessing what is admittedly less than 10% of our mind. The traditionally skeptical argument purports to show that such knowledge and the justification of it is impossible.

Epistemology may be an investigation of the nature of knowledge itself but it generally involves an endless debate between rationalism and empiricism in an attempt to differentiate between truth and falsehood or even good and evil.

There is a theory of global skepticism that is said to reveals that all knowledge is nonexistent but that same skepticism tells us that cannot be true. The idea that individuals lack knowledge or justification or simply the ability to make any certain determinations like what is true and false or good and evil would suggest that man simply does not have the mental capacity to do so. To imagine that he does is merely a matter of pride and pride goeth before the fall.

This may be what is meant by the whole story of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. The origin stories in scripture may have been expressing the knowledge that we do not have that kind of ability and authority but are mentally "naked" in our flesh and blood to make such determinations and must rely on spiritual faculties of revelation.

The proof of that accurate outcome of revelation by the spiritual perception would be found in the resulting effects.

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