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Many questions arose in my mind during various encounters at ‘church’. Years of searching for answers led me to the HHC network. In my twenties, I served as 'church clerk'. In my late forties, I served as an 'elder' (one among five elders) and Sunday school teacher. Infrequent preaching expanded my experiences even further. These all had their place for enriching my life to fine-tune it, yet I pressed in on account of the many questions. Our heavenly Father reigns. He knows the answers. One of my questions: Why does it seem as though revival is so slow in coming? May the Lord send revival here! Our efforts, coming from carnal wisdom or by human intellect, do not spark revival. Only the holy spirit has power to fan the fire that burns off the dross in our souls, and He leads the way to full and complete repentance. Have I found answers? Yes, indeed. Do I need more answers? Yes, indeed.

Douglas (Doug) Scofield
Croft Lake Ln.
Bandon, Oregon
Ph. 541 three four seven 4226

About Douglas


Over the years, my efforts included Bible study and meditations for gaining a better understanding of Biblical things. Contemporary issues in the church and in the nation are seldom resolved for good purposes without using Biblical perspectives. To augment my ability in a biblical understanding, I study biblical Greek, as merely a seasoned novice, and I am beginning to learn ancient Hebrew.

My wife and I have ten children. She is the wife of my youth. Two sons are married, and we have two grand-children. Most of my employment comes from self-employment as a handyman. Together by home schooling, gardening, raising goats, and a myriad of other ‘homesteading’ activities, our family lives by rural American standards, ‘out in the sticks’ of southern Oregon. Some think we are ‘Amish’. We practice alternative home-health care and health maintenance. God is our Rock, and in Him we trust.

Update, April 2016

Douglas congregates with the several Elders of Record who elected Brother Gregory as their Minister of Record. Gregory is Minister of His Church at Summer Lake - HCSL.

Currently, Douglas carries responsibilities as Minister of Record of His Church at New River (HCNR), and he is trustee of Friends of His Church Missions (FHCM).
His Church at New River serves two Elders of Record.

Skills: Providing help with projects such as ones which are listed below.

- repair or rebuild any aspect of a residence or out-building.
- landscape maintenance.
- barn and farm-fence repairs.
- limited experience with appliance repair.

I can sometimes assist you from my home office (handyman counsel) over the phone, or maybe some creative helps or tips can be sent by mail or email). Other projects at this office include:

- technical writing.
- editing for correct grammar and sentence clarity.
- create or modify graphic images using computer.
- amateur skills as a website editor/creator.
- simple publishing using Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 -- pamphlets, cards, print-ready books or booklets.

In ministry, the Father often leads me to converse with those who have few they can trust. His desire is that His people should offer divine love to the lonely, destitute, imprisoned, sick, lame and blind. I pray for His grace that I might become a better vessel of His love, as I work and minister.


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